Saturday, June 17, 2006

From The Terror of Loch Ness

This is from a book in progress which i will be releasing later on this year or next

“Jessica” By Che Elias

At the end of the dark again, Near where we’d parked the Car and Pulled off the road… one bit of him is stuck in a ditch and there’s a stick laying there too he’s waiting for the stick to get up bye itself and walk away be taken somewhere else Well I don’t Know I will see what I can do .. he says I will see what I can do … Yes he will see We’ll See too the water come down gushing have it all pouring out of the there with a hose on the end of it You know that Look at the way that it pours Out What the Hell Have they got on the end of There?
Just plain now Plain floating on air .. some of us just sailing through taking are time –time to be who we are and the person I am do you even know that now, she could remember him saying. Well they say also It’s the world itself that Won’t Get you Through it. We can’t help you they say Also –We’re there for you on the otherside they say sometimes also But I never actually believed that.. I Never thought anyone would be there to help me on the other end of it all I didn’t know though But I was kind of certain.
I can take it back again I guess and put it there as well and A small Flirtation None the less not much else to say about that … I don’t have anything left he says And either do you.
Some of you Say He nature of it all is rough but I think it bleeds in a more abstract way and you can never destroy nature it’s only going to live one way And you can only Have it here … where the bridge is opened bye the door again Yes he says I would put a plastic toy on there and let it sit for a while and let nothing else run under there—Meanwhile though he is out looking for her and for someone else as well maybe I couldn’t sleep he says maybe this time I couldn’t sleep but maybe I’ll be able to the next time.

We’ll only go so far and then say the hand of death has betrayed us and then there’s no way out from there He Watched it over and over on the Television set in their basement and then he noticed that he himself was also dying.. He tried to wake himself from it but to no avail it’s not me who you think is dying.. is it me .. again yes it was .. a lot money I threw down and moving all around Some Puppies on a chain as well and what even changes with the sea and the name of Her Life became the same as his and there was peace and he was in the mouth of the sea now and the tea too That They drank and a million years on the sea at night and now the storm is quiet and they’re all quiet and you’ve come down the sky he cried for her too Set him free and my face as cold as the Water that was green in front of me and I was there again about to lose too to be defeated and Then I got lifted up bye something The small deer run through the forest and I accept charity and the world give you something else too and I was the one person I wasn’t always like this now everyone is like this and I have to figure out how to do this correctly as I would have before and I was the one who managed to see it all come out .. Lit again and then bound in gold and the world comes through to him and they broke me he remembered and it will make you almost die he said .. and have I gotten to far from this .. and the world will make us almost go blind .. and I am here again to be the person you need me to be … and I knew when it was one other thing than it was all over again I was about to shudder and I saved all of my money and I am here and the world again Was saved bye Little fear I never felt that with her I felt other things with her .. and I was there to be in love and you shall all make me die and I was going to see if all of you would make me die or cause me too…

Yes he said it all causes us to die you mean time travel again too Yes time travel.
The idea too that sasquatch is a time traveler weighed heavily on his mind and you can believe it and was there the stars were about to Defeated and there was nothing but tears left of them

On the ground that was supple and I was so afraid to fall and the world was there with sparks all over –In the dry dirt bye the dock in the reeds too and in the water he said .. I remember him saying that the dirt was wet and that there was no dry water bye the dock all of them are like swine… and all of them are knocking you down On The End … And I am here To be the one The World was .. And he Said … Jessica… Come Back here.. and I am here to Be The World he says is the one thing that makes me wonder again yes … I am coming home again.. he says… He is here again he says .. Yes I was down here .. Bye the way I was home on the end of the road again… I am bye the home again the one in the city not the one in the town not the one where we can knock things down again and it will be a slow process again… I am here he said…. Yes he is here.. but what a slow process again one of waiting and aging too .. bye the way again he’s summer bye the way too that whole summer where you thought you were on one way and there for another… I am coming home soon he says. And he’s come home .. Again for the world .. Rain again on me .. He’s coming home tomorrow .. He says.. again.. he is there in the world that world is like home again he says.. it is Serious and there is danger again that is god and mankind too .. also the way the world worked me over though he said .. you tempted fate and the dark world again that whole edge that made me believe everything else .. again he said .. you make the world one way and you want it to be either one way or another he says.. Yes I am not as serious as you would like me to be .. again he says and he is here too and it is not me typically not an angel Which was sent however no one here to complain of either Again yes I am getting in the back of here.. I am again I am here .. He says you are the only Way .. I am the back of the car and not typically damaged and bye the world again if it is in here then it is god and you only were the one that was damaged and I was the one again who was good with trouble bye the time you came around you wanted trouble and me here too and you want to be saved yes he says.. I want to be saved and I am only here to think of things again he says and he Only comes home to life again Yes one way over there that one way over is the way over in Wheeling the Way where the world works.. again he says Yes I am back home again in wheeling .. only me again I was Home bye myself again one time and I was there yes and my bibles and I am home again too … Through this order of coming home this realization of what that consists of Yes he says I didn’t think you’d need this after all .. he says You can come down here .. again Once more When he looked up a the ceiling the chandelier Was there hanging on a thread and you were to close your eyes to the world too bye the way that home There bye your side it is you coming through don’t you worry me and you bye and bye and again he said he is in the world coming over and in the street car holding on and holding up to me .. he says again yes he does come home again yes A Little bit of Change again a change to become one person he only says to make up your mind and the world is officially Older than It was can anybody hear me now Do they hear me .. Bye the way a bad dream again Yes get out of here Won’t you he says.. you are the only one who was Born Here to BE the world bye the way the residents of this place man and all of you alone he said .. Only Then Bye World When it was older the top of everything waiting to fall down on Us .. We just felt as it was some kind of massacre and where are you going to go then no one on the way to the world will help you decide to be this person.. again he was .. bye world .. And the way home .. He came in and then he got god to make something else Sitting bye the back … of the world again and he is the treasure trove there in the whole world the ice and the universe and the big windows and the game too He says .. Yes yes.. Oh You all in the world Were the people who Became the people who were older than the one people who came before and didn’t seven days bye the Earth Therein a hospital .. Seven days in the earth and all of them were typical and can ‘t you come on When they Call for you isn’t everything just the most that you make of it in Life.. he says weren’t these things… And I am here again You are The one again to the world again he said He wanted to be there and I Reached over and he Kissed Jessica too And then I remember that someone else did as well And you were there They Were Such nice people Only you were the ones the toy Bears the toy cars and the rest of the things we’ll hold for ransom we’ll get as many of them as we held in our hands and the only amazing thing was that you’re a real moron he says you know that a real moron against life like you were never ask me for anything else he said not a single thing I am not only back on my feet til then and he said put it all on there and you were the only one who was drastic til the end about that Jessica Was there with her Black sweater on and how much of her Was just there with time and to notify her of more than that she is always coming in and coming out and getting older and getting angrier and you were there held Down Bye So much of that which you’re lost in as well and you were only me bye myself and all of that holds onto you correctly somehow doesn’t it …. I believe that all of it does and I believe that there are things that you take such advantage of you can only hold out since the war is coming again and I know there are people like us out of there and no one Only Believes to be someone else and Yes he doesn’t only want to be any enemy now and you were the ones who doubled in water and tripled and I was the one who held on all the way throughout my generation he says I am the last what happens to the last and you only put the last on don’t you don’t you and he only says that they’ll last forever won’t they he says they will last forever.. again they will last forever…

She took it all in but she wanted to see if any of them came back after she did .. Wanted to see if any of them came back after they came in her. In the Vulva where it was warm and wet and there were no bad things So it Seemed all the times she tried to break through things she did it with love She Thought she did.. she did all of it with love she insisted and how many days have passed She Wondered to herself.

“How Much has changed?” He said as he was crouched there bye a Car.. and he was going to be awake again tomorrow and how many lives has he saved and how much of it Are you going to let go sour and how much have you left alone And The love Once more was going to fade away tomorrow and you know they all wanted them to see who they are as People and I can see who they are … Yes he said come over there but don’t expect anything since Tomorrow And you are only there again to See Who you are here and I am here to come again and come home again When I left the first time I wasn’t sure how long it was going to be til I came back the next time I can’t explain it he said .. I can’t explain any of it… I have a Full day tomorrow and I stand against this world They’re crying out for me and they are freed from the rain and it would be easy to add content and the world again the whole world torn free from its content and how does the cloud even work also How does it come down and take me away and my voice explodes again and it rolls out everywhere everything has gone bad.
Where is the knowledge and the time closer and the world works evenly and I am never going to come close to you again he says never again and who are they .. though these small bits of bodies… Unicorns with Golden Horns All of that slowly fading though That imagination Which was once there and that house over near the cloud .. Where you ran down to a red Chair After you ran past a bridge and you couldn’t stay clear of what you needed to stay clear of ..
My life exploding for the better then going the bad way then going the best way too
What are the best things possible me just standing around waiting to meet people no one coming through and no one coming over either and the only coaches are the ones which are fancy Also “What about Jessica?” She was there wearing pearls on her neck and she said she wanted to find away to get home for herself. The lake too and the bridge and then the last of it and are you going to come and take what is yours and how dare you come here he said Who do you think that you are … Only then he was there in the longsleeved gown Standing near the Case of Rifles too let them all run out though too .. all of them let them run out too .. and the end of it all was near …

“The world was different then weary and not so sure of itself and I rocked you back and forth asleep and I was there in this cradle of Air ..” He said .. Listen to the wind .. again he said it’s Picking up the world is a broken glass and the times you have against you trash your character and I was there to take you home and see you when you were asleep in a cradle of snow The world can’t do a file like that he says and the end of the world has no shadow nothing moves and no one has seen you and no one has come completely clean and I moved the world a bit closer to the flight that it took and You could hear me He Could still hear Jessica when he reached down to kiss her lips which were like Silk and her dreams which he remembered So much of himself through.
You remember the other people as well and we’ve strayed in some way and all of us have come out of the fold and I am here again and I am content .. Her hair was golden and she were glasses sometimes Her Lips Were the Nicest Softness he remembered as he kissed them. What Does it feel Like He asked I heard It’s The Softest Thing ever.. and I am here Again back here looking over a bed heaven help me and I am here again at the banquet and the world tries to see who they are and you men can only free us and the world has health and I am here too and I was the one who came against her to cause the world the pain that it had.. well no one ever complains and I was there to see who we are .. and I was there again the disease and the scandal and I was there just to see a few of the girls off and the God’s of time and the world too and you surely must have tried to stop a few of us and the world was the only thing pure at heart and we need something new for us and I was the one person for us who didn’t have it out for her.. And he bent down again and he kissed her lips moved his tongue over her teeth and please help us Soon She said and you are here bye yourself You seem like jesus to me .. the third of them all seems as sick as the others can try that city in the sky and god has gone up too With That Whole Big balloon where you can blow everything else out of your ass as well as That.. aren’t you dreaming there of who you want to be and the world questioned me then the world seemed to die and the world was screaming through things and things were never going to thin out or get any easier and you can hear the choices he made he Undid Jessica’s shirt and he could hear her heart beating when he put his Head down to her Chest and the world Fat too and the Backs of boys broken He saw That Lift Which they used to Use for carrying rocks and they would kill two or three people a day that way and only the world is dead now and only the cold will kill her and the world is soggy and the Days are So Malicious and the times you were out cold you slept alone and I have never been there before When it all seemed bad and I have this scars on my body and you’ve got to send the Rest of time my way twilight time and I am here again and I am here to even do it in private if I have too I have time too in your long dark hair and I know that time is you as well…
Sometimes there’s distinction Made bye the world as a whole and the world at large and I have moved from here and I have taken the chance again where I am god and as god I left no forwarding Address again he said too The patterns of the deep posing over the dark water and oh comrades and oh partners and you only can see us bye the world again and the world that freed Me Was the Same one I think that freed Jessica it at least contained her for a while longer In that bathroom near the tub and the sink also even the patterns are screaming You can betray us even with your Voice and You Can even manage to hear the sounds of death calling. It must have been the spider that came down from the rafter and killed all the hope which was in the cloud and left nothing for her and any of us and for what though they destroyed us And left us for dead and did you know how bad they hurt us and how were the vows which would Took Different From any others –Jessica Kneeled before the alter and she paid Close attention to the truth and the world had time to Do These ideas in and the world and the skin shakes and the Times of It All Closed in too He meant too say that they came to a Close she was there in a Silk nightgown and it rubbed against her back and the world came down To Her and spun around and all these times against us You could say who are you and you pledge yourself forever and For the sake of who though and I am the one with the sake of what though the sake of science and the world has a funny way of people closing in again Against all of Us and they were all taken away from us weren’t they Weren’t They All taken away from us he said .. and you are the only one who could have true to tell me and I was here and I was there and I was putting words down on Paper and thoughts of mine .. Again me as the one person the times Which will break her though Jessica Lips her Blonde Hair Falling down too and you Believe surely don’t you as I knelt down on my knees Words Flew off of my lips and I spoke of images which in the past had slayed me and I think time is pretty great he says I think it is all so great the way that time kills us too The way that it makes us older and We last til we die I guess then don’t we.. but the spider came down from the cloud and he Was the villain and you were the one who held it all inside and you were that bad person Who was able to never go anywhere that he wasn’t Held too and I was the one person who came out of there and Choose To Be the Most Virtuous.. Said Thomas … And the world has these Ellipsis Points Written there bye It, While Hamsters ran on a wheel Thomas Feed Rats and he Spoke of the mercy Which was at hand. You know it was the spider who ruined the cloud and the way she laid next to me at one point was different entirely from the indifference which you could see that she felt towards me after That I mean the way she feels towards me Now is cold and hardened and her Heart Has Been taken from me and she was there bye the side of the water and her foot and heart.
There was never anyone as perfect As Thomas She thought and He was there, Always There indefinitely .. The World Spun and those pets of his seemed to run on their Access too And the world Swore About how beautiful she was and The Only time there was that was left over was the time without mercy too .. The only World was hard –people stepped on bugs and I laid them to waste too he thought I heard a Dog Cry and I heard Cats screech too and I Can only hear the world come out to the point and I deny it all again he said .. and they Think that I lack something And you were there You Were the Ones Who hadn’t seen me this time …
I swear I saw Jessica down there he said .. bye the time The world arrives and you came to see her too and how does everything come out with me bye the time that change weighs on it and I was there and faithful to it He remembered bathing her rubbing a sponge over her body and the world Was there as it came up Over her thigh and there Were soap suds running near her pubic hair And you could see the traces of them make there way down to her labia and Little bits of soap on her pink pussy lips those glistening Folds a Purse There to be opened a trap door or treasure?
He Became erect The Longer that he gazed at the soap Suds Clashing with Pubis The more His attention was drawn too it He gathered the thought of his own semen flecks being in there a web of Cum.. Again he wanted to part her labia lips with the ends of his fingers and finger Her wet cunt .. –The Spiders All ate the clowns as well and the ate the heads of men and I still stare at the bride he thought and the world for the sake of the world and I am dying you hear me flat and dying near the world where death comes out of my life for the sake of my life what am I to do He said ..
Yes they were flying now There were flying spiders they had wings.
He had that image of the spiders flying and the men who’d strapped buckets onto their heads They’d fastened the bucks so the open top was pointing straightforward it was directly above their brows –They Bottom of the bucket inside Contained a gel Sack, a thick muck Which hold he Spiders.. The Men stood up on Logs walked back and forth and use the buckets to catch the flying spiders Which at this point Were Incredible Large as well As big as Your Fist! He remembered Jessica Asking him “Is That Large for A Spider.”
“What You do is catch it in your bucket, then you put the bucked it down and you smash the spider while it’s held down in there Then it’s messy .. and then You’ve got to get another bucket or clean the spider guts out of that one in the time that Takes though you Will have missed a lot of chances at catching other spiders.”
Catching them was no duller than the air which sometimes had been dull as well and his life and the whole break also The whole time in his life This wasn’t what he’d bargained for not that he’d been against it though either at this point in fact there wasn’t much he was against Yes he said he was against some things.. and The World Will tell you He said and I am going to bring that whole story together and you never know the deals they make will you and you can never know what kills us all he said again he saw Her Pussy becoming red and he touched it more and more and When his fingers when inside she moaned a little bit and She was happy… He could tell she smiled as his fingers were in her Vagina. Drew the Curtains then because he knew no one wanted to see Them making love He ran his hands over her Thighs and She said Lick my pussy a little to Make it Wetter before you fuck me … He was licking it then .. Then she was touching his shoulders and he felt Horny too So much of that he Very much felt turned on and there was no betrayal In his arousal and You can never Be There Like This Thought you can’t know how I felt when I was inside of her and when I was on top of her and they were making love she clutched him tightly –Her hands over his Back and not trust broken he ran his tongue along her teeth and Then he held her again she seemed calm and She Was then screaming he could feel more and more juice gushing out of her pussy as it was wetter and wetter the more friction which was created bye their Genitals touching together Rubbing harder now .. he Was about to Cum .. now .. He Wanted to hold out for her though And Bring her to climax with his Stiff about to spurt cock still inside of her. Birds Red and Blue sang outside Again on Telephones Poles They were Trapped up there he thought But he heard the clicking sound made as they propelled themselves against the window pane as He was coming inside of her Vagina.

What is the word Sworn in secrecy and what also is the time you possess surely no time to do so .. and nothing to make it better…. There was something moving you could see it in The Open spaces in the box the black cat is moving around directly to move in In time And there were things I had to just stand back from.. and I could never turn it over so bad as that.. and here is the whole end time too.. Should have turned around faster then I just make things happen in the end he thought it will just be there in the end though to help you through Guide you and worn you… One More step from what we were doing .. and I said he was ready then wasn’t he.. and you can just stand back from things.. Oh god Yes He was screaming now coming to orgasm again too.. and he could have turned on us and have made us angry with Bolts of Light in our Hands too.. and you could have run away if you wanted too Could have fired the truth you can never take a morsel of it though can you He thought and there is the fiction still of repression and it is still warding you off.. From there as well.. One of those boxes you just peer Into and your Long Filthy Face he says and he’s coming up with steel and he has no one to Love too.. And no one comes here to Spare us either and you are the one God and He Loves us all too.. and you only come through the edge of Her. The secrets again and you only have that Design .. They Broke us down through use of two wet folds and you could have mentioned that you could have been happy and you are streaming the time in waves and you are singing into the waves and you have so little time and you can never be kind to our bodies and none the less we’re rasping here on the edge of them. And We have too many facets of the body here and the Face of fear Like the edge again That you’d taken off and you will warn me then now… He says again to warn me .. Just the time it takes it takes time now to get away from things one of them as a turtle dying and the other as a boy having fun Just as you had fun to me and you can tell them who you are and that you know me too he says Go and Have Sex Til when you can’t come back from it We’re one in the same still you know that are We united to be that way.. Yes I think you are .. And before He was too .. and Bye the time you speak … He says and the word you said were gone to you and still too plain to see and my life upon my skin doesn’t make my life any easier … What can I tell he says you’ll save me now too he thinks Here comes that cold and you are the one who never got out of There alive The Cold Sunrise over Wheeling the body That Will Stink Before the grave The one that will stink as bad as it Would if it were dead and bill gets off on this shit he’s the real ribbon of stink and iron and at the end of the day he’ll peer over and see the cue from Her and never dine So well So serene and the ice and they all make enough money to be different about things and how they plead release but so what though he says and I think we can get more of them free again as well.
If you count that Against the time where she wanted to be free again and the eye of the things that were looking in and no one ever knows her name and you are the time bleeding for us too .. Look at you dying never sing that song again he says and hey get up here and keep and eye on her and who do you think you can be to creep through them.. and He Let them touch Jessica and she was coming back from what he said.. He knew it was all as if it were a film or novel and not much else and another time you were bleak to Us a house full of you.. and who can say Yes to that And I stay up to where I am … never Though.. and I can only impact parts of other peoples lives parts which I think are decent to Impact and when you go all of one way how can you go another I guess was what I asking Jessica How Could one thing repress if the other totally Doesn’t hold us down .. When you become deaf from it all He said from the Loud Screaming and the pounding coming out of Wheeling I guess you’ll be fine.. Jessica Went downstairs to the bottom of the house and she was Looking up to The ceiling of the room she was in … And She Saw the imprint of him about to come through.. Murnier Fectus And He said that is his name somehow he appeared A lot younger Than She’d envisioned Him Still in a green coat and She was never living down on the lines and he was living like it was a lie wasn’t he Til the end of time this will be a Lie she said .. Murnier She said .. don’t you want me back he took the Pieces of Chain off of his Green Coat and he began Striking her with Them.. Causing abbreviations on Her Face and Skin Opened up and blood gushed out he wondered How they’d heal since they looked pretty serious Seemed Like all he wanted to do was .. come through that and come through here earlier too… As you go to your death you move some things down a bit and break what it is that you do have…
You had to see all of The Movies There about life and God too and time stalking you He thought Why wasn’t time much better now than it had been Before … it took it’s tool They Wandered near the embankment Bye the Green and just north of your Place He sat At one of the tables and was Freaked Out bye the men behind him .. They had nails sticking out everywhere and There Was laughter but not much of it .. A Penis Like a Banana In Her Vagina Pushing the sides apart From Having Been Folds As it goes in .. Just last night the letters he said the ones that you wrote and the money you spent on me .. too Children all running to a place he felt how wide her pussy was as His Fingers Were inside Making it Wider and Last night There were so many people and you can never believe It He said… I saw Them all Come through the door and I never saw that Life had Passed He was stuck in that moment where his hand is in her cunt and You Were waiting too and singing So Sweetly and There was so much of it .. yes I know but how can you laugh now ..
He knew it came across as being so Blatantly Bad and all the proof you need is right there glowing out from it Across to you directly and I can’t see anymore Of it .. and you can never see me walk out said the dark .. As the rain came down to I sat bye the Window and Jessica Sat on the bed.. I would walk down steps Later and up a Long Hill and to the main street and you’re all Playing with my emotions As you know what it is That I Know and You can All say that you’re all aglow and I know what you know as well and the last time that People were stepping out and You can all see what you’re waiting for as well.. and I am Waiting too For the longest time .. it is all you are they all bye you She said .. Murnier Came again Bluntly she examined Drawings Bye him as well.
Those Images of Clowns, three images he painted his face several Times and He was wearing a Checkerboard Outfit too .. There’s a Door in the background that he enters from and leaves from as well and The last time you saw him he was up to the same things again … that one clown with the black around his eyes came and looked really close at the camera and so he came and he looked really close into my eyes and some words I had he couldn’t ignore She still felt ashamed and she soon felt the words going on too Long and he played around with it too At one point in the right corner of the frame there was a red table and a red chair as well and he was waiting for me and he was waiting for the future as well and there were prisons and He was doing math .. That Image Laid over three times and what will you do best and you Forget Everything Else too And The songs were lost and so were the times.. They had together.
You’re fire came to rest on me ignited on me and ignored me too and some way you will know how safe I feel I really do feel safe and I walk into the sea and gave the memory away From her.. Longs Legs Mantis too and the one green one on the hood of the car and He says to Keep him up late .. But what do I do About that With all the other Freaks As it is .. and you would think his time would make him less fortunate and you would think he would call on time And what is the usual .. he thinks and I just Left this sound to no one .. and my father Takes over and You can see it as well.. new Times Plus old ones and it Was Jessica Riding on his back he picked her up and held her and Remembered Flowers that he had just plucked and let go of and it was this imaginary place .. Far from here and he couldn’t see it now as he did then There were no castles now and there Was no home Where everyone Could be That was He Recalled What He’d wanted Before to See all the people he loved in the same place together And not Think that they Lost there love for him in the process he just wanted Love but he wasn’t going to get too much of it.. I don’t know what to do with myself I feel different every time and I can feel the days as they bind me and your skin Glows Softly To me Lust again too Her pussy wet and open and his Erect Prick and her Breasts he saw as his to play with and Tired and Terrific now after sex and he liked it early on and he didn’t understand it early on although he did understand it Later on and he was human for a while then no one regretted who he was or understood it either.
Some other place Though there was some bronze and Barney Too and He was arrogant You can only pay on the good side and my neck aches.. Too All of them Frozen in glaciers and found deep in the sun now paying for the sound of what needs to be done.. And how large do you want to make this sign and how do you want to make this sound and you are here deep in the sunshine the one that made your life what it is and defined you I will defend it all to the end She said …. Some of the Bronze Soldiers Those statues and the chairs and red tables .. They All Portray an Image Of What was all the same thing… Can I Delete This now? She asked.. and probably because of the footprints All the footprints aren’t the Same other footprints are the same and you can never wake up in the morning And what are you doing if you are.. and at last you can see nothing she said.. That Big Tank in Wheeling… “Oh They’ve Lived here For years, The aliens I mean.. they have underwater bases near the ohio river in wheeling.. And Their Craft comes out and comes through.. Here is the new image of captain America too He is there… Without the wings Which used to Be where His Ears Were..” Steve Rogers and Bill Cleary Both Woke up years later they were both frozen and Left there for a Long time.. Bill was Frozen too after the laughs and mistakes and then he showed everyone up.
Don’t Betray us do us in or fuck us said bill..we’re the ones The Queers and that short fat woman who’s always drinking some kind of Crack head too One of them said about her.. That didn’t Stop bill the Dryer The cunt The Harder My Cock Because of My KY Jelly he said taking that whole tub out walking around with tubes of KY in a Gunbelt and Taking them out in swinging around awhile standing Erect In The Lobby of A nursing home .. “Dear me, heavens above.. Bill I can’t Stand it ..” She said .. I can’t stand the pain you bestow Or Mercy me.”

The final thing I felt was mercy and I laughed again too laughed my whole life away softly and everything depends on you She said .. Once She said.. That and there was nothing else that I could do And I am laughing at you he said .. For you to be someone Else .. and you’ll never know how happy you’ve been and it is supposedly evident for me to see who you are and everyone depends on me too.. and I will see my life come out and launch towards the wall of things.. too and my life is evidently not what you’d think it would be.. And if I saw them up there once then I probably would have thought of seeing them again.. and my life is laughing to me and she Is there too and I can see it Here he says it is Darling Don’t you think it is that yes I do think it is.. he said .. and nothing else except hot Water over me and you on top of me .. and I am here laughing at you .. yes try to go through life the way you remember it being .. Do you remember me ? he asked her and There is no doubt that he did .. A Large Sphere in the center of the Room and no matter what In the World he had going for him ..No matter what he says and there is no mention of any of it at all.. and you can see he was the only one who loved her . and you’d take care of her.. too he said and you’d think life was one way and you’d find out it was only another and no matter what happens To me .. I’m alright he said .. I am alright anyways There is just a place to dream about and it is far off from underneath a bridge and I Lived Inside of her.. and the snow fell now too It came down on the water similar to him it will always be in Love with her.. Only one time to the world Though.. It would give out once for that.. and you know once for that You have got to say that you’re the one person Who is going to love me .. and I have got to be here With her . and I am going to Live with her.. and I have got to live There.. and I Came home to them. There was hot water in pans and There were pots which I wanted to clean out too.

There were camels too He was riding on them.. Cosmos Daily was Riding them.. he thought of his life and his time on earth and the time he gave away as well. The earth gave way as well did the Everything it fell underneath him he could tell that he meant that.. bye saying that he wanted Jessica back .. he want her back there was no question about it all.. he had said before all of that.. That He’d wanted her back Even before .. He Could see their relationship in the light which he saw it in now.. and you can take these things for what they are.. but even though they are taken for granted he said.. and he thought about her for a long time and he knew that He loved her… Still through water now too He was moving through that.. Started Calling Wheeling Looking for her.. sometimes when he rang the phone Amber Reed was on the end .. Actually even through all the calls he made he never got a hold of Jessica and he ended up feeling high and dry and there love was colored.. And he was invisible and the rain fell hard again and The World Saw Light And his love as well and a better world lay ahead of him can’t you tell he said can’t you tell who is here.. Just that same Person who was there before.. me No no I am different now than I was before you really seem as if you have changed and you can see who she is from that You can go over there If you want too But if you don’t want to go over there it will just be another problem.. sound became overwhelming And don’t be surprised when you can’t differentiate Between tones and you can tell all the time It is no problem for me to do these things For you.. As I once did them… now it became a problem. It is not a problem for me .. as it is for you.. he said.. That he needed them all of the young-men in Wheeling who masturbated as frequently as men in other cities..
Cities Just like Wheeling
Masturbating young men
No semen
Nothing at all..
I am with them now The men who masturbated .. We all did it together in Wheeling obviously That was the best place to do it.
Eli Hubbard
Andy Reed
Tyson Reinhardt
Bill Cleary..
Tim Miller
There is just a thought here and there is a thought that puts me to shame
And no one is here To put you to the Test that test of strength in Wheeling When The Orange Water comes down the side of the cliff.
Bill Cleary and Eli Hubbard went up on a Hill together even though I am still frozen bye them my father and my revenge and The World Which he lives in Becomes One which I can’t inhabit .. the Monochrome Slides again as well.. Semen Sloshing Out everywhere as well… man you were pretty fucked up down there he said.. and into the world early on in life just those People.. They referred to Jessica as a working professional One Parked In The Car in Wheeling where the other people were as well They came very quickly there is no chance of them to come quickly though..
You can see them with your violence and metal shell there too You were Held bye all of us.. all of you were there bye me .. and everything ends up bad.. too He said.. the red seats and the three images of the clown.. and I am good there next to the material and you know How much I love you now you came in the same room that I came in.. he said I now sleep in the Room where you came before you knew who I was.. We never came together and if you can see me again man .. I am here to be born again Bye you now the next time .. and you wish you’d appear and I feel my heart beating.. and I am there to Say good night to science . and I am wrapped Bye people.. and my material life too And my Life is Wrapped up bye confusion… He says Good It’s us We Have arrived in Wheeling where we are forced to be happy I guess we’re forced to be happy here now I think would be a bad time to go over. The band and time both go over From there Repetition Which doesn’t have much to do with the rest of us and for a laugh you can have all of them and you know you’ll Go Far he says.. You think you will don’t you and you can never see us now you have no practice seeing us And you can See us getting offended Bye Him.. and I am here with the Shivers in my Spine and I am here on time .. Yes I said How much I liked her I remember meeting her Jessica I Recall what she was like and I liked her and I can see her without a face .. and I would see her and say grace and the eyes of mine with a face.. and you can see Her they Go and Look at them Before they moved Over now theyre Where they were before and I am confused.

Can’t you see the mistake which you’ve made I want to know what you think about that and how it is going to really affect me and can you find me on these stairs.. No no maybe I don’t want too He said… Yes you do want too I think she said… he wasn’t sure he had wanted to see her body for sometime now see her without all of those clothes and see her there buried in her own eyes and her head Feel her inside of herself and if you lose her now And I can find her too She said What if we lose each other now… And I am looking for her.

Staring Directly into an Image on the wall When she turns a basket of Roses over On her wedding day then bats fly out and he said it wasn’t right and can you come back to me and let me hold you again if they don’t want me then they’ll never want you he says.. Come back to me now will you don’t Go to him for it .. And I know why you’re looking at me And you should have seen how they were on the day before yesterday and don’t say there was any kind of word and you can never see me come back to tell me how you will and you will learn me from me than her and I like you more now then I did before and never leave me come back to me And you’ll see Who I am As a person Said Jessica. Then He Used to think will Jessica be there Will she be there He Wondered As she became paranoid .. AND I GUESS she wondered as well.. There was a videotape of men Flying They Had wings Part of their Flesh and you said You caused a sensation But I probably won’t need to call you for anything and I am living through who you are and I am never finished bye being that person and it Led me to this transient Circumstance of being here and wanting to get away from her.. Where can I go Now Joey.. how can I get away From her.. Joey, Joey.. My Ferrets.. They called and they talked to me and I never lived in that place please let go and you can use the past and you can help yourself in my world and I was there til the end and I was there for the most Time .. He said .. more time than anyone Else was in.. What ever You see here that you like you can take with you.. I think .. if you’d like to take it with you .. Of all that is here Very Little remains and you wondered your Whole Life.. Her Blonde Hair Drops Down her neck to meet at the ends of Her Nipples and you have heard of the greatest circumstance have you not Yes I mean I think I have heard of that one .. he said.. and, and I think I, I am this person He said .. when I wake up I know I am and things that will keep you asleep and I can never live a life of happiness I only live one of sadness if you cut the light then Make sure everything else you cut in half as well she said .. Make it out of there alive will you Won’t you for fuck’s sake..

Life became hard for him again in these distant times more so than ever And what caused it also .. was a bad thing he knew that it was really bad and he was walking home to bring them all there and we’re down there holding onto people and you were strange and he was open to all of it.. and the bad things came down to Her and all the tension in the room the whole world and the time which all of you came up short and you can see the whole world stopping for a dime and a world too and a scent and he is seeing the whole entire town going up in a puff of smoke a flake too a real hanger on in the world… and he was going to be breaking out of there again.. There were staffs and bolts of light and nothing else was stopping me and he thought he would break out of the world .. and he never came to see her again and the time in my whole head breaks me out again there is no way out.. again he says… How is it there bye my time…

No one judges or hears a key or wonders what it is .. he says.. and you can have something which you can do without as well and you came down to see her Don’t you want to hear it Do you want to see what it is .. from here to me and I was you.. She said Weren’t you wasted as well… Yes I was wasted and I came here to have more of It no one makes a key wander away Like you did and you should go up or come down on me as well… I saw her go down on me .. and I felt the last gasp of her mouth and I got erect more bye the idea of her drinking my cum and I could hear the slurping sound sit made and it made Sounds of big gulps taken and you can see more of her pubis and what not and They all have themselves Covered in sperm and two men have been arrested in their Connection too … He says.. the world itself is all on fire and you were Leary of them already it seemed and you can have more if you want it .. and here is the security you want as well the years again where you represented yourself and I was there bye your side as you choose to get it to represent yourself and the men came in and they discussed attacks and it worked for you to come to me .. and he is .. The World is here .. bye the time I saw god.. he is there .. He was wondering how to come over the hill and he was breaking You in to your life and your Love was academic and he Loved only her and there were 2 slots and he has the cash To Come down here and Buy her When He Wants her .. and there are True Parts to that .. she was just someone he could buy and he found that to Be a Mystery and there is just the world and it Will Give you it’s two cents and bill cleary as well and he so much was a fairy tale .. for her You were coming no one else was coming though and Reaching orgasm I didn’t want Julia to see my Cum Ejaculating from my Penis and The opportunity for her not to Was There… There were Just two small mirrors and the True Belief of you in love and By The Way what were you planning on doing.. and so it was all a fairy tale She Wondered Who they Were Again .. And she couldn’t ever see how they were fading either and it was becoming some other sense of Place and the people there Were making it work hard too I won’t be able to get on til one of them gets off he said.. and I won’t be able to do that.. and you can cause a whole entire massacre for a while he said all of it for a while and then there was a slot a huge slot and time with the Width of her vagina and her circumference as well and you came there and you sold my soul It Seemed like as well.. and he Came to see me bye myself and I was the one person who you came to see her so silently and they all come bye in peace and they drift to dream as well and you didn’t come to me As you had before and I am the Only thing Left to wonder about as you wondered here… I have something you want that you’ll never have though said bill cleary.. and I will come all over there to get close to it .. yes I will get close to it .. sometime he said.. I will get close to it. The world without my Sense of what matters here and what matters most would be a hard thing and you can see who you are A Little Later and you were in the world Which gave you difficulty and I am here reaching out for the mistakes of the time and I am losing some of them and not too many of them are mistaking and you are going to be there and you have to loaded into this new kind of technology and no one is there and no one has remained innocent too and everyone is looking for something which they cannot find and I came down to see that which I can’t find and someone Thinks it is awful and someone else thinks it is going to make them lonely as well.. I Am down here against the streets and the pavement as well and I am about to lose my mind as well and you can see us all there with our heads about to pop off With the tips of our pricks as well and I am on the run from them and I am going to see butter on the ends of my Orifices and I am going to See Them now in the end I am going to see that They all our clear and They Come around and make a turn and look for what is familiar To them and You can only see what is familiar and Bill Too And Jessica Where she was before all of that.. before she was free from all of it.. and I don’t only know if there are just so many available Slots and Bye Bill Cleary and I was Here to wait for him and I am Going to come through for you.. and I am going to see the world walk down To m e I am pleased and the Day again me where I was God and I was there too To Return and absorb the madness of Her and the world and I were never alone and I was there too As long as you thought I was.. and yesterday I am driving to the end of the line to June and you can hear them all take it apart and the world flys up against me all The time .. I closed my eyes and I thought of her and you can see him and say that you’re sorry and I only hear Who he is … We will hold up two mirrors next to her face and we’re sure of who she was and other than Jessica I am sure That There was no one in there and I am running too The world again and I am moving on And I hear The Echo Of it all and you can see the world to listen to Her … IS one Thing and To see who she is—That is Just another thing I thought it was.. something that you were over with Now.

I am moving to a familiar slot now and the water flows underneath me and I won’t give you nothing unless you are
Someone who can easily be engulfed and you were fading from time to time and can you just get on there and they don’t take the chances which I used to take and I was there with every motive and I was there Rolling over the rest of her body and the world and the cafes and the couches Hers was Orange The first time I sat on it and I proceed and I am moving From there To Where she was Before I got let down and there were Just bright bursts some More of them Some of them Coming out in Color others coming to see me bye themselves and when are you going to come out Here and the Plastics Bottles on the Ends of the Tables and they came to Be next to her .. too.. and the clothes thrown everywhere I am looking to repeat Who you are .. and I am seeing them and I am seeing you From here to See who I am as well and You knew even before that he’d liked her for a long time I could tell that he had and so much of it .. was going out on The End for her.. and you can see her defined as who she was.. don’t you feel them close in around your neck and all the ones are here who could be and I am the one who is here and the world has pretty things and World will Give them to you remember what you were promised early on .. She asked and you are not much better and the world made it look Good better than it was.. and you will wait for me .. he said.. And I am going to se who he is ..And this Whole Sense of Her Gone now It has been for a long time.. and there are Leaves and I have already Made sure of who she was and I have made sure of it .. she is going to see him at one point and see who he is .. and I was once waiting to Look out from there and then see it piece bye piece out of the window in the place where I was sleeping I saw her move with Grace and I saw her body sway in a unique way it did move uniquely in one way or another and did you really think I could make it out of here Alive and Along time to See who you are… It took a long time Personally.. Speaking I can’t see ever How they Figured out who She Was… I noticed I had a fluctuating sense of smell on some days you can see that it was made better on some days and the world was marching from here to there and back and He said it came back As if it were a ball the way he tossed it and I am not sure of anything and I am not sure of anything and I have seen the bad part of it all and I may have to advise my friends… the world was Her Too Made Generic By The Means of something else The difficulty of Doing so .. Conformity Which seemed So easy and The world where I couldn’t Conform at all either and it makes things hard on me .. and you can see how it is ridiculous and how you treat her this is terrible and you treat her so terrible and you won’t see me for the time being and I am leaving and I am going in circles and the rails Came on Strong too and you’ve got the radio Playing Loudly and I can’t get a moment of peace she always said but she knew that somehow secretly She didn’t Want a Moment of Peace and without it Things Would Be Much more inspiring and one time before last The time before she came and she came over on me He said and I was there Bye the time and the world again too .. Yes they all make love like these people and I never make the world come to see me … have you ever taken a man inside of You? She got asked again Yes of course I have.. taken a man inside of me .. I have had Many men .. she said .. but I think it is a terrible question overall and so Demeaning She said .. but he didn’t seem to think that it was that bad and the world again comes knocking at the door all the way again and he saw that it came knocking To Her near her face and it don’t think it Was the Poverty and You Can Feel it though things falling apart bye themselves in rooms Breathlessly Desperately and sorrowful and you hold your Head and Pray in one way or another In an earthly way or in the time that they turn your time around and you take me home again She Says Can you Take me Home again and she asked if you’d take her home and the world came again Putting your hand above your eyes eliminates Glare and I didn’t Even Like The Way She Was being When she left and I wasn’t upset and I wasn’t upset and I won’t tell anyone that you put your Hands Over your head bye the time that you left when you left there like that … The rest of the time you were with her Made you leave her as well. Well seeing is believing in all of that sense of peace and that sense of chaos I didn’t know but I heard her say it .. I heard her say it .. Yes I heard her Say it .. They all seem to resembled each other the Small buttons Which we pulled off and we think that an actor’s Face Was on them and we simultaneously Came In all directions They were scattered around her if you want me then you know where to find me he said and he made that directly accessible and I am directly in front of one kind of damage I have experienced and the time I was there, There Were no more ingredients to rise it .. All Of the plates unwashed and the time where you adhere to something new.. Something that you didn’t find out before all of it .. washed One color and then washed another yes I saw It all come Sparkling As to be one way and then to be another and then to come again with me in time and I saw her There and I saw the time I was against Everyone I spent it down there and I am home bye myself then.. I wanted to move across the floor I head a Disturbance in the other room and I Would walk out of there Thinking one thing then thinking another after that.. too
Not much more though where I thought you were going to be one kind of person and then see that you were another kind of person

I thought She hated me at one point and then just didn’t care at another point you were so tired and so done in .. he said and you made me a goner in time and there was no satisfaction Left for you as you left me there to be the one person the one truth left in me now it burnt me to the ground.

I’m sure there is a good shot in there somewhere Something coming down from the ceiling and no one worried in the day time.. just as it is .. and you got so much tragedy and misery and you only let it behave marvelously and I can’t find a reason to keep on going .. he said How will you live the way that I am .. and nothing happens in the day time.. and you will get there Early and you are shaking slowly and he just wanted a piece of pussy and some vagina and those Monsters The ones in Buckets and the ones who say that I miss you and the ones who say that they miss bill as well… Don’t they miss bill cleary and they only shot down and they only come from the ceiling and they Will all get their Together and You are only coming here to see me and this is all tragedy I became ill bye going there earlier and he is the one I leave with me if I do come here.. and you can never see how early they will walk out from you where you sat on the porch and said you didn’t want things to be this way well they are that way and you only made them be like that for your own specific reasons there will always be a mountain said bill no one seems to make it out of here no one seems to make it out of wheeling no one seems to care either and you can look down upon it .. and I won’t only see the way they world started here and I will look down on all of them .. all of these motherfuckers and these bastards when you’re looking for the one who loved them.. and you know the best is hard to get in on and you think you’ve discovered tragedy somewhat and I can see what went wrong She said I thought I had found a lover but I realize I hadn’t found much at all. All of them Come in time.. nothing on here to make it seem one way or another and the tiny bits of space from down below Going nowhere tonight going nowhere fast and you have to have some kind of mailing address for us to be able to get these things to you.. As I look across the way to you and I think it is time to find you and no one bothers our existence either. Aren’t these people horrible ? shouldn’t they just be shot she said and She heard some one ask again if they had The Time and I am the one catching myself and I am the one who tore right through her and I am the one who took not too much either and the bride came reining and she is not so complete and you all come down on Saturday and you are all incomplete and you are all the ones who Cause a hassle and you are the ones who make time to Big to be in any land and you are the ones Who’ve come To your Form Completely and you are the ones who Realized that People Don’t Love One another the way that you wanted Them too.. no one Loves anyone that way.. can’t you see that.. I can see that.. and I don’t have to be reminded of it .. again and I can get up against them and I can try to turn something around and these are just the times which cross me in this world and in this land .. says bill and only coming now on a weekend and then if I can get back to where I was.. and you were the first choice Until you did that.. And until you did this and The Rain came falling There .. and they knew there lives were about to be spared and Then in the Tense Past where bill was and he had things he had to Do today and I am the one who’s excited and I have been running like I ran here and I won’t be the one to catch her tight and you’re the one bill won’t let down …
Some other Footage and the world is ungrateful and I Am using you Said Jessica only for what I desire some other pink pussy shots and some other images of legs coming from underneath tables and some other images where they are driving a wedge between us .. Some other images of that.. and How can you stand them all of them.. and I need love like I had before and I need he love which I had.. and I need it all I am in love and I am the one Who Believed That.. and he Too.. took from me .. what he could and I couldn’t Take much anymore and you said .. it too and They are Down Bye the parked cars in Wheeling You’re hearing them all shout out He said.. and the questions are easy and we can get the yard and here is where that belongs too..
And Chance they Get to tell me I am wrong then they do and I am going to bring bill home she said.. and Bring America Home as well.. Bring it all home right and A Million People are Shouting sometimes by the foot of my house sometimes in my dream and I hope that I can move from that and they are up above and they are Only the ones In America and I am the only one too.. bringing me home now .. and you are the one Wonderful person .. and your life too is only the thing Where I bring you home .. This isn’t the only way I know you thought it was although I never thought it was…
I never thought that one way was the only way..
It is relatively easy to do one thing when you’re away from home in a time you are never able to find and a place you’re never able to discover and I wish the pictures could go on through the night where no one exists He could remember hearing that Hearing the tapes Loop constantly and you could hear yourself fall in love Because you are Just doing Fine .. and There were new thoughts in his head this day where time has broken through and the time he had bye himself without her seemed to disappear and they really call on you and some of you are about to stay behind me and you can all get in line as well..

Wheeling is multi cultural Said Jessica Where are the people though the ones from varied background and you haven’t stuck with your word entirely said Lynda where is bill Then in the mix of all of this .. and he is never leaving or starting over and he is never picking up as well either none of us ever leave here The Way we think we should when some one tells you You Should… Says Bill and then the rain which comes down hard in Wheeling the rain Which makes the day Go Faster too the most longest drawn out thing Someone has all of them out again he says.. it looks like someone has all of them out again he says referring too some of the books in the library books he opened to read in his lifetime but to no avail were they going to be his no one was ever going to let him keep the books which he wanted to read no one at all.. they will have the longer of two swords and two drills as well and the world has settled for not even knowing what it is .. She says and they are there in the cold water they are undistinguishable and they Are getting colder and colder as well and all of it upsets me In a Major way… Colors Falling again Churned out in code a new Code of Colors, One where I am covered bye blue and another where I am covered bye red and all of them have some kind of problem with me they all give me some kind of difficulty and they never tell me how to keep You or how to uphold my end of the bargain I can’t have any thing to do with myself when my time is taken away from me.. yes we’re doing some-things for ourselves now and we’re making some things seem better as well as soon as that is done we’re going to think of the other things as well and as soon as you have one can you burn The other, I will burn the rest of them says senior I’ll burn the rest of wheeling I don’t want much to do with those fucks anyhow so I would like to see them burn you know that I want to see those sons of bitches end up in hell senior said it once don’t make him say it again. Here are the blanks which I need for you to fill in if they are blank than everything else is blank as well. Yes you’ve seen them Before you’ve sent for them What are you going to do now.. she says… What are you going to do … He asked me then turned away as well.. And What were the films he Say .. The ones they Showed Him it showed him up in a way.. too.. Yes I know that it did cause him some kind of pain and now if you’re pain you won’t get any sympathy from me anyhow … she said .. none from me .. you hear that because I am so upset as it stands I am upset as it stands and angry as it is … you might have got some a long time ago from me but definitely not any at this point.. yes She Says.. do you want some other sympathy from me too.. To a point though a certain point I know there is no such thing as that.. once it has proven to be wrong then there is not a point to trying to get it back..

They never put us back the wind it seems IT never Leaves us and we trip out merrily She said .. and you can see us all blocking parts of ourselves off and please take time give us all time… Where we need time… And then where you can afford too.. fill some things in For us… Fill a Little Bit in for us.. and you’re the Only personal Friend I’ve had.. and telling stories to People And the Time Where the Floor Gushed with Water Where she was running across it as well and when everything was wrong and her patience.. took off too .. and you can see that they’re going to Make her a goner … A real Goner Will you even allow her to hold my hand… She said.. yes I will allow you my Favorite Time in the world and the world came out of bed and the time there made it all go wrong as well and I came inside where I was placing any blame on them either and after a while I saw them all smile … I saw them all smile and take turns shining in the darkness as well and we waited for you didn’t we … We Did wait .. Yes .. you all did wait and it is something which I appreciate she said … She was sitting at a blue Desk Holding a red Telephone as She Spoke to the other end .. You’re all I need now.. You’re all I need and I can see how I feel Blue and I Feel Blue and Cause the World is the way it is … What a Small Sad Tune of Time and Triumph as well … And yes the world Came in the blue From Shevelton and the Whole time on the End of the Phone after a certain Point were you even on the other end anymore… And where are you Now and you smile and I was alone With you.. and you promised something to me you promised that and you didn’t come through with it. Don’t you love me as the person I was before and wouldn’t you love me at all.. I am sure there is A Love there.. and the Way they Pitted all of them against you…. And you would hold your Head out high and I am there the world out high and we seem to understand and I am there to feel the awful awful crawl from one end to the other if I have to do it this way Will he make you crawl across the floor and the Films they most commonly find show grown men Fucking babies… Can You believe that.. Grown Men Fucking Infants God She Said isn’t that Horrible .. Why does it have to be Like that.. so upsetting so depressing.. to me as well… Here is how most people do it find someone to blame their current situation on didn’t you ever care who you blamed it on… I don’t know what to do .. there were just damages the charges made said to damage us do you want them to pay some kind of compensation… I saw you looking good one morning she said to her.. he saw us all sitting bye a statue and I love you more now then life the way I loved life… only more comes on to Be How it is … I am the one here to Be the one here.. and you’re Different from me .. you’re just different from me.. you can’t be what you want to be anymore… the night and the suit of armor too.. They Both Pulled apart.. we all pulled an all nighter and there were no close friends.. a lot of close friends… and you were all there .. Guns Stored With Knifes near where a Car was parked in West Virginia Modern day .. The time There too.. and he was there too Maybe you think something is wrong at home .. nothing is wrong at home .. the only thing wrong with home is home.. she said.. we’re the ones who were doing these things although nothing is wrong as we’re doing them.. as we bleed them and make them be something which they obviously never want to be More and more of who you were and what you ran from.. and you can only be in a car now .. you were down there as one of the kids with cancer and he was one of those kids too… He Looked like them and resembled them and he was one of them And he was the hero the great big hero right up there high up there and he never had too much to copy and he never did anything but pull the string out of there and he only left them bye a thread and he only left them that way.. and you will resemble him and you may wonder who he was .. and He Only Called Out to see who he was… and the time they had there was near the church down near the old end of town and the tree stopped the tire stopped too he stopped the tires down bye there He wanted to make sure there were no survivors and he wanted to make sure no one saw his life any better than it was now and we’re all just crazed from something Just masturbating for it .. all of it .. and we’re all laying down everything we have for Jessica .. we have all we need for her. He looked ahead and he saw that most lies were brilliant and this was the first time he saw them here and you might have to change things and see him and see that it is easy to leave.. and the world must never run proud and no one ever moves under ice under no on is ever held underneath there and the tracks you take too you took them down to the water and the light you saw your head gave in too.. and they just lie and wait too .. and my shower Crushes my thoughts and the world wants ice and the shed and the cooler he was locked in as a child looking down to things in the may have been success and you are the easiest one to leave and to be left behind as well to nothing else and I see the light fading out as well that feeling I get when I look at her and I find it in my heart and it is all tugging on me and I have nothing to Live here With you for .. and I told you how much I love you didn’t I tell you over and over and I was down there on my knees again and again and I might have left my heart open and I may have hidden it somewhere as well.. and you may have succeeded in changing me .. and it is easy and you are never going to leave the time of day out to fry and bill Cleary too .. she thought of him and we know he will roast now he will be left out to roast and he will Be left for dead and he’s what is easily done to People they are made to be the way he is.. he is hungout to dry and he picked them up and threw them over his back and he walked on as well.

I think about you and the ones who were killed in a fire and there world was burnt down and the whole house around them as well and it was burnt man to the ground there was nothing complex about it or anything and the night the owl the whole owl and what do you think about that.. and I am the one sucker the one heart half closed and the whole time my hand was exposed I beat that hand the one that left me for No One But Me But Myself and the one who is the Sole survivor of Life again as well.. and he Dressed in his own distress and he Thought of me Somewhat and he thought of me so much other than me who was lonely.. and he Thought of me who thinks of me no one thinks of me anymore .. The Days Separate The wishes Separate Hey Bill Cleary you don’t have to be afraid and the way the world is you don’t have to be afraid either and Then dad and bill cleary did it for the kids Dad and bill for the kids only for the kids..
Don’t put my favors off you’ve got mouths to feed though he said I have bill cleary to feed as well and I can never see the time As you run around so young and the world from home is a long long way.. and Then bill was down there hoping for the apple the world is a long long way to cross him Some of the Trees They were pulled out of the ground they were a long long Way now too.. from the rope and the side effects and And The time From Bill When he was lonely Jessica Was down there too Can you show me something that is naked I want you down there as well and I am sorry that our last words were bad ones and I am so young now .. he said .. And my Life as a person is lost and Only Holding and apple if you waited As Long as eternity no one would really walk through that door and you seem to not be able to get anymore Things Out of your life as a scientist and a Homemaker as well As long as you’re down in Wheeling Where You are down because if you’re in Wheeling you’d have to be down and the world was broken with the back of a Flea and the Science of the realization which bill had… That realization From the time being and from the time Onward didn’t bill become something that he didn’t want to be and he was on the train Weren’t we all on the train couldn’t we see who we were as we were coming around again.

He saw her in the back the next time at a table and her hair was dark now, and she came up to him to say he looked beautiful, There was something other than that too from so long ago Some pain from before when there was nothing and all of them saying you’ve really got your life together now and he didn’t feel as if he did .. He felt the same pain he’d felt before His Life again tossed out that terrible longing near the darkness the end of night All through it actually If You See her Say Hello He said… Remember all of the pain I never came through The pain which I never got over Either and he is even there in the world of people he looked at See who they are The world Sees who they are.. sometimes They Look back on it.. and you wonder if you can Come from the Dark. I remember in Wheeling when I was down and I had no home at all and no one cared either I remembered that and the smell of rubber burning all over the edges of Cards and the Decks he through down and I can never look over the total obstacles ahead of me and you and I can go over there and we will still go nowhere and I can’t even remember before what it felt like She put her arms around him and he remembered what it was like to once have all of that and then to lose it all the next moment and he knew how hard it was .. all of it.. and I know that it is difficult and he’d spent most of his life trying to make those times hurt less.. But still they hurt so bad.. And none of them tied up In Leather and the world smelled Like pain and there were tear drops in Her Eyes and here is the best piece of Life and love again too the total opposite of one thing is the remembrance of Something a lot Less The same as the pain he felt and the nights were so long as he’d left everything Behind .. Somehow she made him realize there was nothing behind him though that it was all an illusion and he Came over to the Bed room across from hers Was where He came from the darkness and always Made them Pay for some things and I made them all pay for my memories and I know the world Was the only thing I’d ever make up now I left it all behind me Down Near where they’d tried to suffocate Me And they Fastened me in a blanket and almost tried to smother me entirely As I was Rolling in the darkness and I was even inside of there For a while the time I had never lit up did it I Wanted to See the world As a friend of mine but never as an enemy but the world is too Young and I am here again One night in the room where there were three windows and one more night I Looked across the board and the chute at a Deck of Monitors There was a face on Each a pigs Face and they will never know the whole entire direction The Face of the Pig Became the Face of a Woman And her Wig was powdered and A Mole Painted on her face it lingered Some where in between that some time I recall now I threw a Dagger and pierced into the Screen and you really need me to recall that… You really need me to recall all of that.. Some one Came out of the screen also and they Had a Huge Head and There Was only one eye in the center of that A Small Red dot and I was tossed off of The plank as well a Couple of People Passed the octopus over the deck She was on the plank Riding on the plank and when I first saw you I would have made your life look grimly and pass half of that when I do .. and I lose my mind now .. he recalled I lost my mind over her and I lost it again… We Walked down the street together holding hands and that was when I knew it was free and I am coming around for you he said .. She hugged me as we ducked into a corner I miss you She said .. I felt the same way but I half felt cold too I half felt cold as well the reason I felt cold was even though I guess I had abandoned her It was really the reason that I Knew She’d abandoned me .. it definitely hit me hard at that moment when her Arms were around me and I saw you The first time He recalled I lost the end of my mind There … The octopus and the Circle of whales they were coming around in a circle and you can lose your mind over her if you want to But I will have not part of That I have never heard of anyone Being above anyone else and I have never heard of anything Getting looser Than It would had been if she hadn’t held me there and fastened it around me. The way which you swayed up in a box and sealed him off in there… He had another hard dream and then he woke up under something as well… The Whole vision he wanted to be one way .. he then tried to make it another The Men made of Wax and the men made somewhere higher up as well. Somewhere higher up these men are the only friends of His the only ones to come right out and confront him and The ones to follow and the ones He would consider to be the best friends of his and the worlds and only you can make my world seem bright and then only you can Hear the Sound of hers The one in her head and the one which was Galactic Again too.. She called up to just hear what I would say and what I would do and I would never call Her again and I would never even hear a voice she said .. She did call my name I can remember the first time in a long dress which she lifted up over herself at a party and you could even get the one part of it to me .. and the cross on his chest and then it would be so much fun and the world of wet beds too… The World Where Piss runs rampant.. And the smells are bad as well the cross they’re crossing the bridge and the Bridge is the thing you back down from and you don’t have anything this way now and I do have some things this way and I can only straighten them out as I did here With Jessica… “Jessica” I remember saying again this is so nice I am so glad that you could do this with me and this is so much fun… I remember one time when I was down I slept against her again and it would all be so much fun now too and the World Only Exists As that Was.. and He even came up against glue too … His head smashed and part of it Glued on..
“The Decision.”
She made to not see him again… and not want to speak with him and not want to hear his voice. I could tell that she made that Decision and that she was pretty happy with her decision And that She wanted to See his head stuffed in bag after some people said that they wanted to beat him to death some people who wanted to kill him she was happy Or would have been at one point to assist them. The cars again on the road in west Virginia the slope which they were coming down there was nothing for you at that point and nothing for me either and I have nothing for you no prince of The Time when you were down and you don’t have anything for me anymore either no hard luck To where The face of mine you wore either Way was the worst luck which I had and I would never Even Let them Stay up in Here.. with me .. I would want to get them out of my head and Get them out on time makesure they weren’t causing any more damage He wanted to bring all of the boys out of there On time and make sure they could do no more Damage and the world was as black as you thought it was .. And the world was The Enemy the one hiding there in the dark as well. I Hid therein the dark and I was crushed bye the cold color Don’t you owe me Something now She said to Me… I thought you owed me Color More of that Ran around my head and Disturbed Me Own my end I was disturbed bye it all of the Men There were Disturbing to me .. he said… I will show you a world alone To it all too . A world all alone to what you perceive It To Be and the world is as black as any color and the world was the one thing you showed us where we were envious of what had happened Before My Life as any idiot as A Real big dummy as a person who wanted to get all of the things out there at once I have Told people one thing and not much wants me to make them want to tell another thing to them I don’t get back here on any days.. and I don’t ever come close to things on these days… I never even run away from them never No One Closes In on the glass here and wonders what it is .. And wonders what they should do with the Glass here and wonders What they can sever From Me the ties as well the broken ties the glass which I am held down bye And don’t Be Guilty For it.. and I never have been guilty for it and you made me an offer you couldn’t break away from or that you deal with Said Bill and he world came like my tumor .. and I dealt with all of it .. now physically speaking There Was No humor in it There was no humor in much of it .. there was no humor in the way which you held the world down and which you got the world to do what you wanted it to do.
The Way down to the shore He was there and he was content with what was going on around him and he even made everyone seem like they were the new people and he got her To run back and be something that she didn’t want to be anymore She became this person who he wanted her to be not who she wanted to be .. long after he’d worn out his welcome. Then down to the point Now Back In Wheeling as he was open for the warm reception when all the people greeted him but not too many of them even knew he was it was because of that moment that he longed for some new kind of comfort that he was not aware of before that That he’d never known of before.

I knew what was happening in one part of the world or the other the whole day was gone soon… The whole day was gone and the ideas we all had were true and the Carousal was falling down and I was there to get it shortly and I was there To get it Harder I called her up another time and I wondered if she’d been upset with me.
“No, Why Would I Be?” She said
another girl screaming at me in the background Now dreams about A Forest on fire and someone Running through the background and someone else Looking for a way out And looking and looking and looking for a way out and it all felt so right and Then The Time again and I watched them through the night He said .. I see them all come in … Some people who just seem like dots I see them running one way to reach the water then coming back here to put the fire out. The black Dots all burning in the fire They’re high up in this Cage.
Someone is smiling now He is smiling in the cage next to her near where it went down and everything is fresh from the source or too And he even became his own enemy bye large and everything was large at this source and I wish him so much luck he always thought about himself … And he needs a reason to play the colors again he always puts those on himself and he has a place which over looks the darkness and I hear them near the night He Keeps it all to himself and I know the room and the Color of the room when the sun goes down who is going down on them in wheeling Who will let the darkness break the world and set it up…
I have other dreams often too of a man in a room the Man in the room and I hope that you get it right and I know the world is a spell and I hope you get it right and I hope you get it right and I Hope the world comes out of where it was .. and you believe who you were as well and see him here tell him who he is .. Supposed to be .. and I am going to have to save her again and see her face spelled out in more blood See her face spelling out in more blood again.. there’s the fact of who He’ll have to use to get what he wants… He can Use Eli Hubbard and he Can use bill cleary all he Wants When there’s death here There’s no death and no way getting out of it… Some other time There he walked across town and he felt them all breaking in on the shore Again And the whole Bit of time Felt magic and the Whole Time he was in town was magic to Him.. and some of the people you meet there too…
He Only Came one certain way for her There was no other way that he could come and he wanted it to be somewhat ambitious And he held the whole day in his hand in a vice too Hoping that it Would work out one way and not work out another She ended As Being the kind of person he couldn’t reach Upfront From maybe a distance Only … He’d thought Though Just The Same.

Another side down bye water and another image projected bye her .. near there… --she was leaning against blackness with her Face clear and projected there were images of Pain and death too.. the same images came on down the top of the line they were projected from there These same images and this strange passion and a Different lock will be put there and A different strain on things…. I was laying in one kind of car one kind of locker one kind of different vision of light and death and one –the one Locker Where he locked everything up against them… He was never prone to do that the same images Up there against the wall up there Where there was no hope at all… will we get back in the world The other one from Wheeling where I seek things out The same time .. Andy Reed Came to see me to rescue me.. and I was the same person as I was .. And I didn’t know what was wrong with you in the world .. and we can all be fucked up.. I never knew it .. though.. I never knew how fucked I was.. he said…. Then they called up the people in Wheeling and asked them who They Wanted to fuck …
He always wondered who they wanted to fuck and his central nervous system was so fucked up.. too… I remember coming down I split my back… Too.. for a long time Crushing through my lugs I had to come down and break my back again and the world broke my back when I was down and out For the Count you should have searched something Out That you wouldn’t have searched for before I Love them all now All til the death and all of that straightened out for a time for the time being.. where are you going now to the end of the road in Wheeling.. he even saw us as people The history of the world Explained to you.. The people think it’s all a mistake and I believed every word Of it he thought I believed every word Of what Andy Reed Told me ..
He told me … to come dangling on a wire .. and come moving in on the world …. He came home .. To the world … he even let me know—Some of Us capsized in a Raft And some of us turned … Over—The monster made us capsize in the boat … We’re coming in through the storm… Some one said it’s still out there… and he came to see us then home.. Andy Reed .. You heard me didn’t you see Her, I saw Amber Reed In the hallway … I was in the hallway .. I was in the hallway.. Someone came out of the blue that was swirling… I came home …. To See the world grabbed us … I once Saw Amber … Reed… in the closet of her dad’s house she was there with the scars on her back and her head swinging down… She was there crying… In the dark … Her face was sad … After he hit her He had caused her a lot of pain… she was in pain the most pain she was in The world Was coming in The Down … side of the world .. Was that andy reed held us hostage and you got to remember that There was no Way .. of escaping… of the end of The World ..
The world Was coming here to See me one time even when I got back to my parents house he was there He even came there and pulled on me took me out of bed and blamed everything on me And no one else would help me no one else would help me except for amber Reed there was no one There to Help… me – Some of the Colors Were Swirling … and the dark and distance of the Shed and the light was coming in through the shaft … on the wall… The light was hanging there … next passed out near the darker tree .. and the shade… I was in the forest again I remember Her She was in The closet.. locked in the forest near the darker street .. Eiteniville and I am hear … to the world .. just you near The World… Even then he came and lost all of the things He once saw…
I was up In The Light
There was a light up in the window
I am there hanging on
To the ends of Andy Reed’s Life Who they came to see the friends of … You shot her in the back of the head there was some kind of confrontation here in Wheeling some fight we had some passing Problem … the problems are where we’re in the one room .. and he beats us over and over again And holds the knife to his daughters Face and then pushes my Face into a Mattress.. and tries to smother me with my Face … Down in it… The mesh in there with my skin.. I could feel some of the needles that we’re left on the pillowcase and the ones scattered on the floor too they cut into my face and I can’t ever get off of the floor now I felt some of them pierce near my eyes… this kind of suffering and myself .. I remember Amber Reed’s Face the light against it The same soft Light the hard light too all the menacing softness and the world Again The gargoyles and the time of the menace and the suffering andy reed ran me up a wall.. Saw humps Disappearing in the water a lot of cold now .. Some blurry shapes in he water According to frame rate and Shutter Speed and Then the daughters of everyone Orange water running down the hillside coming from andy reed’s house The Ice From hills large Sickles –“Is There Anyone left here?” –
I remember wondering – Some large bits of darkness Some small lights Ovals Or Circles –I remember looking into an opening and seeing the steps also The stairs Completely Brushed Anew –In Winter –There are bells ringing, some parts of a body Then gliding through the dark. I can never feel pain anymore –The Only Day That was bad … was this one left alone –Green lights coming Down –Again Then the safe Place… --There are bits of Light Flashing.. through the trees and the foliage …
Up on the hill now away from everything and away from all the causes of god and the things which cause cancer and what not the causes of all bad things and the ways where everything dies everything gets put down in this country and the world dies again like a man without any reason the world dies like that man and what century is it in … what century do you die in and how do you Live… the glasses and cups the time which has accumulated and the way they said that they may swear and I am going to cause things to be in pain and we’re going to cause things to be in pain at any Time now the possible pain is there it comes through and the days move again past me now and there are new things that we have to face as well and maybe some day we can get rid of all of these things and maybe someday we can be happy without them we can be happy without everything that holds us down.
Never in Wheeling I never saw you there I never saw the person that you were I was never sure if you were that person either and you know the only time I became a man carrying a car now too The one who holds it underneath his arm the one who makes things right it doesn’t make things right though to do them any other way and you are all alone in the way the world is hard tonight and the world will observe your pain says andy Reed the world will observe your pain and the time where I move on the run The time where I move on the run and the time where I run out anyhow and the time he came to give me the friends I’d made the ones who seems like mankind and the ones who seem as if they are friends as well and what do we do in our life and what do we do now there’s not much we can make do without Andy Reed even if we’re not sure who he is. Telling himself that someday he’ll be free again and someday he’ll be free from the weather That held him down in Wheeling and the month that you appear and the month that you held everything in and the way that you felt in Wheeling and the way that bad things became the reality of everything The reality of all the things which were bad and the world is a Situation Which Andy Reed Caused He caused The negativity of it all if he could let us not be disturbed and he would never let us not be disturbed and the situation We Held hands through the world Won’t let us not be disturbed Andy Reed is the thing that won’t let us disturbed and the man who caused himself to be in pain is Andy Reed he’s the one who caused himself to Be in Pain and you’ll remind me when not to Be Hurt bye all of it .. and you’ll remind me when not to Walk down the steps in Wheeling Each Step I take is one to my Death and one that I will be held in Hatred for and I Will hate you all you all will hate andy reed You all will hate him for who he is .. and you are my favorite and my favorite not to be seen as a senior and the world never makes anyone Cut Like a Razor at all And you will need some things to pretend all of the time.. and you will need some friends too And you will need the People Who are having sex with all of You The ones who killed you Before are the ones who killed you now still and the ones who came up short on everything the ones who came up short For their Own Lives Some of them were even unable to save their own lives Oh How we Should pity Them and how we should make them feel as if they don’t deserve to live at all and if they’ll never be friends Of the People who are Unable to live then those People won’t be friends of Andy Reed’s Either and he’ll hate us all Anyhow He’ll hate us all Anyhow Andy Reed will always hate us he’ll never be free of his hate of us .. and you’ll never know the disgrace He Bestowed upon you The disgust also the world where he came in disgust and the world where you made him think of you yet you were still holding yourself down and the world was holding you back down too and you just held yourself there a little while longer.
They’ll all offered to help Him in the life where he lives in Disgrace The live where he Kills himself and the world where he Only kills himself On the opposite end of One thing and lets Andy Reed Come Into Another and the world will make Andy Reed happy he’s living well these days I hear and the world will kill him Through the rope he dangles on and the rope He Dangles on is the one Which comes Dangling Down and if Andy Reed isn’t out of there within Six days Then we’re going to have to come and bring him down and we’re never going to let him be the person he thought He was thoroughly and if he loved himself then it would make him happy But he never loved me and he Never Loved Amber Reed Either and I hope you can feel Pain now The pain of us looking into you I felt Like saying to Him… The hard things he used against us and the hard things He Made us feel and the time he put you up in a cage and you were the one who worked against Andy Reed and you Have to feel Pain now Some of the pain you felt was definitely Caused bye Andy Reed but in am not sure what the other pain was from and I am sure you’ll let me feel that pain again Too. The world or the things which it consists of will also pay all of you will pay for what you’ve done and all of you will give me a hard time and all of you will forever Linger in there and I heard you’re getting me good and the time I had another look at Andy Reed and he’s ashamed of you and I will never be the person who’s been here Before That The Pain the Pain will eclipse The pain of me From the First time Who was I the first time Who did I become and who did I make my way to here As and I am here and I get so much from you that I forget who you are… Another Story Andy Reed On an Island somewhere after he’d built a beach in his yard after he’d taken it all too far and how much he didn’t want us to have it work out and he Never caused us to celebrate The place where he planted everything and made sure everything was alright and can you see how he appears here you can see that he’s the person the Peter Pan the one that you Don’t want around Though The one who you’ll wonder around with and I’ve been Waiting around for Andy Reed For a Long time and the Road was long and swift and it should take me out of here too and it won’t take me to a Place where I can be free of him though will there ever Be a Place Like That Where I am done with all of this and I swear if I feel the way That You feel then I’ll know that god’s done with me as well and I broke down and took andy Reed With me I’ll have to take him with me and hold him for ransom as well and makesure he never becomes the person Who I want to be here and I will make sure He Shakes His Penis In a Different Direction and that no on Lets him escape From here Alive and that no ever lets him escape from here and that no One Knows The person that he ever is. I would like to think that it was all Alright and that I was one person who would not think of The bad the ultimate bad what is Andy Reed and what is something else bad as well and all The things Which are bad and isn’t there someone I can get those things from .. I don’t think there’s someone I can get those things from I think there are just people who will Kill me for that He said and I remember the Way people looked at me here and the Way people wanted me to be .. and the way they put me down and then I remember What They thought of me and I remember The Autograph That He Signed One Says Andy Reed and it’s Written In our flesh and we’re made to feel Like Fools for who We Remember Being.

Up Above There trying to break free now Free of Andy Reed and the person Who He Thinks I Deserve to Be and the pain he thinks I deserve to Feel and the violence he’s about to bring into my Life and the pain I awaken with and the Best advice he ever had to give me the advice That I would not Live as the person I thought I Was and then Since my Embarrassment Was gone after all of the violence all of the abuse and then you Can Only Get it someone Else’s name you can only clear Your name for the sake of someone else’s and you can Never know of your disgrace and Andy Reed Will Leave it for us He’ll Knock us to the ground and make us think we’re people Who Will Pay in life and he’ll invent a new kind of Way of Living From the Source of Pain Until right now and you’ll feel him Rape us again and Then he’ll Be Removed from the Pain he felt and he will be removed From that pain didn’t you Claim you were the person who everyone Put Down Therein Wheeling and then if the Tree Guides you it guides you safely and I have Done This so many times and I have done This more times then you would have thought that I would have done it and I would feel The time where Andy Reed feels freer than He did before and he never knew a spot to Drop something off on and he never understood Either He never understood why I was in these Spots of darkness and he never understood That I was this Person Either The One left alone In The dark and he managed to be the person who you left there he was The one they thought was dead. The time that you’re waiting in is Just priceless and the time Where you used courage was priceless too and the time where he Even made So much of it Come back to Them was the time when they had it all turned on too and the time Of day now where you made it as a person and you only drew on Coffins and you only made one mistake and you only had one kind of Misunderstanding and we could’ve been doing worse and no one Understands This Place I am in .. I know it as Wheeling but what do they know it as and who do they think they can hurt that way who else do they think that they can put down like this and you will only ever be afraid also I guess you’ll just be afraid forever and whatever happens in life is Pretty Good From now On Says Amber Reed We’re past The bad Part And I don’t think we are though I think it’s just begun and the time here in reality where I have to make ends meet and I have no other way out Of That too it all makes me think of the time with Andy Reed and the Voice Of Pain and the one of reason as well and a certain voice coming through to you and the time he got back he even came On The Coffins and you are there for a while for the time you killed the culprit the one in the coffin and the one who’s day you knew you’d die during. I guess Andy Reed Thinks He can kill us with kindness or Make Something Different happen or make someone Else He Doesn’t Know Feel bad He’ll make that person feel bad Then he’ll turn it around on me then he’ll make me feel bad for him he’ll make me wish I never lived and he will make me regret my existence and my only time here will be the time where I am sad And you want to take the Time to Leave us Be the Person We are If you can believe it And Be the person you thought We Would be if we can’t be that person then what good are we.

The Whole Explosion In Wheeling The thing bill held us under And how for granted he took us for is there anyone out here Who needs to See us Suffer Just let them play for tonight and just let them suffer with their Pain and don’t let them tell you that anyone Else Can Save you or a Single dime in Wheeling no One can save anything and no Knows Why no one gets out here in the Way that they Thought they would have And you were there with those two images you had held against things the images of desolation wondering how people Put One over on you in Wheeling wondering who you are And he’s just waiting to see who they all are .. and when will the good stalk of people Sleep through the pain they Experienced in Wheeling and the stock of People through the trees and everything as well Yourself Put away like this and Then yourself in the breeze and the world Where you put some kind of Dish of Soap out the way you left that out and you let that undermine you and you let the whole world take the life out of you and you wondered if anything else was Going to Ever Come of these things in Life and if anyone else could ever solve these problems you know that we’re done for Do you not know that we’re done for and that the whole mountain on top of Wheeling is the one Which rests on top of Where Andy Reed planted his own Rage the Seed of His Revenge and the faces growing longer and the face and the breasts and the heads growing aimless And we almost called out and Then the faces lengthening and the Branches coming over me to cover me because I am dead In Wheeling and I am not sure that I saw anything Are You sure that you saw something Some part of him in Wheeling that is now Dead aren’t you sure that you saw that I am sure that I saw that in Wheeling and that I heard them all climb up so high wasn’t I sure of What they were going to send over me and what they were going to put on top of me in wheeling they’ll all give me a run for my money and they’ll have me do myself in.. in no Time for certain.
For the most part Andy Reed Sucked The Vagina that was what he sucked and what he put his mouth around for beneath his loins the rage rose too and the vigor Slightly rose the figure of the pain he was in and it all killed him as a person and all made him feel as if he were inferior I’ve been hurting for Sex now says Andy Reed maybe one of you two can give it to me .. Here They Come now with their heads held high And the Rain Stepping down on the night now We’re Free in the Wind Across the water where Andy Reed Dies He really needs to hold onto his funds so he’s not finished and I am so sorry now for the Fact that The Final Part of The Work is not Done Andy Reed Came to See all of who I Was The Rose as soon as it was dark and another night as soon as Andy Reed had paid for what he had done and The Time he Spent Causing us pain we’re going to make sure that no one else feels pain no no no-one should feel any pain now yet I am certain that they do feel pain that’s what I am certain of The pain and the light around them the whole little drama reacts like a sword that would cut him he would wonder what This all was What this drama was this sword and the Way that he can keep living now and the way That he Can trust us all To hear us Run from places now and the call that we’re all In the time we’re down for can you spend all of that time where you’re in this Place that was like prison and I am sorry that these places that were Like prison were the places where We haven’t heard any thing back yet we haven’t had anytime where we would have been happy but no time other than that as well. The world and you are both about to live and you’re in the wrong now What you’ve Done and the choices you’ve made all seem as if they’re the wrong decisions as they fill the time up the order up too The time that Andy Reed Spent being abusive now His Constriction His restraining Bolt Over Time Bill Cleary will detest us and give us all that he wants us to Sign up with The Time that bill cleary will detest us is the time that Andy Reed can Destroy us in also .. And the time HE came Back to us to be here you never could have faced much more of who I was Than Who I am here and the world will always Come to Scatter over and the only reason we don’t need them back is that they’re gone now too That they’re all gone how can they all want us back You know you’re never the pilot of Much of anything now Eli Hubbard and Andy Reed are Busy Running you down and you thought you’d have to live past today and the way they all slayed you with the hounds of Hell next door to Eli Hubbard where Andy Reed moved in and you wondered Why They Weren’t friends and how they’d use each others hobbies to destroy one another and you have found the worst case of that imaginable and the worst song you have ever sung and the time you didn’t care anymore and the time where you had holes all Through you and the real time the chance that you really had cancer and the vulgar Bolt and the Darkness of God again too .. and you really had to choose Who you were and the time where you Were Throwing in the whole stock of protection and you can see the colors which will make you jump they will make you flinch as well and you have been declined now for what ever you have asked for now you will face the pain which you saw in Wheeling and some people Will take care of it For you he said and you may be Able to Depress Them if you told them about Andy Reed and Amber Reed and everything Horrible. Maybe I can depress you if you only take a few of choices serious and look at all else you’ve taken for granted what did you really hope to gain bye not being serious about all of the things that have pained me so much. What you came from was the worst thing imaginable and what you have to do with your time was all there is left in your time and the time of Day that Depressed you is what you lasted in and the time you killed the Death of Her he said .. and we’re going to lay you all out and make you wish you were never born and nothing ever about You Was Suspicious and Then they all laid themselves out somewhere and Then they had to choose as well and they had to choose who was going to be the person Who Gave them Pleasure Would you have been surprised If Any Of Them had chose Andy Reed Would he have been the person who surprised you and then I heard Andy Reed’s Living band he’s done a bad thing too But I wonder what that could be.
There’s but ice around me and you have it out for me as well.. she could hear him say you surely have it out for me and the home where I was The time of Day it was and the world has a long history of Filling in for me .. He said.. and the world has the longest History of Making things burn Yes you make things burn that way .. and then you destroy them To me As well…. I never burnt anywhere with Andy Reed and I was never impressed bye who he was Or Who he’d probably end up being and who I would probably end up being oppressed bye and how much you can feel the dark break at your door again and then your living in the world and the time you were there to play for Free with the jeans as well and the last time you saw Me was a time when I was happy not nearly as happy as before though and I make it hard on you says Andy Reed I make it heard on you to Do anything that you want to do Because I try to stop you from doing it and to make sure you don’t become the person who you want to be And we used to wet all of out fingers he said and we used to face you and think you were a person some one Else Thought they were and we’re the kind of people no One Can Reach he said and there you are and it’s alright and I only have hands Here and let me deal with the last edge of The day taken off So slow from where it was going and the last edge of the day Taken off as if I am the warrior against people the edge of the day When it came slow I am that warrior and Then I still need another day to the side of me having that Day aside me what a wonderful day.. Standing there taking the scene on the steps me and Amber Reed We were wondering how Andy Reed was doing and if there was anything moving out in the Water. I am here under god’s bright rule she said and she met it and I am here beneath Andy Reed’s rule and we’re moving down the beach feeling normal now We’re feeling normal now We haven’t felt normal in so long and it’s so hard to get a way from Andy Reed and the abuse which he bestows upon you it’s a hard thing to get away from and I feel them all breathe On me in my head too And then they’ll breathe Better as well and then their was definitely no affection left and I only wanted the heart of what I had to play around with I wondered who Andy Reed was and I wondered how he’d make everything complete is everything really complete bye the time you made things complete and there’s just time totally devoted to these facts and these friends you only have to help them get so far out of the water and so far out of the abuse of how you’ve sent them so far…
The rage of how you’ve sent them so far you’ve sent them through Abuse and the time they had they’d fall down and you’d spent most of your time coming out at me and you’d spend most of your time angry against me and you’d see how well that would work and some times we tried to change things and we tried to let go and the world is the only word I had heard and did you kick them all around through all of that and you can see that they’re making me go blind now Andy Reed and Eli Hubbard and the dust on their Line and the midnight of their Crusade against me Their Evil against me Their real Pain and the Death Of Eli Hubbard and the Rebirth of Andy Reed and the Sodomization of Eli Hubbard and you sure have a Strange way of hanging on to Their Ghosts Since they seem to be gone now as soon as you could see them as gone then they just as soon were. You look good enough to carry out of here alive I remember myself saying I can see you down in there where you were alive now I see you over in another place where you almost seem as if you’re dead in that place Where you seem like you’re dead then no one Does a damn thing about that Do They?… no one does a damn thing about that place and there are so many things you never have much time with it’s not like you know what you’ll do without and The time and the whole Way the great day in the sky and they may even be here bye now and you can never tell them just too much to argue over though as well and you can never tell how much you can see them as you space them all out and they’re all here Shooting their mouths off and they’re all saying how one things the worst and saying how something else is better and you were the one left in less time you were the one left in Less time than he had to learn about The one left in a Lot less time as it took that time to resolve things It took that time to resolve the things you were There .. and the time that it Took to Hold onto Those problems The many days that you’ll carry me and the time you’ll help Andy Reed Over a Certain hump in his life that certain hump He thanks the dead for and the world he thanks the dead for is the world he only goes off to play in occasionally and he never thanks the world that way and there’s no free kind of medicine and no way to really thank the world for all of that.. just that freer pain That kind of medicine is the worst that Andy Reed has felt the time in Love too That ritual and the time at the bank as well too and the book Where Amber Reed Wrote everything down Now all of that is nearly finished now and can’t you just say alright now and can’t you just say that everything is fine .. The sides of Andy Reed’s house where the paint is peeling off and the Sides of The building Where the paint is peeling extremely and He is an Extreme amount of pain and he Likes me hair but he thinks my dick looks small … he always said why can’t it be bigger and Then the time his dick got bigger in was the time he waited to pass his cum out and his dick was complete though too his time with his penis his time with his own penis becoming a better thing than he’d seen for the life of him he’d try and remember his dick before all of this. He used to feel for it in the dark and wonder if it was there And his penis nearly after so much was not a happy sight hard and bent and having some Drippings run down from the sides of it his hard and bent dick Andy Reed had a Real Rod for you I think he never knew why you didn’t like his Rod or see his real light at last Why haven’t you seen the light of his real rod and he’d tell you he was done with you all of the time and make you feel like he was going to do you in and make you feel like you’d be in pain now and that no one would ever hear from you again and no one would ever want to have you alive with them he’d make you feel like he was going to do away with you and that you were done for—for that reason he stopped going too many places he just stayed at home and became angrier and angrier and then the people who wanted to make him pay for how he’d collected parts of their Lives known of that made them happy.. I am happy around them now Even though I still live in the dirt beneath them now I actually Feel happy and I can’t even say why I feel happy I just do feel happy if you need me to feel happy then you’ll have to make me feel happy he said and you’ll have to see when I don’t go to sleep and if you can give that kind of hell back to me so that I can use that kind of hell for something different all you want to put towards that is that hell of Life You live in and you’ll always have that to pour out on yourself in the Way which you Live in this time of Life and death and fear and the places where you saw the Monsters in the water and the fact that They Swam In A Sequence Made them look altogether Like something else they were some kind of Whale or something and you thought they were reaching the end of the Road I thought that they Were that Kind of Whale now No I Mean I thought that they were Seals all swimming in Sequence all of the seals were Swimming in Sequence and I kept thinking oh what is wrong with them now how can I see all of those seals swim in Sequence and how can I see all of those seals wrong with what is there To see them come back from here.. and to see them get to this point This is the Point they get to all of the time I wasn’t sure what that was But although I must say that I felt responsible for what it Was then too didn’t I .. All of the monsters are Out now they’re all swimming in line they’re moving in a distinct formation along with the water and you’re wondering who’s in the water and what the water is and you turn around hoping to see That Yes you do you turn around hoping to See that There… I am sitting on Andy Reed’s porch and something is approaching coming up near Me .. it seems to not have a face there’s just a hole where it’s face was and there’s just a Hole where Andy Reed Was as well and if he has that hole There Then the Whole In his face is the biggest deepest gash Which there is there and you can see him running up crossing the lawn The Thing without a Face is Probably just Andy Reed not anything else nothing else major or minor nothing else that you’d be too hurt bye at this point andy Reed Is the creature he’s the one who’ll hurt you.. when he’s driving in his car making me suck on his penis at the sametime and making me feel like shit literally and making me feel like I don’t even exist and making me feel as if he wants to do me in and that I’ll never have anything going in my life other than him all of that causes me the worst pain that I have to live with.
For The best time of my life the end of the Road me thinking just with a camera not with much else just this rope dangling and you’ll always Be bye my side and you’ll always wonder How I’ll remain you’ll always remain one certain way too and you’ll never see the person who you think is coming out of so much bad all of that bad and Man look at all of that money fly away too and I heard that there’s people in pain and I am sad that there’s nothing that I can do about it all All of the People in Pain there’s nothing that I can do about it all .. and I have to seen some things for sure on my own and the pain that I am in Yes take that pain and put it all away for me You know that I will only be in one kind of pain for the longest time Til I realize What That is Entirely I can Probably never get away From Andy Reed… We’re riding in his car now he’s making me give him oral Sex … His prick taste Like Salt Water At this point he’s grown repugnant And you have to see up to this point this has been the worst thing and you can see the bad man the man who came from Wheeling the Man no One wants to Live for and what can he Kill us for we don’t have Anything we don’t even have our lives now it seems Like you could have heard him say you cold have heard him say that we didn’t have our lives yet it is an expensive gesture so far and the world so far and the time that binds me to the men like Andy Reed The men who hurt me all my Life the ones who I couldn’t get away from why couldn’t I get away from these men.. HE Pulls the car into a Lot and gets out of the car there’s this car show going on as well he wants to go up and see it and see how good it is he always liked cars it seemed like he’d definitely be into it he definitely always liked cars in that way.

Even then when he pulled up to the carshow it was nearly the end of us The end of our relationship and whether or not he could stand me anymore he didn’t seem to able to deal with me The tearing and my confrontation of him hoping the worst For him and seeing how his breath Was Still heavy and would you believe it also never In America He was never coming through of me Never in America where they landed The Starship The one which Andy Reed rode Down on near the halo Atop his Head atop his mountain top the Top of him where he had some sudden pain some real damage he said he was just waiting for some people who Were Up to some no good things and they came up to Him and entered him and they twisted around and they came out on the end of a rope and no one else was left and I was going to hang From the end of that rope and how could you stand there and let Andy Reed Do that to you how could you have had it all come out there and make it eventually even out to his escape you can only repeat over to me that you saw the same thing come out on one Side of the Day that you found out came out on the other side of the day the call of Andy Reed’s Dogs dipped in Blood and how much more when he’s starting out and how can he Keep Selling all of those Drugs that he’s Selling he should have warned us of the drugs and the abuse and his addiction and his total misuse of them He Was taking them or he’d been taking them now a long time Andy Reed was a real Druggy .. Oh Yeah.. He was drugged out and he was unhappy to Be here and there was not even an image of himself which he could perceive now that wasn’t marred bye drugs or some heavy dousing of sorts and all of the time he was more and more confused again the weight of his face laying against bread and you and me struggling to feel him as well. The one thing we don’t support is Andy Reed’s Drug struggle his Struggle to get back on his feet after his problems with all of the substances and the struggle to keep things alive Locally At his Place how was he going to go about this struggle he’s just the abuser now and he’s just the one holding us down and he’s just the one making the final statement making the final decision Who was there when spring through its Bloody Head On Andy Reed and it happened so much later on Who Were the friends who through Andy Reed’s bloody Head and Oh He’s a Riding away in his car and he’ll never Lose Anything as he’s riding away in his Car and the look on his face seemed to Stain the Floor and the Wall and the Priest the whole City Bye the time it Was Wheeling it was certainly about to combust if you think say Five Feet and two Centimeters You’ll Say you’re near Andy Reed’s Groin you’ll say you’re near his action about the time that nice little girls Became Whores The ones Whose Fathers were Andy Reed and there’s no time when you burn the Gold and Burn the Dead as Well and Andy Reed was stranded in the Meadow Such a bad place Such a nice place I will spend the day without Andy Reed Come On and Cause his Pain who caused The Pain he said you did He said you caused all of his Pain that’s why he wanted to be done with you and that’s why he wanted you to feel pain as well “yes you Caused my Pain.” Said Andy Reed now I am going to cause more pain for you and Put my head against the window as well and I am going to bring you all down and the life of mine against the window and you move your blood and your hair out and you’ve really got yourself some stories and you’ve really got a notion of what to do in wheeling and you will really feel me shuffling across the floor and you will really feel me still coming out and descending the stairs for one more trip to Wheeling and you know that no one Will come around Andy Reed is there he’s dipping down into the street his dreams are broken and paralyzed as well. When he dipped his dreams about in to the streets of Wheeling he did not think anyone would give anything back and He Opened his arms up to us and no one now was going to do these things or face these masks of Sin as the open river unfolded Andy Reed and the Water beyond That His River of Death His time of Sex.

We’re saved now and then he is there in the back of the street where Death formed in a straight Line and no One comes next to you With much to say to you either and they’re piling in Now Like Crazy hoping to be one thing then become something else and then The time They spent with the world as the empty Place and the faces and places The ones where we Saw men and no one could hold us down Known of the men Could hold us down None of the men Even recognized who we were and what can you do now Without That if you don’t know Who these men are and they are always on your back What do you have to lose And what do you have to cut the time out of as well and you only became that situation of Pain and you only knew the cost of Chaos and you can still remember that massacre And you can still remember the pain you saw there one going directly into your face and a few orders of time going in there for the last bit of time the time you construed He said and the time you blasted through something on the street something that you didn’t feel particularly good about and what can you do now what good is now how soon Can we call up Andy Reed and say that he’s gotten us ready for slaughter and say that we hope he dies and the world will help and make sure that he dies and perhaps he’ll now Wouldn’t that be the only way that you’re free of him that Would be the only way you’re free of the pain he caused you as well.
They Kept me in the dark with their statements Where I was afraid and it was risen now to the Sweetness Of My Life the big destruction now .. And you only new me sweetly and you loved me the best and what can you tell me about what I knew best and the statement they kept in the darkness Where he was driven straight into that Sometimes it was hard to do that without having nearly too much anxiety and Never knowing that Which you’d test and never knowing that which became the test of all mankind and the friends of people in pain the big fright he gave them… Do you Love them the Best and you only have one on them.. and Then He Heard Amber Reed Calling down the hall Come to me now He could hear her Say and he tried to turn everything around in a different direction He tried to turn everything around and say that he only kept the moments of time passing and then the moments Which he Saw Past and The time that he kept it all kicked around and then they’re sitting around here and the time he kept down and the five people counting on the way that the World Caused him to be screaming up there simply and the world took my children and the world took me as well and then he said He was tired and Then he said Andy Reed didn’t give it enough of a Go and when I saw Andy Reed then I knew he was the only person for me and he was the one person for me and then he’d never agree That I became the one who struggled to make a Living he only Left me out there with my Chain chased and my chain pulled and then he Opened the round edge of the Box and he pulled them out of the case and he pulled them out of the time where the box came sailing off the cliff.
Everyone’s vanished now here in Wheeling no one is around to help us or love us .. no one is around at all who knows what time is and who knows how time has passed look at how the time has passed and look at how the time you’ve passed in has made you so sad and you can look around and see the time without me as the worst part of time and you can only ever see the time without me as the one where I was held down and the one where I became someone else that I imagined and then everyone Else vanished and I am here In Wheeling Where they Locked me under the steps and I am bleeding and there was something down there with me and there were some horrible things Which ripped my flesh and Tore Into me and there is something down there Which causes Oppression and Then there is something down there Which makes everything light up now When I get hit bye it, it makes me light up as well and there’s something down there and I am here as well and I am hoping for you to come and cause me to be the villain if you’re not the only villain then I don’t know who is the villain and there’s something down there with me I always knew that there was something down there with me and are you lighting the fire against the millions of people and the Way you Locked them inside of the room The way you fought Andy Reed against the Current the Way you made the monster jump and Let there be a tale told about he monster Jumping and the monster Moving and running and jumping up and down you’re really pulling the monster’s chain now and no one is as loud or as Harsh as you and you are the loudest person as well and I really won’t need that information til the time present the time that becomes present is the time that I feel we are out of whack and the time that we are out of whack that is no time to be the friend of a man or of a stranger too if you’re a friend to be than how do you decide which you love more than one I always loved her more than most people in that situation And you always come praying to me you always came down so loud and you always came so hard on all of the ghosts of war and the ghosts of people who were already dead and who had dead and who had come to see something which was so horrible That They couldn’t Speak of it anymore.
They made something so terrible it Felt as if it Was forgotten I mean how terrible it was before that was forgotten no one remembered what It was before And how horrible it was and I will throw these images to the side of me and the world of the sides Of Fences The world where you decide not to go over and not to go under and there’s nothing else out there There’s nothing else out there and I am tired of trying to be a good person he once said what is the point of being a good person and what is the point of making yourself so fat and so stupid and such a drudge through society and such a bad time to clamp down and you are the world as super as you were and the time you were there with nothing else and no more of your stories and not more of the world which loses you like the ones said they Were there for you.. up bye The stone steps bye the church where you think you were happy and you think you were some one special and now I got my other worries and I know who I am and I know who is becoming the person who I think the most about and I think the most about the people who caused me pain sometimes or there used to be a time when I was like that when all I thought about was Andy Reed and all the wrong he’d done me and I came to see that It wouldn’t pay off for me to do that it didn’t pay off for me to be so unhappy in that way and I am standing there in the middle of my pain wondering who Andy reed is and what he has done to me. Too many are afraid of sin And they are afraid of the sin you’ve committed yourself to Bye Taking Part of the World of Andy Reed the one that is Wheeling the one that destroys Say Andy Isnt that A piece of ass Isnt that the Piece of ass that you prayed for the one that you tried to destroy as well and the one that you probably stayed alive for all this time and you never had a moment to yourself anymore you never had a moment where you could actually think about something else in your life other than the sex you had with us and the Abuse you took out on us and I seriously can’t find a way out of my life For the time being I will just have to remain here in pain. If I remain here in pain how long will Andy Reed turn me into someone who I am not How long will he make me hang on the string will he let me dangle down We’re in Danger every Minute you figure So why not be in Danger with him why not be in danger with him and why not god in there and see him walking around and see him causing us pain and so them all causing us pain and see them all in some Kind of Sendup to Who they were before and to who you heard them knock on the door of and whose Balls did Andy Reed have to drain he did plan to evoke drainage of someone Somehow and the time that someone fought Andy Reed on the Street and the time that he only left himself out to die and then The time that He was going to do I was walking down a long staircase and I saw Andy Reed waiting at the bottom for me and he was sort of telling me who I was and there was no sort of life that would tell me who I was and there was no sort of situation that you can only ever make me feel painful through he knows a lot about that type of situation since he’s so often been made to feel horrible and I don’t know why you want to hangout and feel horrible and some kind of action and drama a big thing now where you lose the size of the time that mattered all that mattered was the time and all that mattered was the fact that you mistook us for the person who hurt you We Wish you wouldn’t have thought that we were those people.

The man with the prediction of death on his head all the way walking around as if he had a castle up on it and you’re not the kind to Tell me the whole time… that I walk around like that and I saw you for a long time today I was watching Andy Reed as he walked by and I didn’t feel like I understood every word but I sat with my face Still Smiling do you know what Everyone Thinks What does everyone Think.
Now you’ve lived beyond them now you’ve lived beyond them and you weren’t even able to see Amber Reed when she was there you weren’t even able to See her as she was there I heard that you care for her but that things aren’t working out at all I heard you have to see who people are And I heard you have to see how people can make it though and I heard everything was bad up at there and that everything was bad up in time as well and I did find it to be a problem in my life and I am no one to tell you how everything else Is the Wrong Decision and I can never tell you how much I have lost now … Walking around with the Projection of a Kingdom on him… next a tower with a waterfall coming out of him and next I’ve lost you and I’ve lost all that I can relate to you. I know there were days when I couldn’t really get anything done and I know that this was one of them and that this was one of the hardest ones and they’re all waiting for me at the end of the road and I have some people waiting for me there to take me away from Wheeling Away from who I saw and what I thought I was there and I have to go miles and I have to do it now or else I can’t find it and the waterfall coming down and the one of them that you can relate too and the One who never saw you I am waiting on all the people and I know that they think I am someone who I am not .. and I can’t relate to Andy Reed now through what was there before now I just relate on a superficial level and I know that life goes on and I know that at any Level of thought his thoughts seem to echo and his thoughts seem to become a fantasy and life goes pretty far and then it can go no further and I saw life as a fantasy and I have to be up the next morning and I have to face the same kind of satisfaction and I have to defeat the same realm of chaos and honesty and I know you now like you knew me before and the thoughts came in streams And they seemed as if they were alright The Images Which you shot Through the air they seemed as if they were correct The images of all people there’s blood on the sure and the white border and the Timeless ness of when andy reed had a castle all around his body and Andy Reed Stood Inline with his Flipflops and his Candybar and he was headed down to the beach and he was looking for boys, believe me he was looking for boys, Sure I’ll take it I will take all of it and I will take them out and trade them in for some new things for some new kinds of living these facets of living the new kind of living where the proof is up for him he has to live in this kind of proof without the proof of something else And he never gave a problem to People but He did give one to me it seemed like Andy Reed gave me the problem I was the one he met on the Beach that he gave the problem to And what do I do when new live turns towards him and everyone needs to stay but how does Andy Reed sleep in this situation and how Does He sleep whenever thing is falling apart and I am starting to come down hard on him. And I guess I am always caught thinking about what a prick Andy Reed is and how much I don’t like him you know I really don’t like him or the things which he did to me… Oh Wait Another House fire in Wheeling a House burnt down and how do we address The fact that a House burnt down in Wheeling and how do we address Andy Reed’s abuse of us and how can we see what he’s going to do with us and I really don’t Like the bother he caused us and the house fire in Wheeling and the Fact that Andy Reed did all of the abuse and that he burnt the place down And Andy Reed has become the one who believed in his life as a person and even then he believed in it when no one else did so I guess that was a good thing That no one else believed in his life except for him and he had some danger in the world and the shadows of waves when you ran straight from me and the world said oh Wait and I don’t know the addresses of people and I don’t know the chances they all took. I heard the people of wheeling all took Andy Reed for Granted and all of them Said he was the worst Person Some of us Then Believed that we were right Although we were sure that there were worse people there Also And you can hear us calling through the problems that we had in the separate Stations the calls down the hill the fire of the world the space episode You know that too …. The Terror he’s stricken us with Andy Reed has spoken Each Time I hear his name I feel So down and Out and I address him directly now and they’re both problems they’re both the problems that We Face again So down and out and so alone how can we face them all without killing one another.

Victory is Ours In A way In Wheeling We’ve all Won and we’ve all overcome the other The one who is weaker is the one we’ve over come and oh wait let me write that down as soon as town closes up in wheeling the minute town closes down is the minute I start writing down what time andy reed will be back I am sure he’ll be back soon aren’t you sure he’ll be back soon as well and he’s part of this bigger living thing that never stops he’s the bigger part of it he’s the part that never Stops and at one point he’s tied down so much though that even in Wheeling he’s unable to move he’s tied to the bed in Wheeling The men Who Come for the Town Meeting Ask Over and Over What are we going to do with this town but there’s nothing to do .. Wheeling died it’s been dead longer than you’ve been dead can’t you see wheeling is gone now … can you let it go or will it always contain you I know that you’ve sometimes wondered how you should break away from it and grow into a strong man from it all For a while for a while things were over in Wheeling now They’re over here as well .. the things that are over are the ones That you hold on to So firmly and you depress The world and the colors of the Rainfall Andy Reed Let us all down now what do we do though the pain again the great pain that comes crashing in wheeling Enough to Kill us all.

Andy Reed just seemed like the most offensive person anyone knew Always making some hurtful Comment always hurting someone and not caring if he did … always the villain always the bad person I think it should be one thing or the other he could claim and he even let them hold on to the end of his life and say how bad his life went And then there was so much memory and Then times were tough again someone was riding in a car on the way to Andy Reed’s and Then I knew they were taking me to a cemetery for the last hurrah the last hurrah and the last good time and I can pretty much always show you the template for them for the pain I need to put on people the pain I need to make them feel when I make them feel this kind of pain I can tell that they’re done for and I like it said Andy Reed it felt good to see people in pain he said and I found out that the reason people don’t like me is because they are always in pain with me And I am here and I know again of her father and of the new pain the way it begins now that new kind of pain I do know of that Yes I do know of that and I am not sure what to do with that kind of pain some pain still fresh inside of me and no one becoming proficient to that kind of pain and I am going to come up to them now and face the worst violence I have ever seen. You will become a part of the worst fear Andy Reed could have ever bestowed upon you The worst fear the world could have ever known and you have been working on these aspects of your personality for years and you want to be healed bye them and Then some people came down They found another problem with Andy Reed and they were like hey man what the fuck is the problem … he Even told them there was no problem at all … I was sure there was no problem either And I was sure That I was here with all of this .. and if you can just wait another moment for everything to come through for everything to come clear and you can hope they can all come in and be friends of yours but what if they aren’t friends of yours what if they don’t love you he wondered if they don’t love me then what kind of story can I tell them.. he always wondered what kind of love he could put out there for them but he knew no kind of love would ever be good enough. Upside of the rape and the rain fell hard what about all of the men who came to place their revenge on us to make us feel bad all of those men you mean Didn’t they help you to cry didn’t they help you to feel bad and here’s the one you call Andy Reed Who helped to carry on Who helped to Carry things on and you were there down on your head and you Were beaten In one way can you follow one other way and the world where there Was Lemon and the Bread He broke over us and he said we’ll never be happy look it’s Andy Reed he’s saying we’ll never be happy he Knows us so he must be right then isn’t he right isn’t he correct and isn’t he eager to See that we failed and That We Were Never happy Look Andy Reed it’s us you Burnt us We Are not happy now We’re never going to be happy Because of the pain you put on us and the world you put in on your Own Foresight and the Way you put me Down and the Way you slayed your Daughter as well She doesn’t seem to think anything bad of it though she seems accept it where I refused to accept I Think it’s such a bad thing I am never sure that I can accept that I think it’s too bad of a thing. Generally speaking I heard They hid them all down in the cars Andy Reed and all of the boys I heard that they were all hiding out and that they Were Looking for some kind of Satisfaction when they put Their Dicks In Their Asses That was a real Plug from Andy Reed when he proved his ability to rape People he proved that he was really good at that and that he wanted to us Violence against People… he came to seem to be worse than most people no matter who they were no matter how much they talked behind your Back then they couldn’t seem worse than him anyways and I can hear them now coming through the back room Where the Heat grows up real tall in Wheeling you want to laugh them in Wheeling well now here’s your chance to do .. Do it all in Wheeling before it all comes down before all wells run dry “You Mother Fuckers, I’ll fuck you all!” shouted Andy Reed. “you’re all a bunch of pieces of Shit.. I will fuck all of your asses!” He Screamed a Belt Came swinging Out of someone’s hand and there was pain and blood too Someone Screamed Andy Reed yelled again a Little bit louder than he’d yelled Last time and he knew he was Through With them All And he knew there was some real pain therein Wheeling nothing like the pain though That We felt there. You’re all in hell your God is in hell said Andy Reed I saw your god in hell and I heard that he was angry with some things as well That he was angry with you and that he wanted you to be done for that god of yours wants you to be done for he is going to see to it that you suffer in hell with the rest of the people that he doesn’t love.

Lord they’ve all lived On Andy Reed’s Darkside and therefore they know it’s the darkest thing of all… They know he’s the hardest guy to pay the price for and some people say he’s the hardest guy the biggest jerk the worst user The one who built the Cat and the one who destroyed everything else and everyone wants to know that he’s alive here and that there’s some kind of urge he’s feeling because I heard they’re all coming for him now as they make there way from the trees near the house I heard them coming there should be no problem and there should be no problem at all and well no wait I don’t have a problem but what should I do though if I don’t have a problem.. do you have a problem with me and that you made me go straight up the road for it do you have something against me he said and wondered It was the last minute of my life where Andy Reed Confronted me and no one knows why his incompetence Laid it’s way so straight his incompetence laid way to the straight and narrow and you can see them moving now from the back of the forest to the front of his house and you can think about where they’re going to cause him pain.

I will never forget then in the back of a car in Wheeling You could see it all for the first time my pain my real pain the world Which I was hidden from and the person who I became and I believed that you knew me and I journeyed here and there And you asked who I believed In I once said to Amber Reed did you know who I was as a person I once wondered She seemed to forget it all in a car now there she was in the back of it Just like The tin which contained Andy Reed the one we let him off the hook for and the one we made him pay for And I couldn’t see for a long time after that Your Voice was all I heard I knew that There was fire underneath me for a long time And I Could hear Them all come in From the Back of the room Still feeling them weighing down and you Only Said you Were against me and I heard you coming down Once and for awhile I heard Andy Reed there in the darkness and I heard the big shot of light and he came in through the dark he was pushing close to us and he was pushing close to the darkness he was right next to us in the darkness he always saw the color of time and light as some kind of Problem And you know it was only a fairytale And he came all against us in time and the world faced his scorn and you know we Never made the rhythm of the last gasp he faced against the Stone now all the children moving from the back of the room up to the front of the Room He Even looked out through his Window and saw them coming through the yard and Knew it was the boys that had Thrown The sticks towards and the ones that he’d forsaken and the Ones who He said were bad people and he knew that they were all kings and Queens now and some of the Men had decided That he was against them and They were Hoping for a new chance at moving Forth from the wreck of pain in Wheeling the wreck of Pain which I was familiar With as well and because everything was a Lie and because everything sucks at once everything sucks all at once He said and Everything you think your Life Means is what Andy Reed Thinks his life means. The room where you kept everything I feel like it’s stolen away and I feel Like the world Has begun to cause me the worst pain ever The worst pain ever and for what reason and everyone just keeps on coming In and making me suffer and I only know one of them and I only know one person who was going to cause this pain for me and I only heard the one person become the Day Worse Than Wheeling When Andy Reed Didn’t Seem to have time for anyone and no time for any one now and everyone still thinks we’re in Pain There’s No Pain now he says here you are and you feel the holes in your Body I could feel all of the ones in my skin The holes That Everything Poured from all of the good and the bad and all of the people who I think I didn’t like I really didn’t like them I mean I must not of because it felt like I didn’t I mean I was really against them wasn’t I Wasn’t I against Andy Reed and his friends in the first Part the first part of his Life where he sings for the bad and he never sings for the good and no one understands the good and the bad and there were Twenty pounds on my Face now and you are just the same person who gave us hell back in Wheeling it’s the same hell we’ve come from and You’re That Person With no Problem But didn’t you and Andy Reed just have a Problem Together and didn’t he just want to see you dead? They Probably won’t believe you, having to figure That No One Supports us and not Andy Reed I believe that people supported him but I am not sure why… I can’t believe it’s someone We All know he remembered that too .. not with Rage though I don’t want to do it that way.. they Were all running now next to the fence they were coming up on it and they were coming along very angry and they had a lot of hate in them so much to scream out I heard you were a bad person and he said He was against all of them now wasn’t he –he did say he was against them all –all of the people he fought back against there’s no one in here to hurt you except for Andy Reed. Where I lived held up in fear of fitful sleep I felt fear again weighing on me and I felt the worst I ever felt and the worst time to feel the lack of sleep and the cause of god as they Were, The burst Through the door I mean that against Andy Reed no matter what he was against us no matter what and he held the gun against us and then we heard some one shout from up above the last shout-which rang out loud was the one we heard him make they wouldn’t have believed it back in Wheeling the real truth of How God Embarks on the worst suffering He knew that only now as he sat there bye himself in the darkness and waited for the pain to come In and no one would know who he was either The rain Coming down from the sky the boys who ran through the field and He saw his whole life in the stricken sky as he embarked upon that last gasp of pain there was nothing to persuade him Now “I’m going to get these motherfuckers!” he exclaimed and he had one last false dark night where they had these strikes against them They only have one last gasp of hope and Andy Reed gave me that Freedom He took me from that and Only then the last Break I remembered I think at least some other people the ones who lifted a bagful of fish with a Stick held my shirt On The End and asked me what my name was I knew who they were didn’t they Then why didn’t I know who anyone else was all of them breaking the door down beating one me Beating one me Here is some place that no one else knows Some Place no one Else knows the last bit of rubble the hour of chaos Now the time before Dark where Andy Reed became the person Who hurt us he was the one who hurt us most now what is he going to do Then with us How in the hell will he get away from us if he finally becomes the Only thing we have left if that is the case then I think we’re all in for You me and Andy Reed and everyone Else who has something in for them as well and there’s not sex at all and there’s no aspect of sex and you really think he’ll burn us in that way in a way that no one will know about it No One regular will have a chance left and You’ve only then told him the reason you couldn’t get back with him .. He once said you’ll have yourself start over won’t you won’t you let me know that you’re done with me and you Hurt us all you hurt all of us and the crosstops too He thought what’s the matter with fear I thought I gave you all a lot of it to deal with A lot to dwell with a lot to take the last gasp of breath From Your mouths the ones you taste In Wheeling Will be the ones you burn for You sons of bitches You Motherfuckers I am Going to see you all burn and I will no that you will not leave in search of me you will not all leave in search of me and you’ll all come all the way down here with me too and you will all come to one place and think you’ll have my head broken open and you will only have that one last place where Sex was what became violence and you should take them all out of your face and place your mouth in Wheeling Will we destroy You he once thought No I will only Kill You both I will kill you and Amber Reed both I want to make sure that you’re both very unhappy.

We wished the best to all of our friends Then We said goodbye to a few and then you heard Andy Reed’s back In Wheeling and he’s not getting anywhere and his balls flew up and the air They flew off of his body and he was hoping to be having sex with some people That he knew personally and an Unusual amount of people Reported abuse from him
And Said that he was the one who took them beneath the shed and took them beneath the car as well and They all shouted Why Why Why .. did you do this To us why did you feel like you had to abuse us and to make us these people who you put down and the people Who Let us on .. and the ones Who we All Felt bad for at a moment and I am the one he felt bad for And he even tossed his own life out and he even said He Lived for me Then I said that I lived for him.. and now exactly as it has been and The world came down to the people who were friends and the people who only came out over the hill and perhaps you are a Friend of Bill Cleary’s Oh Wait I forgot you are a friend of Andy Reed’s and it’s not the way to Live and I am not the one person to Put you on And in my personal Cinematic Opinion of Andy Reed and his films and his Anger hanging on and his life hanging out on Shades also His whole life hanging on To me as a person and you can see he’ll never have more than he can stand as a person he’ll never bite off more than he can chew and he’ll never Become this person Who you can consider for the possibility of Sex And it’s Andy Reed Who Just Smiled and was holding you wasn’t he holding you a Minute ago When they all ran down and they All Held you close and the things you’ve planned didn’t go exactly as planned and you only saw them come from the Grey Grey Sky and I saw them come down from the grey grey sky and you only have a reputation for hurting people he said you all had a reputation for hurting people tonight and you all left me here and then you heard them scream and I heard you all scream too .. as people I heard of the case of Logic and I tried to turn it around as a person And you only left me working on the prayers and I heard her die several times … I heard that Amber Reed died and I heard that Andy Reed died as well and We Have a Tune To decide what side he’s on and you are the one on The only Side of the fence who believes in Life and I tried to turn it around as well and I wished about love Several times and I wished on the Excuses The time you had And I heard them all unravel and the world Which he held at question and You can only sink Andy Reed’s teeth into me and you can only make him sink into me at this Time and you are All There On The brink and I heard he knew How to Say The wrong thing Just as if he was saying your ass was dragging behind me and He heard himself and he could only hear the sound of his Own Voice now One time it was possibly That they Chased him into a Tunnel and I heard him turn himself around and I heard him turn his body around back and forth I heard his body move back and forth no matter what I heard that his body moved back and forth and some one left some part of his body somewhere and there are several parts of him Which you can see now and you may not think you are The one who is untrue and we can only get through to science and I may not be anything and you may be the biggest thing Andy Reed has ever seen and before Too Long passes and if it does what will he do with that only time the one that is unusual and the one that he makes these regards too and he kept expenses running in certain peoples name. How do you think it will make us all Feel Says Andy Reed in a condescending Manner You know I Don’t think it will make any of us feel very good and the ashes of it all when you’re losing it in your mind and there is someone to take you back in and there is someone in your time to take You back in and the world kept the ashes that pushed him one way and it kept the ashes also That pushed him another way What were those Ashes and How do you treat them if so and how do you treat them how do you think it is going to become and if it becomes this way He’ll only have one Way make you Happy And we’ll only have one thing to make us Happy and why must we push forth if we only have these images to come forth from and if They Free you They’ll Manage to Exist Only now free of themselves and free from all of time you had as a person and you were the only free person there you are again and then I decided to have the world bend over for me and I put my own penis in Them said Andy Reed. Now the Night proceeds onward and the World can have Him take care of us for so much Longer and is it Sensible to believe That His Life is what it seems and can he care enough to Deposit what he has and when Andy Reed Pulled his cock out spurting as he did I was pondering What to Think As he came on me Thigh and I was pondering whether Or not he’d own me til the last drop of his Cum Covered me til the very last gasp of it Gave me what I came For too and is there nothing To hear from me and you now and we’re making them up too some things we said some things we’ll deliver together and some things we’ll deliver without him and some of the time we’ll only live in his Apathy without him if So How Can We be Without Him and how can you think you’re life is beautiful and How can you Rain down on us now How can you come down and send Crushing news and how can the crushing news make us even feel Worse Already then.. so much was going to break. Then you flew into the worst pain known to man He thought and there was something all over him now as Andy Reed Ducked down in the Tunnel He could hear them walking over top of Him He could hear them coming through now and everything about to break through now and it was clear that night had fallen and That he was going to give into something and the world Below him now Or was that above He hadn’t Chosen yet which way he was going to die and that he would only help the people who He said He hurt He only hurt us and then he expected to us to help him we knew we wouldn’t we knew he would rape us again We heard him down there screaming his fingers scraping the top of the Tunnel Him trying to free himself and us ignoring it We heard a million of the boys scuttle down there to harm him.


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Che posted his "Loch Ness" at 7:04 AM which indicates he did not sleep all night. It brings us to another writer, Franz Kafka, who wrote at night his dream-like masterpieces. Considering Che's age and the body of work he already has behind him we are witnessing a (post)birth of an American writer on a way to be discovered by readers tired of recycled fiction cliches and Harlequin-like characters. Che's intensity and urgency points to a writer of a rare breed.
Comment by Jiri Klobouk(his book "JAZZ II:Parents" is to be published soon by Six Gallery Press).

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