Saturday, February 24, 2007

Lynda And Senior Concluded


I’d wiped away the tears of death bye this tyme and had not relied on bills parents to do it for me and I had never came home to Pain—No One Should know said Bill and he kept wondering why everyone wondered about his business even some people who he didn’t want to know some of them he figured he better kill and he figured that he’d better kill them and make sure that there was no one else left and the minds and times together as the people and the world they’d wiped the years Away too and Bill Said Fuck I’ve been in the dirt for a while now haven’t I Wasn’t I just dead for a long time He said and then wasn’t I just the person who was going to rise again and wasn’t I the person who was going to live their life in a new way and that was me He said I Could have sworn that was me and I have to go back to Explain to everyone what being dead was like I was sure that I was dead and the Red Color that one solid tone that small dog that was running bye the cars were about to stop there was a man in front of me in the street and some person who called and started yelling I heard them on the other end they were yelling but I wasn’t sure what they were saying Or why they were upset and they Were Mad that I wasn’t unhappy but I refused to be unhappy I refused to be unhappy and I didn’t want anyone to rely on me No One He said not my parents or my friends all of my friends had been dead for awhile and what was I Supposed to do With The People and the Time they were there when they relied on me and the stress inside me I remembered the people I remembered the pain that they caused me and the tears and the days where I was dead and the time when I was dead and he replied He was Dead and who’s dead now and I kept hearing them say that they were dead and the I heard the time concluded already and I heard that bill died and keeled over and I heard that he peeled the skin off of Lynda’s Face that is after she was dead and the time Before he goes Hey You Faggots They said are you Faggots doing alright Who are these men why are the saying that I am gay because I am not gay said Bill Or Maybe that one time I was Gay and I heard that they All Underestimate Who the Gay Ones are And They Did conclude that we were all gay in Wheeling and that we all had some people against us yes we’re the gay people and there are some people in front of us and they want to make sure if we’re the gay people who are the gay people and why wasn’t it easy to fuck anymore and why was there no cause for masturbation bill said once he was dead and masturbating he couldn’t breathe anymore I tried to breathe but it was hard and it was that day which I concluded that I must be Dead, I had a dream though that I was laying in A Car On The Floor of the backseat of the car when I was younger And I had some kind of paste on my foreskin and there was some kind of pain from That there was some kind of pain from the paste and who were the people who were yelling weren’t there people yelling and wasn’t there some reason to not conform didn’t they want to force us to Not Conform and I think I’m the only person up there that day and I think I have made a terrible mess of my life and I have been dead for a long time now and the world was here and it wasn’t me who wanted to fight another war I don’t think that I wanted to fight another war and Are you Faggots doing alright bills father yelled up at Chris and Lynda When They were on the ceiling he saw them up there With their Faces Pressed into the whole Family was levitating but it was out of control Chris wasn’t sure if he enjoyed having his face pressed up there and he knew that he would struggle to free this new generation from the kind of abuse that his father put him through wouldn’t he fight to free them from that, surely. You can’t run around like that forever said Bill What do you expect me to do Do you Expect me to run around as if I were Lynda Cleary I Am not Lynda cleary and I don’t exist in her world and that’s the new World Which I know of and it’s the one which I became the master of and the person Who is the hero of Everything and the villain too and the World says I don’t have any Worries so I guess that I shouldn’t have any Says Bill Who are they to tell me that I’ve got worries I don’t have any worries Bill Says and then He Ran out angry since he was having people against him Yes I Am angry They are against me what should I do if they don’t like me I don’t know how to reach a higher goal he said unless it’s one beyond Where I am now and one where I don’t have to run down to the spot where I was happy in Wheeling Those Games make me happy these days make me worried and the Thing I wonder is how can I go On Inside of these things and What do You Expect me to run bye How can I run these things bye you and how can you not hate me They all hate me said Bill Don’t I care Well No I don’t care I Don’t Like Them Either and I don’t ever want to have them Back Here In My Life He said and I thought about how much contempt I have for people and I admit that I Do have So Much content there were so many jokes told and words thrown and not too much ever existed against me He said and no one ever told me why I shouldn’t come down or why I should come down or who I was as long as I was that person and if I was that person then who did they decide was the one they Wanted to be out without any kind of hope Void of all things Here is everything said Bill now You can run with it and now You can be the one Who Lets me inside of her and she’s inside of you now too he said any way the world works is the hard bargain that I drive I know that I will always drive that bargain but where should I take it too and where should I expect it to go I have not been sure these last few days. Then some people told bill to get involved in it You’re the wrong person for the job you’re the wrong person to get involved Bill –You’re too attached emotionally He was still down there pulling long days at the library long days and nights and he wasn’t sure what to do with himself anymore I Loved the library but it didn’t love me he said And I wasn’t sure how I would get the library to act like itself He said and Everything There made him think he was the villain yes I am The Villain I Man named Thorest Was there too he was raping all of them all of those Librarians and there was a bridge of Ice Too it was there and it was leading up to north Third Where were the animals Bill Kept asking where are the animals he said How are they going to be the people you think are the Animals The Animals only get let out every So Often if they are only out ever So often Then How can I ever become like one of the animals as well and the hope and the void which the hope filled all of it Was stuffed in a box For me now he said and all of it was the enemy of the people I am not the enemy of the people and I am the person who you see here and you don’t like me being this person he said Do you Then I guess you should try to change me HE said and I would expect you to not like me as this person and I would also Think why would you care if I was this person since you can only see me as this person at Certain Points Yes Chris Cleary Too hadn’t You heard that he had bailed out of there yes I had heard that he had bailed and I had wondered why he didn’t think the things which bill and his parents were doing were the wrong Things yes he’s always been the normal one he’s the one who at least claimed to be normal I claim to be normal said chris cleary won’t they come and be with me now Yes he said they will come and be with me What do they expect of me I am not sure what they expect bill and my parents both expect for me to come down and act normal how can I come down and act normal if they keep trying to change me they try to change me all of the time he said but I am not changed that’s the secret he said nothing has changed me at this point nothing that I didn’t think would have changed me before How did I become That Who you See Before You and that who you believe in I am both of those People But who do you not necessarily want me to be. You will have to move at a faster speed they told bill you will have to move faster and make sure these images do not disturb you he said that they did disturb him and that he ended up on the wrong side of the track because of them what was the wrong side of the track or temporarily and then He Even Came Screaming You will not banish me said Bill You Will not think that I am someone Who Should be Put Down How were the last children they Said yes The Last Children You Mean the ones Who Belonged to Lynda and Senior those children Have gone away now they have Gone a very Long Way Far From here and From Who They Say they are And the point is nothing is the point and you don’t think you can change me do you He said and Then They Necessarily Want me to Change them yes they do want me to change them he said I Will not banish my parents again will I And there were some things Which Changed my Parents and some of them changed me as well but I am not sure what to do with my parents and I am not sure that what you’ll see Is what you’ll get and I am Certain that all of the changes in my life are the changes which will change You as well……

Just that Ceiling that’s flooding now and all of the images From Life Were Pouring in On Bill C—someone Here I Think knows someone Else that You Know who are these people Who I Think I Know some of the automobiles go a certain way said Bill You don’t want them to be one way and you Only want them to be another way What is the way you wish they would choose So that there are no longer any problems since it is the Same Problems Which seem to also Weigh down on you as a person and the same problems That Also Seemed to disturb Lynda Cleary When she was sleeping as well she was afraid they were all afraid and the Flooding as well The Images From the Flooding the Jagged Pieces Came Dropping Down and the Room where there was the pool of images was there too and the Time where Life was that was the time which Had all of the laughter and Cheer pouring out and the Room again Yes Now We’ll begin Said Senior we’re the people Who Would begin and the World Came Screaming and I came running a very far long way and I Came here to hear What they had to Say Do you think that I am them or something and do you think that there will be a wedge Driven deeply into me I am not that person they all say then who are you he says Arent you the One Person Who Chris Cleary Said you were Yes I was that Person he said I was the person who chris said he was now who in the hell is chris Cleary…. Said Bill I think I lost the memory of my brother as all of those images were pilling up on me. Pop Pop Things which go pop the tops of Bottles Just Pop off and the People Here Tend to Become Widely Known everyone Knows Who they are and they are All Screaming and yes there’s a real force which it was brought down with and I am the one person who was screaming the one Who knew he’d be back in Hell if he didn’t stop screaming Yes I think we stopped bye the cemetery and I think some people drove up to stop us and stall us and some things were pouring down some inches and inches of Water and rain again too and the worst kind of pain that was ever here it was that pain which turned my stomach I think and it’s been the worst kind of Room To Know where to Roll as well he said and the Images there were the images of eyes on some pieces of the Flooding and there were some other images of death as well and what do you think I should do with the flooding so that it does not increase bill asked his father when he called him on the telephone “But Wasn’t that Mom Who I drug out of bed?” said Bill “yes” I think it was Mom Said Chris and I am here to stop you and to stop this also and I am here to Remind you of that Rubbish which you call the world and I am here to tell you how you can live again he said Bill you must leave these dark Places These rooms These Wheelings and Yet Bill was To Say “Dear Chris, I will not leave them, they are the places which brought me Respect and some of them sometimes bring me Love!” he said I want them to bring me love but won’t the Love Of them Know the name of me won’t it know the name Bill C.. if it comes down here again he said Won’t they all know my name won’t they break me the way that They Broke mom and dad can’t you see us dying like that some day I can see us dying like that some day and I think it will be a bad thing when we have to go out that way I am certainly Sure That it will be upsetting and I am not certain why anyone Wants to Stop and help and I am sure though that some people want to pull some things through as well and if they aren’t down at the library when I ask them to be down at the library then I am not sure What they Will be doing at the library if the library is just the edge of everything That counts Wasn’t it Bill C… Wasn’t it bill C… didn’t they lead me to believe that I was my own man and since they did that I ain’t never been the Same.

There haven’t been too many good things for a long time now said Bill as he drove Near a Small House In Wheeling and he thought of what was inside and he thought of how he should kill people now he said There were just some people who he thought should pay for what they’d done against him and he could not Move From that mind set and he could never let go now either and I hear they lived for me and I hear that they Loved me as well and I hear them talking about me and I am not sure what they are Really talking about he said and I never know how I can move on if I am so lonely he said and I fucked up again he said and I heard the people At my Home and said that they don’t have much patience for me he said And Who are you And What do you think that you did to me he said I am going to have to make you pay for this revenge you took against me he said and the Time I shared With Bill Said Chris You are All my Brothers Friends now aren’t you Said Chris He said to the men who were just standing there casting strange Looks and the One person who said to him come and look inside of me now They all said that he had to Look inside of him he said Yes there are good things and there are bad things as well he even said he wasn’t sure how they were going to play off of him and then there were some people who thought he Would Come For them and do them In they were always afraid of this But Bill Could Have Cared Less He Said he Would not be coming for them since he Took great comfort in the fact that they needed him in their Life and that he needed them in his and he Said he was just going to have to make them Take some things back From where they came originally and There are Some hard days The Images again Were Flowing From his Urethra Lynda and Senior of Course Amber Reed as well and Eli Hubbard Even Andy Reed all of those images They were the ones which really had flown from Bills Penis to be here next to us and the images from his penis were just the only images possible to him and he Can Look and see the Love he Felt Restrained from him now he said He Only Wanted to have that Love for them Taken back yes he said and I am the one they Call chris as long as you are the one who they call bill and then they are all running from one point to get to the next point he says and my parents they think that they can change me well they will never change me says Bill I know that they Will never change me and I will always Belong to my Parents he said I Know they Will hold me back in some ways and I Know that the Good Things I was Promised Will probably never come to me he said Yes then there were some hard things and they all came immediately and then there was a time where my face bled too and I could Feel it bleeding and if you want the World now then the world You had Where You faced Your time alone was the piece of information which matters He said and if you think you toss me out or something if you think that I don’t rely On My Parents anymore then I think that you’re wrong yes I think that you are wrong and I think there are places where you can go where no one Relies on you heavily and no one’s heart was broken the same as Bill’s no one else was hurt like that and Who cares if they are there said bill since as long as they are here then they are Just the people who are Holding me down and I believe that they are holding me down he said As He Looked through the windshield Of the Car and Saw Chris Standing there In front of the Car with the Lights On him and his head Bowed down and the time he spent alone again and Yes they Were all back in some ways weren’t they now weren’t they all coming back in Some way wasn’t it up near the parking lot where Lynda Cleary died didn’t she die said Bill weren’t We going to see though if she lived?

They all say That I offended Them Bill Says Well if I did in any case I am not sorry for that if they are going to be offended bye me and bye everything I Do He says then I guess they will just have to be Yes he said they will just have to be offended bye me and you know on everyday when you need someone it is not just me that you need he said and I do need you he Said and all of the People From here need you too Don’t they Well in case they Don’t need me I am sure they Know that he’s sorry for it I guess and I am The One who came bye to throw Everything Away and the World just needs some people and I Do need people too he says and I Will In any Case need my parents But the Whole Room is flooding now With the Light and Color There Were Hard Blues knocked against Soft Reds and Everyone there Was Strictly offended and there were Still some bad moments and I Know that everyday in my life there Will still be bad Moments then I guess I Am going to finish them all off he said How Can I do That now Though there seems to not be much that remains and everyone Says I Do Everything Bye the way He thinks People are the ones Screaming now Some People were Seen Running Down From North 3rd on Fire and Then There was the apparition of Lynda Which Emerged In Bills Room in the Top Floor of the House then There Was the stair Case Which was coming down the stairs and the Poor Boys Who were up in the Room now the edge of the Light coming in the Impossible The Phobia and the End of everything there were some men there who wanted to get rid of Bill he wanted to get rid of them as well but now he knew that he could never get rid of them So How would he cure himself of these things Yes I will some How get these things out of my Way he said and how is it that these Images came to haunt me they haunted me all of this time he said and I am that person who is able to do that all of the time The Bolts In His Dicks Were Made of Gold now and they Can Kill Them all in Time and I Heard Bill Cleary Yelling something at me as well and the Boys He knew he will get rid of them he said and the Time of the Day now too and the end of People The End of Everyone Who Ran Screaming from North 3rd Just this Pillar which rose up through The Place and divided The first Floor From the upstairs and all of the people were there Who Said That they Were mad At people who used to be their Friends They Said they were Mad and that they didn’t agree with their opinions and That they didn’t like their Friends anymore Bill Said Holy Christ What the Hell will they do now since they don’t like their Friends anymore How will they Change these things he said and I Know the top floor and the Phobia I had and I know the room will cure itself Of the room Now the Ones who they painted in Gold and all of this confusion but you must hold your Ground now Said Bill even when the bad things happen even when people come up to you and approach You and the Room Now he said He was away for days and the Times that the World changed and these images of the world Changed the world along with the way Which HE Thought that everything had been –Bill said all they’ve tried to do is spread Love Then why has everyone hated them everyone seems to think that the Love they spread Was pain I think Said Bill Then I guess that must be why Chris Cleary Said.

We’re going to see our Son chris said Lynda Cleary Our Son Chris Cleary –he lays against the highway where he was burnt he was burnt down there so we left him there too they said We all Ran out as he was burning and the days where We Belonged with him we seemed to have Sexual dreams about him and the Times We Layed there his father and myself both came We both Came again Against that piece of fabric which was falling down and the times where We Were they Just bleed us dry and we always Hear Sha Goal B calling us too we’re never sure though what he’s saying and the time where they left everything out again they left everything out in his own piece of pain the cost of life the death of one day just one day against them and the fabric of his life again too Thought Bill what am I up against I am not certain what I am up against I know that it must be something bad IT Must Be somekind of negative experience and Bill Called up again he was calling his parents asking them for favors and asking them for money Too He said and he even splayed His dad again laid him open against the floor as well his dad was always there and he was always willing to accept that kind of payment for the pain the worst pain now that Bills Dad knew just then One Basement This One Dungeon Where You think People are Going to Die now they Say and the World Belonged and the Edge of the world That Fabric and the Hottest Room now and the time where the people belonged to One another Who did They Belong too and what do you really do in wheeling just that one End of the Cave Where Bill Was bye the face of the cave I think Bill Cleary Stood in the Room made of Rock and I think he heard people say things Which probably wouldn’t matter either Way he Thought I think he knew that they wouldn’t matter either but he knew there were also Some things which were difficult about all of it and he had these people yelling out him He Knew that he knew it wasn’t just his parents who were yelling at him he knew it was a Lot of other people as well We are all against You Bill He heard them Say But he didn’t know what he should do he didn’t understand if they were all against him then how would he move beyond it. Why are there doors which bill can’t unlock why are there rooms bill never kept closed What about the promises Which Bill Broke as he moved so slow down the street and the Old Room now Which bill had converted and isn’t there someone to see it up and down the street now isn’t there Someone To Help him move down the street and someone To Touch the Penis of senior and give bills groin the once over and then Lick Bills sac again They did do that didn’t they They Did Lick my sack said Bill They Came On me in my face it was Great and Pure He said and the railways too all of the men Now they Come in my ass he said and the Cum up in there Was Special for me Some People coming bye and taking turns to Fuck my Ass he said and I was smiling and the Ass of mine was bleeding Torn Wide open after all of those men were fucking it and there Were some ghosts too he said and he heard them coming through the room too all of them had their dicks in me and all of them had happiness to give me I am the one who came up in there and got up in that action said bill and there’s some sperm that I am about to flod and I am going to go ahead and Do that!

Goals buggery now as bill does us in our asses and as we drink bills come its better to suck bills action then to stink right away then someone said Bill was suffering and we didn’t want to hear about that he was the same person though over and over again and he was the person who made us rush out since he knew that our lives weren’t well and you should know That he Wouldn’t take you that far if he had to let you down now and the room was bills and the rest was all yours and you should know this much about a man named bill that he would be arriving at a certain point and That he would be claiming that he was going to kill us That he was going to kill all of us if We Were Not Entertained bye him and he would be saying things against us and he would be saying things against us til he came back to us He Would be coming back for us after he left us for dead and they’ll be time They’ll be enough time if you hold us down for ever Won’t there always be time and how does he get bye how does one known as bill Become the one who gets bye and Bill heard Lynda Talking about the first time She Performed oral Sex On his father now Where all up in that room which is like a Bubble and that Room where We tied a rope around ourselves Which made us Feel as if we were dangerous in some sense or in some new sense of Danger and the Room again made us Feel so invincible as well and what were the things That We said against you Since I can’t personally figure out what they are and the room again and it’s so hard to figure out since then and the Room where I was coming too and the Room in Between and the Time of our Lives and the Farthest Way the boys came when they came to entertain us we Are Bound To this Says Bill we’re bound to who we are here and we’re sick of it Says Bill and the room will never scurry off and the room is not who you are says bill how did you make it think that it was You and what if the Room is some person who is singing to you In the back of the place they are singing and they are Bound for the Road tired of the Road but tired of Screaming out too and the Room will never know of the Bargain it drives and the consequence Too The Room will never know You know the small black room the dark screen as well And the very dark Screen and the very dark Home to You all and we’re the ones Who Told lies over bill before Bill said Not Over my Dead Body But yet We Wished that he was dead and We Laughed at his Death and now Bill is dead and now we’re the ones who are most sorry For these things and He Knows about knowledge and wisdom up to a certain point and after that point he’s not sure who he’ll hold against Them or if he’ll hold anyone against one another.

The person who was In the room where bill was Then He became the one who was bill how did you become bill he Asked I became bill bye being him Bill said There’s no mystery to that I have always been bill Cleary and I have been here too For the length of time then Longer than what appears to be here and who do you think is Bill Cleary the only person who is bill cleary is the one Who gets away from Being him and I have become the one person who I would say really is him as well and I would have had some kind of trouble before telling you about myself Or Showing you that I was bill cleary and who do you think that he resembles and I know that you only know him from a few things a few bits of his face scattered and a few shutters Closed which doors are Closed now and which ones are opened up as well how can you ask me of that and I Know he’s the person who became What he didn’t like and I am the one who’s laying in bed and the Room now where I am underfeed and Unloved again too and I am the one Showing bill who he is and I won’t remember in the morning who bill is Will I Will I ever remember who he Was and I am the person Who I Was in the room next to Bill and decided to live without Him and you Know they always end up saying what can you do about it all How can you make bill become someone else who you do Love I guess since you don’t love bill or if you do Love bill then You’ve mistaken him for some other person. What about me being the first person since bill Cleary To have some kind of rape done to them all of the people I can think of that have rapes done to them are Usually not bill c’s but they are usually some other kind of person and if they are bill c’s then how do they have such rapes taken out on them I think I know the way it’s personified and I am not sure if I am entirely comfortable with it.

I guess they don’t understand that I am Ill Said Goal …. The Mistook this for me faking it I keep thinking what don’t they understand about my illness He was saying that then he was slamming his dick with a hammer all the sudden and he was screaming as well he was screaming really loud as he slammed down on his penis with the hammer and there was no love There For the People that he knew as well and the Time he mistook his parents were having sex with him but now bill was having sex with his parents as well and there Were Some People driving around This time and the Time he saw people faking it all They all said he was Ill yet he knew that they He was not Ill and the time again he Could Feel How he was dreadful he knew of his life now Most dreadful of all and he knew that the people there would entirely cast him out and he was there with half of the girls raped who he had held up against them he said and one day he died down in wheeling Nearly the same place where he’d been born or not too far from it He didn’t die too far away from where he was born and then the time he mistook me for faking my own death too bill said why did you tell everyone that you were dead if you weren’t yes I am not sure Why You told anyone that you were dead if you weren’t dead and the time again all of it unbeaten and the Rooms to Freedom He said He Knew of these Rooms and the rooms to hope again They will All Lead you back to the same place and the same thing again the same people will lead you back to the same room and will put you away in the same place he said if they think that they’ll put me away like this then I guess they can always look my heart up as well and not let me be who I want to be if I can’t be that person then who is the person who I will really become and Would Like To Know who they Seem to think is coming along now and Who I was before I destroyed all the things that I knew in my life that I knew to be my life as well and I can certainly say that Something is wrong in my life now and I can’t forget the Vow I made he said I Would like to become more Lively he said and I would like to challenge the state of existence in my life and then the whole time my body stays buried and I think a person afraid was there too and I Know that they all understand who I am and I am not sure I thought it was kind of weird at first said bill then My cum Was Spilling inside of Places again and then my cum was spilling up in the cracks of places and the time now where god has followed me and I didn’t have anything else left to do and I knew of the Rooms again those are the ones for prisoners and the Ones Where Rainbows came out of the Floors and the Ones where all of the doors opened and then Bill Had Locked his heart up as well and he was destroyed and He became alive again and the Cracks against time and the places where things were destroyed he didn’t tell me about anything like that he didn’t tell me of my life destroyed and he didn’t tell me of how he was certain that I was done for if Bill knew that we were all going to Going Forward and that we were all going to be done in then what was he to do with us and the tyme now he became more lively and the person he knew that was the person who scared everyone Bill was the person afraid then if so then what was bill afraid of?

I guess it’s the part that gets bad What about the part that gets bad said senior I don’t know of any Parts such as that said Lynda and I don’t know why people keep one thing enforced in this sense and I don’t know what to do and the people were saying that they didn’t know what to do either if they didn’t know what to do then what should we free them with and the room now and I guess where we are the part about our life and Lynda and Senior were getting it all Wrong maybe even if they were the ones who could find out how something else was going how that wrecked car was Still in the same spot where it had been wrecked and the way that everything was just pilling up Bill they Say it’s pilling up and They Say You should run out to greet them and the bigger decisions and the kingdom Will Come too They all say and the people will say aren’t We Bill Cleary and aren’t we the ones who he was the person who they had a bad thing with and they said senior and Lynda Lynda and senior and the room where you Say who you are do you have to tell them this way Why Does Someone have to be there everytime that I turn around and I guess that I just don’t can’t stand it anymore and then I hear myself saying I feel freed bye all the things in my life that are bad things but what do I do when everything else pulls me along he said and the room was the thing that came through on my life and the room was the thing that made me end my life as well and the people keep one thing straight and there’s just some things That Bill Cleary Has to get Straight and the room Again where some people were the ones who Kept me Clear everytime and the room Was a really bad subject and the room was the subject and the room was the thing that was Clear They Said it’s north third and they Said we Don’t have Any Second Chances and Bill Cleary and you are the ones who Said they Will keep his life one way and they Make sure the tracks of the train balance The Lights and the center of the Room now the Light Falling down and the men who will they free they will free us won’t they Lynda and Senior All of them Running around all the time and the People Who Flowed so freely and the Room again where it all came quick it was cancelled as well everything was cancelled and the Bodies that Lie Beaten there and the People Who said you already made your Choice and is someone else there Does some one else die and I came through and the Chance you had to make and the People were the bad parts of Me Against my Life and the People were there and they wrecked everything and the world was as good as dead too and the subject and the room now The Room shall choose the Subject Bill Cleary Should Choose Who he Wants us to be and he should tell us then and then hopefully we can become those people and then The next time they come around aren’t you certain that the people spend the time running around and they won’t be free and they won’t be free at all even they are running around all of the time to tie the thing down and the subject became something else and the people were the ones who want things to be one way even if they keep everything in some kind of center even in the center of the room we’ll know that everything Will Work out! You know that closet the one where we cleared everything out one time I thought I felt as if something Was Moving in there and the fear and the way everything just stayed There and nothing really Moved or Less than that nothing really Did Move and the room now where We fear the one Thing as if it were someone elses Life and the room will make it so it is and I can say he will truly make it so it is and the room now the clean break the clear stretch and the people all came to hear again and the Room they all came to wait again and the People all made me wait too I think and the room will make you wait too and the room should tell me who I am and am I not the person you Think I am there were just some toys Left in the closet and the Colors changed too they shifted They started out Blurry and then they even became Very cold and the Time came over it came near us the time came near us to be who we were and the room came again and the Wait not too and the room now you were here You were settling who you were weren’t You settling who you Are I Am the person that Bill Cleary Always Thought I was Shit No I don’t know if I am I Know that I was coming down one of those hills and I know that some people thought I was doing some things to them that were the worst things some one had done to them and I know that I tried to solve those things And I was there and I stopped there and I tried to resolve those issues if those issues weren’t the things Here You are Bill Cleary HE Won’t Ride his Bike around Wheeling Anymore He thinks some people are saying some things against him that I don’t think that they are saying and he thinks some people are making some statements against him which I really am sure that they aren’t making and it’s death and death bye itself and then it’s just bill cleary he is here to Purely cure the death that he saw there and he says that he saw death laying down wasn’t that death that came over and patted him on the shoulder and asked him if It Could Check out those Books at the Library I guess the reason bill said that death chose him Was that he was working at the desk at the library and that some other people were there too Saying Bill it’s death again Can’t you wait on him Yes I can said bill I know that I can wait on him if no one else wants too I constantly Find myself doing jobs that no one else can do and there’s some real death here and no one else has any Kind of apparent motive Again they all said that no one else has any kind of apparent motive who is the person who does have that apparent motive!

Now we have death and we can’t ever face it and we can’t ever face the fact that death left and didn’t take us Says Lynda and then they are Walking down the steps bill clearys mom and dad and now we have death they have death don’t they They Can’t ever face the death that is before them and then I Know that I can’t Do any thing One time or anymore He can’t Come through he says and the Room I think that it can’t Come through either and I Stood Down and the revolution again they all stood here didn’t they all stand here waiting for something to come up and then I saw the next texture of Darkness Coming down and the Room where they won’t be fooled and the People can Pride themselves on it.

The world seems to look the same to me and then I Am not sure of Lynda or Senior Just Dreams I am having of coming inside of people Wondering what those dreams mean and wondering who is here Fucking me Yes I am here Fucking someone And I am the one you are here fucking says Lynda and the Room will move you aside and the room will move you On Period and the Room will move you with different kinds of jobs that you have to do and no one Will Stay here Through what you’ve got to do and What kind of thing you’ve got to make work The Things that they made work were at the library in Wheeling the one In Martins Ferry Ohio as well that’s where the color started and that’s where it all happened and they will say that you and bill will always be together and some fucking times it was just hard to do it all with a distraction and I felt like those things were a distraction so how could I do all of this with all of them distracted Me and how could I move on if everyone was holding on too a Piece of me and nothing out there Looks Much different to me and the world wasn’t Changing the people are Changing though Left and right the world is changing around all of us as we speak and the Dogs are changing Doom is changing as well and everyone is changing and there are a Lot of books about things Changing and the room knows about the things you’ve really seen and the Days of the World where the Dogs were even when they came near the circle where everyone Said that they were extinct even when the dogs came around here it seemed as if they weren’t extinct anymore and how can you get me to do it if you just don’t really want me to. What if it’s the world around me that doesn’t excite me anymore and what if the Old and new held on so long then they became the same and the people were here to piece part of me back together and then there were some things I liked and some things that I didn’t like and the room and the Boy named Bill he was the one boy while out on the boat he was the Boy Who Got raped and he was the one they all Held under water and he was the One we hoped would give us the answer even if the boy named bill can give no answer about these things Then what are The Things that he Should give the answer too where does The Tree grow where the Time Runs out and Where the day begins and the room knows where the Light begins and you know how you are and you are all around speaking out loud and the instinct you have is what makes you speak and the room makesure that you Get what you’re After and the Dogs now and the world they watch and the People again they hope you watch the world they hope the world will tell you something about itself and that the world will tell you Who you are and how the people in the world cured some of things Which were in there with them and he was able to cure these things as well and how were the people able to cure things were they all not angry and if they all were angry They all Were the people who said they Were angry they were the same as bill clearys Parents in the sense in Which they said they were angry in! ever see Senior’s tallhaired Woman yes I have seen her time and again some people in Wheeling said Isnt he Going to free us weren’t We waiting for him too Those Early Dogs and the Way they Ran So free they were Free man we were free as well and the people saw us there and the people knew that we were free and they Wanted us to be the way that we were and the people wanted us to be a certain way and they couldn’t lend themselves to Seeing us in a different Light and you can say set me free since I don’t seem to care and the people will say You Can have them The Dream they had too and the room they had and Then the Room was the One Which Belonged to Lynda Cleary Yes that is the Room which is Covered in Blood and the Outside of the House is where I saw Senior and then I know of another room where he is Covered in Blood too and the people were Saying I guess Bill’s Going in Circles Don’t you have him going that way for one reason or Another yes I heard he was taking a lot of Liberties for the reason that he wanted to Take some people all along the wheeling way You Know you made your Way along the wheeling way and you Know you made your way to where you wanted to be and you heard bill say That he never Wanted to Go back along those ways they were the ways Which destroyed him as a person and the ways which he thought if he went on then he would be making the wrong decision he just wasn’t sure though yes bill said if I go on I think I will be making the wrong decision and I think if I go on some people will be holding things against me and how Long can I go On and the people Are Saying I’m doing these things against them and the people are saying you Know Bill did these things to me and he held me down how do I get out of what he did now and do you really think that I care about people said bill and you know that people think I do things that are so bad and it’s like some kind of attack bye an Early Dog You Know that way Lynda Cleary you know the early Dogs and you want them to join with the early Dogs and the Dogs who ran away early on and the People Who Want me to Run One Way and the people who want me to run the other way as well and who are these people and the people that you know and You Know the people will say that I did a bad thing to them since they don’t like the things that I am doing but I can’t see either way how what I really did to them was wrong and they kept saying if you can’t see how what did is wrong then maybe you didn’t do anything That is wrong maybe you just can’t see how what you’ve done is wrong maybe we can’t show you either We can’t Show you how what you did is wrong but we’d Like to show you at some point.

Lynda Cleary probably chose the best way I know to explain that I was going through difficult things She even brought the Rain which said I was young and only a few people ever saw her come through the sky and Only a few people ever wanted to see her die for who she was and the people she knew Were able to see her die for this reason and the reason she died was so Some people could set her free obviously and that some people said she’d be a pretty fucked up person if she didn’t come through for them and the people who came from her sex Hoped she’d be able to get them back home and the world is cold and dark and the room where Lynda Cleary Slept that’s the room where I slept as well and the place where I knew what the dark was but as long as I am around and I know what the dark is then what do I need Lynda Cleary For I Guess I need her for the early dogs and then for the sound of senior too and the sound of him some time wears me and I was going through the Room to probably Chase them all down and the room now you were the one who wanted to Explain the Thing that Life meant to you and what if you die for these reasons and the people now they Let you explain that you can free yourself obviously That it’s hard to Do though still it’s still hard to free yourself no matter how hard you try it did make sure that we were all aware of that I Think we are all aware or are we not!

They Only asked me since they wanted to bring some kind of death in and I don’t know about some kind of death the only one I know about is the one that you label for me as long as you label that kind of death then I guess it will be the only one which I am aware of and I am aware of a lot of other bad things happening as well and everyone says that Bill Cleary Everyone Says that he’s so great and so Many People offended him Again they Thought what if we offended him Again and the things that some people reach for are Surprisingly Cryptic and the Room itself as it remains is surprisingly cryptic even if it’s lost something or if some part of it is just the thing I have Left here! Just one of the men who came bye with the burns and everything the burns and everything and everyone actually regrets having been a friend of yours and there is some kind of death and I don’t know what to do about some kind of death and the many different people offend me and they All offend me again and the Room now the room of bad things and the Different people too Yes Said Bill I am Hurt by both Of Them and offended bye all of this as well He said He Moved Closer to Color I guess it had become a swirl now and the colors were the things which were going to take advantage of him and have their way with him and he wasn’t sure to Hold on to them or try to go forth and break away from them!

Bill always said HE Could not speak of the People who Put him here and he could not speak of his parents or of Anything at all Sexual now too As Long as they Hold us underneath here and as long as they beat us with these images and the images of war are the ones that we’ve seen There is but one solution there is no Life to Live and the room will come and Kill The People if the room kills the people then you know that they explode all the sperm everything Is Being Killed a Lot of Rabbits ran out as well They all were crushed underneath bill and then no one Can choose anything and no one should know except the rest of the people and no one Beats their Silly Asses and not One person has the came to shoot that Lynda Cleary has to shoot and those Things Must all be things that people Held Against me Must’ve Been that cause I am not sure When I Felt the Cold again This Time against me Sweetly I Felt myself gasping for Breath and then I felt Myself Again and the Room and the Fountain Spraying Everywhere and the Room and the soft image of death and the night of the ball and the room again the guardians who lay on the ground and the People proved They’d lived without Bill Even After Bill Departed His Mother Grabbed him at one point and said bill you have to come with me now but Bill Cleary Fought against the things The Early dogs You Said Science He said Darkness he knew at that point it was what he was fighting against and just another room of tears and if people felt like they had the room to replace things then they should decide what the things are Which they Wish to Replace and yes she said I am frightened and the room said it will see that Lynda Cleary Bites The Back of Bills neck and bites his Lips yes yes how wonderful and the Room says Come On Bring your Parents aren’t they Wearing a beautiful Gown and the room said Wait Get me out of this isn’t this North 3rd and the room again Makes me Feel Like I’m in Wheeling What have I Been fighting against And the room makes me say things that I am not sure I would have said Otherwise and the room Not One Person and the Room not so Sweetly and the Room against You as the guardians And the people who You Know Held Everything back and not just anything and then not Just the Thing That says God if you could have known what I went through and then Not the things Where You said You Wanted your Parents to BE One way Bill Cleary, even with your Parents Speaking from the grave from beyond it You mean he said When they Used the Parapsychology To Speak with Lynda She said She was at an Island where a tree was and there Was a Dog Too One of the Early dogs She said She Saw the dogs Red eyes Gleaming there was a red Circle and then Everything Was aflame don’t move me towards stone and maybe if I can stop myself with nothing else mom Said Bill Where’s that Cake I ordered I am not sure Said Lynda You might have to address your Father to find out where that is and your Dates Landed on the table and the happy Brother Chris was walking Bye some people were Killing some other people bye Setting them on the Table –Bill Said they Set us up and he said that they Killed us and the Only way out now is to Set up the things that you think we’re broken bye and the room again against one person and against another person too and the people who think that Lynda Cleary is ugly and the people who say We All take them with sex my White Face was there in the Blackness too Said Bill I Haven’t Seen That yet I haven’t destroyed anything and I spent a Long time in the darkness and the crowd always swarmed in again You Know my Parents Just the way that I know them and just the way that I write to them now Bill took a piece of Chalk and Wrote on the wall on the basement of the House in Wheeling and the People Were about to give up Bill was sitting on the steps waiting For the signal to come and some people and the room and the light And The Dark “I’m Here On the Steps Waiting for my Parents!” He said I Am waiting for them He said I am waiting for my parents There is a Room he said The Other Room and the World said the room before the land Yes that Room and where it Ins And the Room and the dogs he said and the room and the Light too The Tasmanian Tigers Yes I know about them I Know they are always around the Giving Tree Where the Apples Are Clear and the Apples have Small Lights Inside of them Lynda Cleary We Find You On the Oasis and Senior We find you There too make us Your Princess Don’t Make us Your Prisoner Then Senior came In with a defense and Said that it was Wheeling that Made Bill Prisoner it was Wheeling it Was Not North 3rd and I don’t think I will have Much Use for the island Wait I Mean I think I Love the island and I think it’s where it All started HE Saw Small Bits of Images in the room and the Images were reflected and the Images and the room now On The Apple the pictures Were Playing The Ones of Lynda Cleary Dying over and Over Some one Peeled Her Skin Over her Face and Was Dead and the Room Had ended too They Must have been in a morgue Yes they were in a Morgue I didn’t even know that they had one in Wheeling I Thought the Bodies Just piled up and On that apple when the images Play of Lynda Cleary’s Body Washed with water and the Chemicals too all of these chemicals have cured her all of the images have Too The Apple where the films played Fell Before Bill’s feet he Reached down and picked up he looked around and saw some Reaching out and the Branches next to Bill’s face he wanted to Lift his Hand up and Put the Apples back from the branch where they Fell but he felt as if the tree had irrupted too and he felt Like Lynda’s Vagina was there in the Big Boom that universal abyss Which they say Just happened One Moment Was the Thing that was Created Down in that Crack When he looked in One Apple he Leaned over a bed and he couldn’t decide what was beautiful and what wasn’t in one of them he had his father Reflected in his Face and then he had the Smear of Lynda’s Vagina On his Face, Off they Went he said all of them in wheeling The Proof of another film Existed Too where colors Swirled and Dogs Ate Dead Things Men Killed things as well and everyone Hoped that Life Happened Later and the Clear Blackness became The Red and the Twos Spots of Red Where at the end of a Green Blue and Red Bow The ends of which were Pistons Splurged into the Red Bill Wailed out Some Gold Dust Sprayed out and Left Streaks against the Cosmos and the Universe Wailed again as his Father put his face in the dirt I swear that’s the Universe no one Can full me and tell me there’s Love Said bill and no Else Can Lick a Pussy as wet as my mom’s hers is wet I feel it Bleed too and I feel far it’s fell Dad is this Just gravity that made Her Labia fall to her Knees is it just that?

When I heard the tree fall I would have opened the world and the time now you said you loved them and the people said Shit bill you haven’t gotten a Time when you can really break the rooms open and knock the people down and the room now you can say your Family are the people who oppressed you and you can say that Lynda Cleary is the one who married You as a friend and sexually too and the people are the ones who oppressed You and the ones who came around this time are the ones Spent too Much time and the people are the ones Who Said Let That Man Out of there That’s Bill Cleary and he’s over there Coming on the Rim of the Sink While his parents are in the Other Room I guess Lynda Cleary Really Gave them Something They hadn’t Seen before and I guess these images of trouble are the clearest things we’ve all seen and the room of death is it going to be over bye hand and we have to come down with the world now on time and the room You could Hear us Breathe I think I Felt Like I heard Lynda Cleary Push the room against me and the room now you’ve all Had a Life made of Sexuality and the room Now where you All Protested and the room now you used to hear us all talk I used to talk to Lynda Cleary and I heard she was down in the corner and the people are the ones Who You made to BE Stars and the Guilt Lynda Laid On Bill Oh Wait I wouldn’t Want to Shake Bill Cleary’s Hand and I Would have To Touch His Father’s Penis in Order to Do So; It’s as if you See into the sky when you see into these islands And all those Faces which Some How Managed Quite amazingly To Come out the same Once in a while someone Says wait that’s not You is it bill And Bill always knows that he wasn’t that Person He is not the person he Seems Like Everyone Else but it’s part of being a truly bad person he thinks of his Father and the Room where you hold them as prisoners and who’s that man you’re Hearing From now Is that the Man Who gave you his best and the room never rest and the Guns again The Ones You bring against people and no one Storms of There and no one Comes out of there Yelling Yes I heard you all came out of here Yelling and the room came out of the World yelling I didn’t know what was waiting Around the next corner oh perhaps my Parents Thought Bill and if I turned that Corner then I Would have thought that I turned the corner to North 3rd and nothing else Makes me Empty My Prostrate The Same Way when I see my Father strangle Tasmanian tigers and I hear People yelling again and then I feel as if I see the image of some planes Landing in the backyard and the Room is Up High We’re all up high and The Time You dabbed some people with some kind of Ailment You Said they were all oppressed but You think we’re the best kind of People You think we’re the ones Who you could oppress and it was that Which Took you down the Lane and the Land Now They Said Oh Wait Come back over here Didn’t I hear you Say Something Like that who was the man who was going to kill us Was it Senior? Was it Bill ? Was it Chris? We weren’t sure who it was and we never knew if you were certain that the people were having sex again and the Rooms where men Lock other people in the World in and the People who yell what do they really Chant and the people now You are yelling at me said Bill Cleary You are all yelling at me while I am home on that Island This Time the Blue Green and Red Arch Crashes Into the Island it jabs through Lynda And Then it Takes The Life out of Senior and for the most part it makes sure that none of the people who made the mistakes which Laid North 3rd out the way it was Are there all of those people are gone and the room is dying the light is dying I feel it Deteriorate and the room is gone now Wait Oh yes Lynda Cleary I can Feel that Wisp of ideas and all of the energy you sucked out of my Penis as you bit a certain Light from my eyes as my Balls Became harder and harder what were the things Which you Laid down for me. We all Know it as the death of men the death of everything the death of all people and the people are your Neighbors and the room where you say Goodnight and the room where you all are In sight now You are the ones who say good night and the ones who Say Goodbye as well and the ones who make everything come up and come over as well and the room as the people who make you feel like the people who are you Against He wondered if you were against us though and the room was against us too He said And the room was coming to a Close The days drug on and the room ended up dragging down and the room ended up As the one thing where you stand up as a person and the room is a social Climax the end of the Light from the One I Know as Lynda Cleary and For some time now I have had the images of her stretched and the room now Where you came back and you came back to the one who defeats him Will You Last until you do just that til you defeat him if you’re lucky You will last until then!

Hey I think we’re out of luck bill and out of time as well Said Lynda I didn’t hear anything such as that being said Though How will Lynda Cleary Stand Trial Are you out of time and the world was clever and you heard Lynda Cleary Gave up social perks to destroy Senior Who In The Hell Said Bill Was obsolete and the room said Oh that Bill Cleary’s He’s not in fashion anymore and the room said Don’t let him degrade us anymore than he already has and the room said it let him down and the room said he’s out of the drought he was once in and the room said he never let anyone Down did he –He never let anyone down and he felt really Angry too They all said That. How does the blackness Start I guess it’s grinding somewhere In His head and the room and the new dreams and new adventures and the Room must be new he said and the Anger I have Will Explode He saw the total blackness and he Wanted to Clean The Color From where he knew it would roll in even before it Rolled in and the Anger Was therein Every Road and the thoughts of all of you were empty and the room will Stand up Against them and the Bells Too Were Cracking and the People were Angry Again Against Bill Cleary, Yes Moving now I Think I Felt the redness of the Level and the Reality and the new dreams I have now they will set me free from Bill Cleary doesn’t he stand to set me free as well and the Room won’t hear Lynda Cleary and the Room never did hear her They hardly Knew her, and to be the one she was she was the one who took so much away and the one who said let everything be one certain way and let everything be another way too and the room and the People are In the Area now Where Bill once sent them and said they had to take cover are they taking cover From you Bill Cleary Your Eyes Have Seen Bill Cleary able to cry and the room has made him capable of Crying Yes said Bill Cleary I can’t believe I got through the Winter and the Room gave me some kind of luck and we’re out of Fortune and The Room where they Measure Lynda’s Chest That’s the darkness that’s about to engulf You and don’t you need it too She said Yes I need it to engulf me yes I heard the room said and I heard the millions of times matter and then I heard that they didn’t matter and I heard that you couldn’t fix these images and I heard you couldn’t have the rooms The Way You wanted them as long as Bill Cleary didn’t have the face of People the Way he wanted it and the room as long as he didn’t suppress the room and the Room as long as people were attracted and the People stood as if they were soldiers and in One Room Down From us Yes Lynda Cleary didn’t you yell In there? Yes I heard you yell in there and the I heard the room had quite a form and I heard the days of God and mankind all Roll too it and I heard there are Challenges and Moments of the Darkness Which Threatened to Come inside of Lynda Cleary and I heard that There Was total blackness then Flame Threatened to Burn all of that and the Room heard all of that and what do you do with the form you once had as a person didn’t you let that roll away from you and the People threatened to be engulfed bye the challenge of who you were as a person and the Room Won’t Let me stand up said Bill Two Ends Jetting Flames and Two People screaming and I heard you are the only person who I think is perfect for all of those things and the room said you were so Much Older than you were before and the people hear Them Now Heard They Heard Bill Now and heard that Lynda Tossed it all away from him and I heard the people Started Taking Chances which they wouldn’t have taken before had they known the way that Senior was going to Harm Chris and I heard that you were the people who Believed in violence But even still all of your threats remained empty From that as not much less than how they’d began! Now I feel Younger than the people who were punished for the things Which I did in the past Said Lynda Cleary I feel younger than my Son and I heard that he is the only One who Still Feels angry I heard it said in this darkness that all other anger Has burned out and you heard it Said that There are Challenges What are those challenges how do they challenge You and you’re the One Who hurts us and disregards Our Hearts You’ve filled with misery and Bill Cleary You stated so much against us and the room will still fit and the mouths of the People in Wheeling Will stay filled and the room knows you want to make me in to the person You think Filled some kind of void and the room has two ends and the people have two ends and the People kill some kind of void and some kind of flame is threatened and the People After All Were What Made it so bad and You have my heart That You destroyed Even in the darkness Bill Pinned up a Picture of Lynda Cleary and Laid on his back and masturbated to it and the world was there too and it ended his misery and the Love he faced and the pain too the world will not go away how can I make it go away since it’s harmed me so much and what do I know about all of that and the room and the Pain once You know Bill Cleary The pain you felt was a really cosmic thing Here on this oasis Where You felt it all and the room where You Killed Your brother Chris and the Room where you faced Castration and you Used To Fake Crying and the room and the day of sunshine and the People will never bring the Light through those Cracks Will They!

If I get Stuck inside what I know as Senior At Least I can get out from what I Know as Lynda Cleary and some things I feel are bad in my Life I am not even sure if they’ve become any better and the room where you will feel the people Rain down on them and the people here they Destroyed their Lives didn’t they Didn’t they Feel an Extraordinary Sense of Denial and then didn’t they Feel the room has Less Light in it now and the people will never know the reason that it has less light in it now and then and the Room You know who I am he said and the room said For you to Go on The Room On North 3rd the one upstairs Said for you to go on and the room was there and the patches of Color and the Scenes of Disfigurement and You can only be this Person some one told Bill Cleary That he Couldn’t be any thing Else They Were Soon to find out differently!

Just a lot of slashes again against the screen and let me know about the humor and the life they cut free and the people who they cut down said Bill HE said it was me who cut him down and the Room was the thing that we wondered on and the people said bad things ever since we said them there and the People were Around us and they were gone soon after as well As Soon as they were gone they let us know That they weren’t Returning and the people Here said that I was the person who Left so much about them clear and the one in the room as well and the One person who was up against a screen a clear screen too and the death of a Dog too and the people who awoke worn as if they’d been in some kind of trouble and you were the one who purchased the death from my Long lost lover and I wasn’t sure if you were Going to send for me And I am not sure if you’d be the person who was the one who sent for me as well and the people here threw me to the side and they were all the ones who were ticking like a clock and the ones who were ticking in front and the people were the ones who said bad things as well, and the people were the ones who said it in front too and the room now too and the people who left the screen door open didn’t Bill Run In Through it and some people are Saying it’s too hard to fall Down on those things and the people are here where you Cut Me Down and the people were the ones who cut us down and we fell So far and we fell low too and the people were Saying now that we couldn’t come up as well and that we couldn’t come up as well Either.

And I can’t hold the hand of these people and the room now where you decide to do the thing so existent and the room now too Don’t you know both of them don’t you think they are both The image of Wheeling I think They Bled: I think we spent everyday In The Void and I think everything is Gone and I Think everything that was what we needed was The Things which left and I think people wanted to Do us in Who didn’t understand us and the room said You’d Crucify us and the room said you were the ones who were able too The Room said you Were the ones Who were annoyed and the room was the thing that Returned And Bill Said There Will Be No More fees Paid Which Lack Meaning all that is stated Now is about How things will be one way then they will be the other as well, All I really want to do Is the Room Now he said that’s the only place where I want to go So Please take me there if you can’t take me there then take me somewhere else he said if you can’t make it one way Then Make it the other way and the People Who You Couldn’t Get it done fast enough for and the room now you are the one who decides these things aren’t You the one who decides to do them yes he said I am the one person who usually decides and I Am the person who makes the Decisions The Only Person now to compare Andy Reed too is Musolini Or Hitler Some People Said Bill Cleary Jumped up for a Moment I have met Andy Reed I think he Comes into the Library and I think he did some things to some people who I am friends with and I think I want to solve those problems… he said I want to come out of the Library Alive Don’t you want to come out of there alive, Lets kill Andy Reed HE Said and I think we’ll Still Come Out alive we’re against Andy Reed and he stole our Lives and we had to see Amber Reed die as well and the wars of Life go on too –That Was What Broke me too The things he did The things he did –didn’t he on The phone some People said It’s not for the victim to do decide the punishment of the abuser it’s up to society to decide and Some people said Fuck Andy Reed How Can You feel Complicity and the Room said you’re the man who says the people said You Never Can Be Free now some people said and Why Do You want to turn our lives into Hell, All you’ve seen here May Change Your Mind They said the only way to say They Got ruined is You and the room now too and the people yes they are the ones They say Andy Reed ruined you oh don’t they, Maybe it was Amber Reed then in the end that you died for and the room is not Like Anyone Elses, Bill These Looks on your face are the ones which are the same as anyone elses and the people don’t need any kind of war and they will invite the new kind of Life He said You can’t hide behind that For ever I Saw my Father too Behind the steps it was not bill Clearys and it was not the end of how I existed and the room told me how I should go about the way that I existed and they Claimed they were you in the end and the room now You are the person and the Room now existed and the People will say you felt as if you claimed that anyone Else was the person and why would anyone Rob us or rape us Why Would they Bill can you believe they things that people did to us and the people said they are Raping us are you the one who will let them hold on Yes Let Them Hold On I HEARD some one coming in through the Window Well there are Tracks in the Mud and some things to the next door and the death of the people Who are you Claiming you are and the room said you’ll feel the rain –Rain now is pouring through the ceilings and he room now has a moral complaint and the room now You are the one person Who Touches Sorrow and the Room now Make the People say Yes Make the Millions of Boys say Yes they are On the steps are they not and the room of men and boys who Kill they are All On the steps and the room now you said Years of Pain You want to pay them back for and the room I was at the bottom of the steps and there were some men coming around who were grabbing my ass and I had to suck the cocks of some Other Men they Covered me in their Cum They Left us for dead as Well Bill Layed over the bed his hands touched the floor Oh God I’m going to die now said Lynda Cleary These are my Last words she said as her son laid a strap into her it’s years now and the room now saying People are bleeding and they are unresponsive and the years of pain will never leave me what do I do with this kind of pain it’s here forever Said Amber Reed Andy Reed was the one who gave it to me!

Man I gotted it til I gotted it no more NO You Didn’t Yes I DID I DID You Didn’t One of them ends bye saying that one of them ends bye starting Like that it was mean mr cleary and his Old Remains and he was So Mean Wasn’t he that mean Cleary He was Shugging about Throin He’s Deseech Down Es Sha Goales Another DIEMTESSE WHATS THIS LYNDA SENIOR I HEAR YOU SAY THE AIR IS THIN NOW AND THE ROOM NOW AND THE WIND AND THE PEOPLE SAY YOU SPELL IT ALL OUT FOR THEM AND THE ROOM NOW No You Didn’t I Didn’t If You Really MEAN IT TO SAY THAT.

“Born Because They Jumped into Fire and More So Because They are Going To Go their Own Way Far from you and you see it’s the way to be and you See it’s the way to go home YES you Will go home won’t you and You wont’ Go home and the room won’t Go home will it Will You I Felt alive Like I hadn’t before and the room that little bit of me that got left up inside of You are you the one having a good Time And the world is building A Masterpiece He once Said You Once Said You had the Other One around and you once Said that you didn’t have to Think of me as that Person I don’t think of you as the person I feel is the one Who Jumps around and the ones Who gave you the One Thing That you WANTED and the Room really really Wants to BE Your Friend Doesn’t the room really really Want to be your friend Face it nobody Here Wants to be the friends of anyone they are Going to Leave us and they are the Ones Who Left us in the mud and the room cared for you and the room cared for you and the ones who Left us in the mud and the Room cared for you and they All Leave us and the Ones Who Left us and the Ones who were there in the Mud You Know the deep Mud that came out of Wheeling I know that it is here for a Long time.”

“You Made Love to me Like the person you think you are and all of this bad shit Started to go down and the world’s Worst Shit Started to happen We Lost our friends Yes we did we lost the people who We care about and the room and the Days Were the ones And the People said Yes and the Room said the time that took the longest was the time that Took the longest before won’t that be over soon will that be over soon he said he wasn’t sure when that would be over –“

Take me to the chance of your lost sufferance Of your sufferance or just what you made of life in general and the questions you asked me too and the days we spent apart as well and the times where you all bled and the dogs too the ones that ran and the ones which made you feel like you weren’t me and I wasn’t You ? Remember that they once wondered if we did remember all of that and that was better off one way and then it was better off a different way as well and the people were all shooting sparks and the room was all aglow With the Dampness of death Lynda Said One Thing Then Bill Said another and then Bill was left alone in the room he was screaming yes he was screaming he didn’t know which way to push one thing or what to do with another thing and you always get bye some way which was the way that you got bye and the room again where you were suffering let the suffering Come to a Close he said and make sure no one suffers anymore Can you make Sure of that Well how could I ever be certain Said Bill! So many people getting blown away he said But he wasn’t aware of them, Where it all starts When they Got of the ISLAND the Pounds of Cake Fell out from them and the Pounds of Cake which Bill PLACED IN HIS HANDS And that the ones as well WHICH SENIOR PUT IN HIS ANUS and the room was glowing know glowing from the sense which it had been manhandled and the room now You Are All Soon To Be Over and You are all Soon to see the end of everything and the World Came Close at Some Point to Being over if it is all really over than what can we do they wondered What kind of Hiatus do you see it going on and what kind of DEATH Do You See there becoming Yes I am becoming what death is I am not sure what death is though and I can’t figure out how I Can Become those things that you told me about Death and the room now where you Put Senior I am told that no one Suffers anymore –Yes in the Room No One Suffers anymore it’s a good place to be since there is no suffering and there is no way that there could be any suffering and the room now we’re riding on The Broad end of the room and the end of a stick and glass as well and the room said We’re all into that Classic Sense of Pain and that classic sense of Pain where Someone Else Holds on to the end of a Stick and someone Else Makes Pain surmise Very Easily as well –What is that Classic Sense of How things ended And How things Came to BE Something Other Than they Were and Before all of that went down as well there was just no one NOT ONE PERSON And the room said it to You it made it as clear And as Simple as you could have wanted it and the room gave you a reason to reach out and to meet new people But what could you have done with these people he said and even the most responsible Person Would Have Cut things out from Bills Body and his Mind as Well and the room now where you cut things out from Bill’s Body Weren’t You the One Who did Cut them out from there if you had anything at all left to say about it shouldn’t you have said it bye now?

Bill said he had his own rules to maintain and his own life to go on for and the room to go on for What Did you All Go On For—


We Went on for something that Lynda Cleary can never know Remember that Car which she parked in the yard ON North 3rd You Mean the ones where the cops said Lynda Cleary you can’t do this this way You can’t have the car parked here and the room taken away and You can’t Win everything The Way That You want it And THE Room can not be the way that you want it either if it’s going to be this way and the room now too the days are crashing in and the room comes crashing in and the time now the one next to last is the one to remember and the one which you remember is where you hear things crashing in and yes I Heard Them all Go Splash!! Splash !!! and I heard them all wonder if he Was a Good Man and I heard the fish jumping through hoops While Bill Lay with his head to the ground Below him and the Room below him and his head was about to be crushed Yes I heard that you Lived with the room beneath You and I did not know love on another day Other Than This One and then We Went along pretty swiftly and the people all wanted us to Catch Some Big Fish, Even Where we Sat on the boat the fish was coming out of the water and was dosing Us With the dampness and the room cannot remember the moves that it made it only Made Moves to save itself and the room only made the Moves to Free Lynda & Free Senior !

All of them

Coming through when the room is straight and When Lynda is in the narrow and the room now again falls against walls and Lynda and Senior They Fall Against Walls!

“You Didn’t Tell us that Your Parents Fell Against Walls.”

“I didn’t Know!” Said Bill Honestly I really didn’t Know that they Did What Do you want me to do now that I do know What the hell Would You Like for me to do With that information Should I let it Destroy my Life or something is that what you’d like for it to do to me he said if you’d like to see me destroyed then look elsewhere! If Bill Cleary were to die once what would they do if he Died a Second time if they destroyed him entirely then who would they have left to destroy and who would they have left to place blame on You placed blame on Bill Cleary But you weren’t Sure what you were blaming him for and I am finding out today What the things were that Have Bill Cleary On them yes he said Those Were the Things that Moment I Anticipated … I CAME REAL hard yes I came really hard again the room flapped it’s wings Flap!! Flap!! Flap!! Ye’ have heard Of Mr Cleary mr cleary all big Pale and yellow and he’s the one You really Want to Shoot For, What did you Say they were Going to shoot For ? You said they were all gonna shoot For Themselves Not For us Yes not for us they are only going to Shoot for themselves and the Room and the ears that people were on their Faces the people wear the ears as if they were Masks And Keep The Room straightened up will You what are you going to do if Lynda Cleary Comes in here She’ll be coming in here kicking your ass down the street and she’ll Be saying some things are amazing and you’ll be saying some things are amazing as well and the Room was Coming Straight Through to me as well and the People what do they know what do they know in fact for the proof of all of that and what can you prove and what will You do except for make everything suffer that’s all I can do as well is just make the things in my Life which I Loved all I can do is have to destroy them I spent days without Love so here Ago Spending some more there Without it?

Lynda Cleary Shot me In the Leg

Someone Said

She did She really did Shoot me

She Said I was riding in a leather sedan She said Also That she was going to bury my head in the sand and she bit my leg off as well …. And the room killed her that was the thing that got to her and the room wants to oppress us and the people there they all work in a bank or something don’t they HE said Yes I think they all do They’ll all shave the backs of Bills Legs and they Will all Put Bill In Stockings with his testicles Hanging freely and You are all Sick from the smell of Lynda Cleary’s Vagina and the room is sick from the smell of that too and that dirty thing is just a mess as well what can we really do with Lynda Cleary’s vagina and the people said that thing smells bad what will you do with it –

Someone Cut it out of her and someone Tossed it around so Some Dogs Could play with it and it’s In the Mess House the Same Place Where Andy Reed was and the People were Saying couldn’t Andy Reed have been the person who was Rolling in the dirt and the people said he rolled in the mess house and he was the one with the devil in his Ears and the room against me as a person yes he Was quite angry as the best people are and the people who are angry and the people who are sad as well he was one of them he thought he was at least til everything changed!

There were more charges made and it was another day that pointed the way towards the death of things and said the reasons that things would be spelled out for You a certain way and they all said the reason that things were spelled out that way and the room said the reason You Kill Lynda Cleary is when she’s Behind the Curtain But Bill’s ass was there to Be branded the Blood Flowed over it and in to the stream of the Creekbed and the room Made The Blood Flow into the Creekbed and the Room said No One Ever Will Leave You Hanging on yes they all said that the room was the thing that abandoned me in the Way that You’d said Before that Lynda Cleary Shot You In the Leg and that she was against you as a person and the people Will Say that they Don’t care but I will say that I do care and I am tired of the people who oppress me saying that they don’t care yes we’re out of the sights of Other people and the room and the mind of Your Love tonight not much else matters as this point and we’re through singing a song to you and all of your friends Can Listen Or Else Bill Cleary Can Shut the Fuck up make that Little Motherfucker shut His Goddman mouth yes Have it happen that way if you’d like and you’d make it good and bad The hardest Days again were the ones made of loneliness and ones where you killed me and I was sorry for what I had done and the room you had paid the room off hadn’t you and the room had felt like you were the one who was hanging out there and the one person who was stuck in here too and the one who was stuck inside of the room and the one who was the next person next to last and the one person who would hold me up in the room where I was unhappy it was always Lynda Cleary Putting her Vagina On My Penis and the thing about her Vagina was that it was a sleek Tight Fight Other than its dryness and the certain call of death that it uttered over me as well when it clamped down!

Lynda Cleary’s Vagina Began to Smother me entirely and what Should I do now I ask myself and what do I gain also as a person from having her vaginal noose around me and what am I to say and who are you to show me what I SHOULD DO and who is bill c to tell me too They all thought they Could tell You didn’t Martin Jauch think he could tell us all too he did Didn’t he Thought Could Tell us that We Were all nothing But who was He TO JUDGE Us They Said it Looks Like he was wrong and he was saying how bad everyone Was and he was always complaining I HAVE HEARD A fucking nuff of it said bill Stop your Goddamn Wining I Have heard the last of this bullshit and I am entirely sure that it is Bullshit and I can’t stand it anymore and I am certain that you’re going to complain for your Whole Life and I don’t want to be around to hear you complain I am sick of Hearing it Bill Cleary Told Martin Jauch What did Amber Reed Tell Andy Reed and what did she Tell Che Elias When he wanted and answer and Yes he wanted an answer he was tired of walking the line which she drew and not knowing what was there he didn’t know what was awaiting him and you take everything Amber Reed You take it all and throw it away and here is the Place where I Stand and I see steps and a waterfall and I was just thinking of you and I think you’re going to save the world and you’re going to save The Day too and I heard you all Collide and I heard you all say you’re going to See an End and you’re all going to see the end of what you think is the right choice to make and what would that Choice Be Baby Baby Darling how can we make that choice!

There is a new scream now as doors Open They Come Open Easily they are Thrown Open and Some People are screaming Saying Don’t Look Down On Yourself For a Lifetime and the Heavens Keep On Shinning now they all say Look UP There isn’t that An Angel isn’t That Someone Who can Do No Wrong OH Wait it’s McFerret I think He can Do know Wrong Yes But he Judges Everyone isn’t he the one who has the Right to BE the Judge See that Man On that Bike Without Breaks Cause he’s above death and he’s saying it’s such a beautiful day and that no one knows that In the same sense that he does I guess he was thinking that he was better than everyone else I Guess we have to teach him a Lesson about that Don’t We Wasn’t he thinking that he was better than all the people he was thinking that he was and the room came up from the ground it easily came up and anything from there Should be Overnight and Long Live Death and the room said You are beginning a brand new day and I Love hearing people say that and people say it’s the world you want then it’s the world You’ll get They Want the World Give them the World and all the people say You can Hold us Down You can hold us here you can repress us You can Bring all you have but you’ll never really repress us in the way that you repressed us before and I Want to have some things shaken up another Woman who passed bill bye and they are Playing bill for a fool and who can say who do you think he depends on and you Know that They Shatter his Life and the Room just pass him bye And the People will say the room was the room Of a Dying man and the room he said is Longer the Day Time When Will Lynda Dig my grave I guess Being the Woman she is Then she’ll Put me up in heaven With the Tigers The Dogs too and the Jaws of the dogs are ready to eat me and I am ready as well to be eaten bye the dogs what am I supposed to do if they devour me, what can I say and what can I spell out if I can’t even see it right before my eyes!

Something That I choose is something to die bye he once told himself That’s something else too To Almost Die bye –doesn’t everyone Choose a Side Like the ones presented here they Don’t do they Bill? I Guess they don’t matter now Andy Reed’s Saying something and some people are hating him Look here’s the Trap I guess he’ll never break out of I Guess we Lived this Long Thinking we were Free of him to Only find that we weren’t To Only Find that he held Us Down For ever Fuck Someone Just said never mention his name to them again, They Keep Fucking us He Screamed do they really know if he will keep fucking us Yes he’ll keep fucking us he said he’ll keep fucking us and he’ll even keep fucking them over and over again And he told himself That something else Was here to change his Life.

I heard them die and I heard them wrapped up inside of me and I heard that they died as they Were wrapped up inside of me and yes they all choose Who I am even as I Proceed to that Pain. Hey I just felt another Reason why bill cleary doesn’t ever seem Like he’s in Pain now yes they never seem the same now do they Obviously Those things just broke them so much as a person and those people said He’ll break me as a person they all Said you are the one Here who is the person in pain and the Room Where Lynda Cleary Sold us short and she was yelling Loud and I Guess now I Know That Nothing Matters and the Room he says is the sense Of the Room Where You stood and the People for the most part are the people who They All Packed into One Room when I play along and the room Is here with the head of Some People in the Lap of you as people and the room now You are all The People Who are Here and the ones who feel You yell Loud don’t they Feel Like you Yell Loud And the Room now where you Have to yell Loud and the room Where You all are concerned With the Hope You Lost in your Life before the Face of Bill Cleary Became something which you saw Everyday Walking around now with the end of the room about to cave in on You and the room and the People are up and down and the Room now you heard them die and the People are here and they Know nothing of you as a person and the Room Keeps Fucking us he said and they all heard you die and the Room now you stood up as people. The Days in Wheeling where the sun burnt out those were the Ones Where I felt Bill Burn and the Room again I heard of your Life Destroyed Again and the People were all here and the room wrapped up the end of the darkness too and the People will all say You are the people who Even Looked different and the People know You bye name and you Yell out Loud and the People walking around Feeling anger towards everything in the world and the End of everything of where you all lost hope and the People I heard them die before and the Room now again where you Heard we were all Fucked I guess because we all are –The Long days now came to an End All of us Bill Lynda Senior and Chris Rested here on the ends of the Long Days and the Times that Oppressed us and the ends of ourselves We put out to be certain things That they weren’t Before and Some people were all Serious As if nothing had happened before Even if they had said that then they Guessed You’d Paid the Price and the room Makes Them all have time to You For them Yes and the Room walking around and the price as the Time now where you came through as people and the room now where you Were bastards and the room again fucking US and Room And the people will Yell out and the room now they all Say Andy Reed is such a kind person and he’s such a Good Man How Can we hurt Andy Reed if he helped us So Much How Can You hurt Your Father if he helped You So Much Amber Reed Didn’t you let your Dad Rape you? Why did you Let your Dad Rape you? Why Does the world have to end now said Bill Why do We have to enter a Void and the room now You Will make it escape Bill Said I Loved my Mom and bill said that I Lobed My dad and I Loved my Brother and then I feel as if I Loved the room and I heard the people all Say You’re Fucked and the room now where you said You were Held down and the room Says Where-else Do you expect to end up?

Bill divides and Conquers and the rooms all reach ends now and the people all reach ends you Will remember That Andy Reed Crushed all of the people he’s being put in a better place now and the room now where you have the void and the room where you faced some things as a person and you faced some things as a better person who says that you do reach something to Make sure of Your Life and you will escape the ends of Life The Life That was Just Hell and the Room and the People Tried to end me and the Room where you Felt Like You all went elsewhere and the room where you all ended the rest of your Life and the People were the ones who Left us all for Dead weren’t they and the People now are the ones who Left us all for dead and the ends of One Room were the bits of Hell That Touched Lynda Clearys Face, They Just reached out Like that and Even they Reached through memory!

What we know as bill and how we reach it become the things Which divide us and play us for fools How do those things Go about playing us for fools said Bill and the fields again which he ran through and the people again as Stealth Was dying down and the room was Flowing too The Times of his Life Piled up against His Thoughts and they Both Ran Against each other and the Room now Where You Fixed Glass up to the end of the next person Those made sense in the long run didn’t they and then didn’t they Set themselves up and the room now Standing where it doesn’t have a chance and the room now where you were Looking in to the person you had been before and the room where you were divided and the room now where bill came here to Reach me as a person and the room in which you Divide me as person and the room now where you said they are Fools And you came to reach me as a person and they All End here if they Were ever here to begin with and the People who Imprison You all Hold here To the end Yes They all hold here To the end and the people now too Know some things and the people here all know You as the Person who Came to be the one who existed Exactly how he was and the Person Who was the one who wanted to Let it all come crashing down Too and having to Live Like this and the End of your Life the Bad state of existence and no one Knows at all now I feel Know one knows the Limitations Which Bill Experienced and which he Expressed and the friends of his were the ones For the Most part made these things So Difficult, They Threw Accusations Against him didn’t they They Said He did things which he could not have done and Said that they saw him at places where they couldn’t have Seen him HE Could not have been there! It was the world he remembered that took him apart in the first place and that was the aim of it Was it not yes it was just the aim of the world and exhaustion in General and the Room in general and the end of his life too and the people too they all Came here with stockings and the Room now will you reach me as a person and the People reached me as a person as well and the room was all over My Face and The Heads of People Bled Through my head too and I was giving head and the room now where you made sense and the People came here to reach me and the People came here to see where I was standing and the room now where your End of your Time too and I have no time he said I had a dream about the ends I had to make meet and it was Depressing it was not relieving and the Room was not relieving too and the room now As well and the People said They Blame Bill Cleary and the People say he did some stuff that was bad out here and then he did some things where some people were Like Saints and I thought again how much I liked you as a person and the room now as wide as a purse and bills mom’s dirtiness too We are All Dissatisfied with them as People it’s just the tigers which are moving him along and it’s just the tigers that are telling him how he’s doing now isn’t it Some things are going to burst and the room will make us Live Through the Rest of Their Lives, when we get back no one Will destroy us he said and no one is easy to PLEASE and the people all Come as if they were some kind of disease and some annoyance of things in the way – There will be no way out from Bill Masturbating himself and no one Will Let Him Ejaculate Nor Will they Be sure of it he can just stay boxed in all day and he Can Just here the room waiting to change him and nothing ever asked him to change and nothing ever asked Him to Reply and no one ever asked him to BE the person who He is and Some People will have a problem with everything But I don’t Think I can Know them at this time said Bill I can’t no the people who Don’t feel as if they believe in my Life, I feel as if they let my Life go and the room now where they Let my Life go and the people Now are Saying there are Things which you Take care of He Said and the People now they Will Know won’t they Won’t they all judge us and say that we did the Wrong thing Which Bill Feels Like he did not do, Up now in Glass and the books that I haven’t read he said all of them are there and I am wondering why I haven’t read them as Concepts Even said Bill and I heard that they are the ones who had concepts and the room now You all just tire and the people said They can’t stand the fact that I Can’t change anything for them I really can’t change anything for them He Said.

The world Where bill deserved me and the world where he destroyed me as well and no he cannot get over the things that happened to him and the room he said where he said he was the person who was there again and the room was here again and the people were Here and the room was here leading the time next to the People again who were the ones who Would Kill me He said they are the Ones who held me down as well and the room and the Time He said and the room came back too The Days where I was down they all came back and the Room til the Room became the room Was the world and the time destroyed me and the Time I had yes it happened to me and the Room said where are you he said Where Am I –I am not sure Said Bill I Am not sure where I can Be to change the things in my Life that everyone says are Bad how will I change those things and How can I find the railing and the steps down to the railing and the room now You are the ones who have the worst kinds of times as people again he said.

Nothing has changed nothing he said None of the stories There was nothing that had changed and the Room was something that hadn’t Changed Either I know My parents have changed and Lynda and Senior Concluded That We’d all felt a Trace of indifference in our Lives and the room said they Did Too Lynda and Senior We can do it Too Yes we can do it too if you said you’d Live and the room will get away from you and the room had nothing to say to you and the room was away in a far country and the room was away with your Life and the room said your Life was ruined and their were some short comings too and the room now where you oppressed Me and the room and the Time he said you are the ones near the waters which let me bleed All the room let me bleed that won’t make much of a difference to you though will it!

Where everything was as still as you saw in a dream I am tired of the dream HE said.

I am tired Of This Prison Which is My Life Said Bill I want to Change it I Think I hate these feelings of Rage and pain And the Room the Flowers Which burst from Lynda Cleary’s Flesh But what the fuck Am I Waiting for and the Days where Bunches of People Got in line to Be Destroyed and the room yes the pace of time Will get you through another day and All the people in my Life have failed me and the people I once believed In I Think are the Ones now Who have Crushed me so much and the People all Did the worst things to me and the people all said that They Want you to change and the People feel as if you want to change and the People all said I think we Hate Our Old Friends and the Room now You Once Tied yourself too was a prison and the room now where you once Felt as if You were the people who Even felt as if you were all in the bunches of the rooms of Flowers and then all of the people and the place where time Blew up in my Face that was the worst I ever felt HE said that was where I felt like I got Lost Where I Saw that Sasquatch Running Through the woods and where I felt Like all of this destroyed me as a person and the Room now and one more Person who Had defeat and the room now You are the person and the People are the ones who said They hate us and it’s the citizens of Wheeling who will oppress us and the room now you think you will change the room will be the thing Which will change you as a person and the room now and the place of the People again Against us and the room now you are a private place and the room now where you are in prison and the room now where your Whole Life has become a private Feeling of pain and the room now too and the people said he can’t change anything in his life and the people also said he hated all of them They Said Bill Cleary hated them All and you All heard these images of Pain chasing you around but for what reason? Lynda Cleary Appeared then with a Sheet On her Mouth a Sheet of Ice for that Matter she said She’d been tired of Being Oppressed Bill came out and unleashed his Physical Crisis Yes You Know the same one He had everyday and the room now Pinned him no tears bill cleary Don’t shed them for me!

I can’t live with Bill I Know what it’s bad I know why he makes me feel so bad and I know why things take so long and I know why things appear overnight and I heard that bill cleary is the one to restore he said he was the one who wanted restoration of some kind but he wasn’t sure what went into doing it he wasn’t sure Which things became the facets of Pain and He was not sure which things dug him into a Hole –And Then there was no one there and then there was just a hole and there was not much else and there was nothing that you could escape from except yourself and there was no person Who felt the hole was You and what if those People thought The Hole was you and the room now you were On File and the people said Burn these bridges with Respect and please notify the Person who you were he said Please notify the room that you sought pain from. The room is coming hard Like a Star and the room finally Becomes that kind of star and the room finally becomes the person you are all Against are you all against this person and the room now where you became the person who has a Soul now aren’t you that person are you the one with a soul and then are you the one who lost his soul in the process of finding another Soul and what is the fact of your Life which you rest on and the room now the people said that they rest on this fact and the people say the Fact of the matter is that Bill Cleary owes us his Life and the debt In his Life as well Is a resounding kind of Pain he said Yes I heard that some people are the ones Who Felt that Bill Couldn’t Break out from what was there and what was there and what was going to disappear and the room said that he was going to disappear and the people said he could live this Way Yes he said I always do Live this way When the things are pointed in one direction in Wheeling I usually make myself home to that Direction. The rooms growing great big it’s like bill’s in Niagara Falls or something Some How too he just manhandled himself and the room now there is this union of people against other people and the People all Walk around saying there’s something That You Like Too isn’t There is there something that you Like in here and there’s something That we Once Said and the people are saying that your Room is cleared from the room where You Were Before Just those stars Start Spinning and the Room all Stops here and the Time now it says You know who you are I don’t have to tell you who you are and I don’t have to Be the One Who Stops where you Were—Bill says it’s the dropping that Prove it He said There’s a Lot of Unidentified Shit HE said You Know Literally Feces and They find It Well They Don’t Know what it comes from I Know what it Comes From said Bill and you Who lost your Soul and You Who Sold it as well and the Room now the union of People against us here and there and there you are too and the people here they are As well and you Never Did Know Who I was and the room never did know who I was Either and You won’t think you’re Laughing at me will you Said Bill if you think you’re the Big man Then What do you think You are the one person against too and the One person who says they are against me and what about the time now naked again and the pain freed from again And I think I can make them believe it and the Room now A Big Truck Load about to break free about to Paint a Biscuit on Bills Face and the Room now Mr Bill Cleary Will do his Disappearing Act they all Say how’s he going to make things Look how’s He going to Make it Look so it’s different from something else and how’s he Going to make it out to you and the room now and the months too the Ones In Between and the people and the days You are the ones who did them all in You are the ones Who Killed all of us off and you are the Ones Strictly who imprisoned us and then said Take it Back Take it back and there Won’t be any take it back where I am coming from said bill and there is no taking things back and then bye the time the times have changed yes we’re not changing anything we can all say for the most part we know that we’re not changing too much then how Will We Change the things that you need us to change and the room now how you Came to Change those Things and how will you change the days of the whole entire hopeful Life you once lived as bill cleary Bill cleary said he didn’t live a Life as bill cleary, hey Said Bill Cleary Where Am I HE said He wanted to know where he was at now and then he had a moment of connection again somewhere inside of his Pain he did feel that Moment of Connection!


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