Tuesday, June 27, 2006

For Lynda Cleary ... All The best!

The labia minora can easily be manipulated in various shapes and forms when it has been properly elongated to its maximum length potential. Just think of it as labial origami, when you have long labia minora, you can create diverse forms or shapes that mimic insects, animals, structures, botanicals, etc.

Origami of the female genitals can be quite an attraction for spectators. Women have been creating shapes and forms with their labia through out centuries. What young girl has not tried to mimic a flower with her labia or the wings of a butterfly? In the past or in the present women have always put on shows to their audience when in a group setting or their mates using their inner vaginal lips.

It is not far fetched to believe or not believe the amazing and fantastic things women can accomplish with their genitalia. Vaginal lips can be used to create incredible eye opening figures mimicking common things we all have come to know through the passage of our lifetime.

Female genitalia are by no means dull or boring as some people would have you believe. A little thought and imagination is all that is needed when performing labial origami. With experience women can easily shape their vaginal lips into curtains, leaves, flowers, bats, dragons, you name it, it can be done and you will never look at labia the same way again.


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