Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pat Lawrence Releases new book

I first met Pat Lawrence Via the Internet of Course --it's typically the way i meet most writers who aren't of my region(and many who are too.)He was living in L.A. at the time and i wanted to go out there for a while --to make a long story short --we became close friends when we did meet up and i was indebted to him for showing me around Los Angeles And Then hosting me for a week on a second trip--So I am kind of among those who would have to admire a Writer's book Because i admire the artist on personal terms , I really dug his original book Bedford that he Brought out a Long time back At least what seems like a long time to me --I was looking forward to him releasing something new for a While --Now Blazevox books has published Journals From the Time of The Radar Dog --a book he'd been working on since i've known him --the book is as i expected dense and challenging like many post modern novels set out to be; I Knew in a sense it would be a difficult read Since he'd let me sample selections from it as it was a work in progress--The book reminds of a john barth book and some later nabokov I mean it's classically written in the structure of an anti novel --Lawrence writes and introduction saying What you are about to read are pieces of a diary/ journal that a late friend left to him --Then the pieces are out of sequential order -To make things more confusing --Radar Dog reads like the suicide Letters of a desperate man --That man i feel is not lawrence though I admired pat for writing out side of himself not to say that he hasnt been that man at some point since i feel we all have but i felt it was hard too .... And Meandered in some places but i admired that Lawrence found a lot of clever ways to describe the repetition of the protagonist's nervous breakdown Radar Dog is a giant artistic step forward --it shows that Pat Lawrence can capture desolation As good as any aspirant poet But i know Lawrence to be a grizzled veteran and was thoroughly impressed with his prose Style In this largely ambitious tedious and monumental sophomore work!

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