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a piece From the book of Goal

Goal B
My Rape

“If in fact the assets of rape do indeed as they say coincide with my life on this earth Then I Must Tell You that our story begins on 40th North 3rd Street In Martins Ferry Ohio Then proceeds to Wheeling West Virginia and Back Again And Maybe To Columbus Ohio And Even To Pennsylvania Well Maybe Too Perhaps Beyond That I have To say Who Could’ve been born with parents as Awful As Mine—I’d have to Ask you to put yourself there—to be born into this life with them—they were not only Awful Parents But Gluttonous rapists My Parents Were Hogs And Thieves. The worst from all of Martins Ferry directly on to Wheeling One Would Like to Think That You can Change time bye moving a mountain with your own hands Though one is no better than a pig while sleeping in their own shit.
The Hog in the mud as stated before and I forgot to mention the rage which ran rampant A Balloon Was Popped bye an Arrow You “fuck!” the black plastic alligator was the hardest to find in the Green Eggs during the poolparties Even When you Trudge Slowly I should say your dead Body Chillingly skims The Water.”

A Brother Or Cousin A Friend as you’ve always been in life All I can look for / your Life / The Small Breaking open and out Look at me and look At What They’ve Done to my place my life as well My Little Hands moving across my belly down near my penis Your Body Locked into mine under white light all of this has become so dubious My Relationship With my Parents my Anger My Sexuality even my Disability—Oh, Oh dear god I know you must’ve broken me in my life and tossed me into the open mouth of some leviathan which engulfed me my Parents probably cut the damn thing open either they put me back together before they Fucked Me Or they Fucked Each Piece of me Individually Then Reassembled my Body and still fucked me even when after that my body became one piece I think but I don’t Know where the fucking starts although I do know that I was part of the fucking before that it grew to be this rage Inside of me Which is still fucking me now.
There’d have Probably been a carpet They’d have Wrapped me in it or some bag they’d have pulled it over my head either way my parents would’ve fucked me and you know I guess they did That is the point No that is not the point The point is that Now No it never was At One Point I do know that my parents came into my room and put a rod in my ass because they liked to fuck me. I had to lick my dad’s balls or his sac, I liked to call it that while he’s gripping his grail and spraying this ointment all about the room Here’s pieces of my face and the circumference of his crotch all the way near my Ass.

I haven’t washed my Face in hours and I haven’t washed my ass I want to lay in a pile of my own feces and stink like a heap of shit. I think I must have hid underneath a log or maybe some children ran out from near a tunnel I didn’t know what they wanted me to do nor what I was supposed to say I was surrounded we all were running over the logs and the parked cars near the runt which might not have seen me yet pass the mess of my parents lives which I kept for myself which I left in doors.
“Some Life this is Where you’ve chosen to endure Violence.” Said Senior. “Bill Cleary you’ve shamed us you Ruined your own life you’ve set a standard for disgrace but where are those wooden worlds where the hooves smell burnt bye fire as where men all of the time we’re alone come in and tear us a new asshole.” Said Bill To the sounds in his head Which he thought Solely Belonged to His Parents. Only the most basic Urge –Cut Through –Feces, semen, urine and the vomit how I would come to see how unremarkable it is for a resident of Wheeling to have produced and consumed all of them in their lifetime. I, Goal B Once felt as though I were a genius as I rolled in my own shit and felt the texture of my turds and I felt even more brilliant when I cut my face with a piece of stone which I’d discovered near my shit and jerked off and came on my own feces I would’ve figured that I’d have grown accustomed to fucking my own shit but I guess I never got used to the smell or texture all together I came so to speak to feel better in some drastic circumstance bye fucking or consumption of feces produced bye some one other than myself.
How Long I Wondered then until my downfall after all this is only Wheeling I keep telling myself my old awful father and my horrible mother they think they’re big fucking shit but who are they really they’re no one at all and they’ve made me their victim all the hell here and the I can See the Real reflection of MY life I saw it in that mirror the one which I was down in Nearly in Wheeling god I love you all so much what will I do without all of you can you see all that I will see just My face scarred then other friends who’ve made me lonely too when they left and I don’t think that I even agree with Wheeling As A place Even a City.

The lights are Connected at one point Yet I also don’t know what to do with my life what Am I to do these days what am I to do at all nothing You May See Think of the shape of Things In Wheeling can you hear me talking yes I think you can they aren’t exactly tiptop are they? And there’s got to be something amazing about it doesn’t there just the mellow feel of life and that record of events you must make us lose our permission to be certain people all of this so strange to me now could I really have heard back from them now could I really have you know what I’ve spent but do you know what is In Store? Oh Wheeling it is A town Made and created bye Rape and At Sometime you’ll really be happy being there and all of the times when you saved me from death one way or another and when it came to Bringing Everyone Down Lynda Cleary Was always the best at doing so and I’ve a remotecontrol car which I’ve ducttaped a Dildo too and I move it back and forth in and out of her Vagina til I bring her to orgasm.
If Anything it’s the negative aspect of life which they reflect the hands of man or someone who is in trouble is Clearly reaching to me now These Things are As they are Just Bill Cleary Hurt In Life, Alone. There was a barge going down the Ohio River and we were standing there on the Banks of Wheeling seeing it all go Bye—Bill’s parents are up on the docks There is the Light here til the end of the world why is There Fear Asked Bill Or he was driven to ask but every piece of this fear you’ve instilled inside of me can’t you see it he said to Lynda And to Senior All asphalt He Said to Lynda he crushed her there in a small box again and let her melt I’m going away now Freedom at it’s best.
“Bill” Said Lynda
“You know you don’t deserver any of what your father and I have done for you We Think as Well you’ve taken it all for granted.”
“You Little Fuck!” Said His Father –He Slapped Bill Across the Face and he watched As He Withered Therein Pain and How He didn’t find it to Be Humorous—he slapped him again and he recalled all of the color was so bright, everywhere, I lost track of everything, “Father, what Was It You Hit Me With?” “I Know it was your cock that you had in my ass and are you glad to Hear my voice somehow you are glad I can tell but please show me why because I understand neither light nor Darkness now to me they’re both abstract Concepts –Senior Wasn’t it my main concern before bye this I mean the way in which They Coincide.”
Those Days will never be free from me They defeated me once as they defeated me Prior but There Won’t Be time To Yourself Senior Cleary weren’t you once bright and young what could they honestly say Coming from somewhere far Going somewhere else and sleeping home alone what was that Bill Cleary found Himself intertwined to a point which he’d not found himself in a mess prior to—Horrible Dreams which he can Never Shake all of the Bells Boil Down to the confront me now I was enraptured she will have betrayed us nearly I’m falling now I heard you say nothing makes sense though now beneath the time where they were near you were home toiling and sole as he was that man Named Bill Cleary Yes Goal B He came to see that there wasn’t too much of anything although he wanted to open his head up He said his father as it was already pressed against it They’re singing and things what do you feel is as peaceful as it was not what she said before the way in which you flew in the sky the days were the heart of time said Bill Cleary here is that pool of tears and you know of Charity.
Bill Cleary Was Feeling so bad so ultimately never the person he’d been if we’re all up In Wheeling and we all feel one way then I guess there’s no need to feel another way I Guess he felt that way til he found out all of the bad news about his parents he always said that he was looking for some other way I mean the way he beat on people he was bound to be damaged in return bye someone worse than himself at somepoint I’m not though The person that you seem to see me as I’d better move out from Wheeling I Thought I Mean while Lynda and Senior Beat me I did Obviously think that and in time they weren’t really there for me as I needed them as I needed them and they all see themselves in one other way maybe tomorrow will take them back as they’ve came normally at first the heat riding on me I had my dad’s cock coming up on me about to spray my mom holding her labia though she was ready to drop her folds down onto me so that they can make sense of me again push me one way and destroy me bye other means.

My Rape
Part 2

Yes Yes see it was my penis and that juxtaposition with the circumference of my Anus—my parents must have Measured Those things and just then they Thought my Ass would widen—they’d pucker my whole asshole—my father would stick two fingers in and he would instruct me to lay still at the same time my mother would lick my balls the tip of her tongue would run along the outer rim and my cock would get hard as she would lick up and down on it bye the time that she reached the head she’d taken my member in her mouth and suddenly gobbled my testicles as well with her throbbing on my manhood and my father’s two fingers in my asshole which during this act felt even tighter –I unloaded Dislodging my sperm in my mother’s mouth “Back to Hell again From where my mother bore me From.” I saw broken blacks which drew shovels and the whole world The Town which Dreaded me that lot of Blackmen over there now that bus which bled from Wheeling—and you get high out there—it launched me to the spiral of creatures and the bleakness of the summer I spent in hell and remember the night we met He Said he only came out of his own hell with these yards to endure He Essentially over reacted to all of it the pork and beef the rays You Thought were Stung bye three seventeen whenever only then Bill Cleary Came Down the Roof and there is no clear way of seeing Nor Knowing Who You are He Was busted again always busted for more than a hunch Senior: Bill’s Father Finally split Lynda’s Cunt Fame and Pees Lynda’s Ass Once We Rode up On a Deadend Street in Martins Ferry and someone said mother fucker They Said Hey dickhead They’re warning me or is it just a threat if you feel like leaving on one day the people you left in wheeling Chose to not be associated with you the way which you already are Since we’re busted you raped us Bill You Raped me and your mom after what is not a precious smile—And how high will you be think of Bill Sitting out here in his car and without safety I Mean is Wheeling Really Your Delivery Some of you were Greater And Some of you Were Less then that at the Gas Station the Hands on her In Wheeling The news and the action her feet Locked it just gets so high that you can’t pay any other for the welts and the television and Bill Cleary There Were some images of Pain.

Nails On Lynda’s Cunt and not to mention one that involves pain transfixed her Vagina White and wide and so wet and there’s a wave at a point the bottlerockets which he fired out of his penis against walls and this time they fired at windows and my hands left me dazed now some of them do possibly leave me dazed all of that was burning therein my heart but it was Bill Cleary who I thought of now and no one blames him for it do they they’ll always have screws tightening and whatever you want will be there for you as the kind of you already thought you were and you’ll be there Ok he says we’ll hold them down to them and they came around he knew them as the spinners what have you seen of them now, all I’ve seen in Wheeling were empty tables and he will call Later according to where he really needed to be and you haven’t seen any piece of me yet the bricks in the yard that we ran over to deal with oh Baby you’re never gonna believe it and you live on handouts from parents Bill’s friends told him will I burn for the good of the people or just for my own sake. For the sake of our own people in Wheeling yes I am dealing with it singly you know what I Do While I’m in Wheeling and Please Don’t leave me Please Don’t Leave me Lynda There is a River I can claim or a rage in the greater Sense of any given circumstance but you left me wounded you said he loved us and we sat here darling bill wept as he held his mothers hands it’s the most of everything she says are you leaving me yes suddenly I am and on fire always and always enraged as well and only shadows pierced through have you seen time here in these eyes says Bill Some People act though they were above taking shit—Bill Cleary Ate the feces from out of his mothers Asshole.
“A Kitchen Or A Bathroom?” Said Bill.
Even a bedroom to him there was no difference Celebrate now be young and be wilder. Bending Lynda over the kitchen table her fingers stretched across the table the ends of them beamed a strange energy outwards and you only can come now to music and spurting too he held Lynda’s Buttocks firmly in Each hand Mice pricked their ears up and spiders peered out too there is only rage here which you will capture he rammed in her ass it leveled her anal canal out and as she let out a deep cry the shrillness of it shattered her son First There is a terrible pain I feel gills which I feel breathe in and out He says how bad he hurt the way he ached you know like peanut butter he said her pussy felt like peanut butter he was making a reese cup of mom’s Vagina –Someone told me it should just be placed upon my rod and have a pet lick it off beat yourself off a little bit before you don’t make your shot just make it so you’re about to come so a few laps of your pets tongue against precum drenched rod can make can make you pop your silk from the end it’s raping time now you should manhandle it me. Said Lynda Let a Parrot peck your pussy.
Got one hand on my penis said Bill coming on strong since then up against her, Put my meat to my old mom time to manhandle that pussy of yours he said oh gee my –I’m on top of you and it’s warm my young friction in your old soggy shit I just want to get up in your junk he said as I go all in your vagina I feel as if you’ve surrounded me I guess I should go back to bars and be patting my father he said that even though he felt exactly some of you said a moment felt less, Hi Bill said someone but he wasn’t talking in fact no one was talking it was around 1995 yes then the bolt through his dad’s cock those two docking and you don’t see too many young people around there these men and women and time had grown higher up. You’ve all come through for us and we’ve come higher up there’s not so much you’ve layed to my body although in a candid sense I do feel neglect once you stare if you had something to live for andy reed told us that he died then he turned back they’re Horrible people little men inside can they close up for me and see anger End As Well whoever wants to come bye is someone who knows your name.
Bill just came into Wheeling and it was either he or Lynda they will all carry you and you they’ll say you fucked them over but you know that you didn’t. they all had skulls tattooed on their right shoulders essentially as an artist far but very near you only paid the fee he thought you can pour some of that milk one way and later pour it again the other way and these seasons where men live down the spiral stairs from wheeling and all of the boys waiting to get blowjobs you only get to come once we were assholes he knew they were, Love is So Beautiful now that you take her in time Bill Cleary was French When he was in Wheeling This time he Etched His name using his own sperm he looked like He Was covered with toothpaste and wax so what the fuck who do they think they are no one knows bye the end now do they if I had to say I would say just bill knows in life 1995 here I am being christened as goal b my life and my time of torture Bonbons in bills hole only getting news because he could –How could anyone ever survive this hell you’ve only made me see who I was in a different light.
Those Pictures Alfred Stieglitz again—then there were nudes too said Bill a lot harsher in the back of the room and trying to take away these worries and these unattractive men facts of Bill Cleary’s footprints near wheeling Jesuit college we wonder why you’re up tight too front and home yes cause me to be with god all we know of evil said Bill is Someone swirling Ball of Rage although I would have liked to Have scene it differently in my life I would’ve preferred to have it better explained to me so I could be more assured of what evil was I saw it grow so slowly Lynda is the tomcat senior is the spider who I share with no one.
I didn’t know whether I should blame Bill Or not and either did they –He struck them and they were taken aback he had never lashed out at them in such a way that was the first time that he hit us they said but he liked it and so did we—we were tying them up now too other children tying them up and spanking them eating their assholes out but it was you who kept us down with no doubt “I’m not a friend of yours now.” She says and “I never was I thought.” Bill Thought for a moment the brides I came over the rage was held up against me like some others I know like others I know there is a way you’ll be one way and be somewhat different ---Bill Cleary is a naturalist and through this he came to see the dark divide he went out over there bye foot he thought where senior walks and Lynda and here is where Bigfoot Walks as well.
The way Bill Feels some of you Once there was that footprint he saw them t hey were hitting hard on his roof and there was a loud whistle which only sasquatch makes “Goal B,shit!” did you hear that roar that I let out ? Said Lynda you let hell come of you “Yes I know I did.” Said Bill.
Bill’s view of everything became distorted he dug everything he couldn’t stay with himself dug into his head he’d lost hope all hope now they respect a nasty sort of person it takes two to known said Lynda the clearys in their car they crossed the dark divide bill without me and me without senior I was saying nearly that surveillance tape of Jessica it moves down and examines her cunt and it removes her clothes from her body as well can’t you stand me those were the one thing which I let go of long ago. I could’ve been well or I could’ve been married thought Bill it was all too much for me too take all of it went onto long before me before senior could come over and I could see who Chris was.
We’ll kill you or else we’ll make love to you said Bill’s Parents they were just the worst the ones behind me as well I was not aware of how they were going to assess you or approach you here or any place that I can find a Goal A .. a Goal B she said and man the rebirth Were you waiting for the rebirth were you not yet choking yet still wondering what it was if any of those apply to you then check here said Bill My anal rape my anal rape I hear it was all for someone else general intelligence tells us we need some information about Bill Cleary he was there in the morning… filling his own ass up with cum and you believe me it is just a side note I’m not saying hello to anyone these calm traces of what Wheeling is they live in a Room they hate it they don’t like it Murder is Truer to me Said Bill There’s an Alien being are you an alien being are you conscious of it they wear silver jackets and they have no way of knowing who I am, the one with the large head and small body his head was great big and he loves me today raises up his fingers and you know me I love you today..
Lynda and Senior were both the enemy honestly and they both said to bill why did you go off your medication one is the number they said goal it seems as if it’s your lucky day –you want to get fucked don’t you son they asked him yes I want to get fucked? I mean do I?


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