Monday, June 26, 2006

From The Book "Allgoal"

I was laying in a chair He thought not really sitting near A quiet Spot Someone must have wondered But not near too quiet of a spot and then there were some things to relinquish in and The Last day Now you Were Caught and thrown Out In some kind of trap you Were Caught in and everyone There Wondered how they Caught you like that What kind of Trap is that now And you saw someone there.. and it will take you forever. Some how Laying in a chair Prodding and Beguiling Frothing and Then the Rest of the summer time laid out The house burnt to a crisp The rest of them were paranoid and the rest of them Let the house go up in flame it seemed like. If they let it be tossed out like that and you guess the time is clear sunny all day and the time is clear sunny all day .. Even in the springtime now I know you can hear me I know you’re down there and I Know they’re up there Giving orders and I know that if they find you to be one thing then they’ll find you to be something else which you’re not. They lay now there on the land and there’s an end to He Once Says He wondered what replaced his face as he was looking around and he was thinking of things that would replace his face. One time Bill Wrapped a Wet cloth Around some ballbearings and that was there in place of his face and that was the time he belonged too What do you do in case of that in case your face is gone what do you do in place of goal … He said… Walking around the neighborhood now .. Everyone is all
“Hey Bill! Merry Christmas Bill Cleary!”
“We Love You, Bill We Love you!”
Even Santa it Seems would have brought Bill Something to become aware of And Wax On and On with even Santa Now Stopping his Sleigh and Bill Only know him bye touch since his face was replaced bye the ball bearings and he is now Well Wait says bill I think I could have heard Something I must have heard somebody saying something to me and them being rude I must have heard them saying something about Who I was .. and where I came from I’m not sure about all of that… Yes Santa Claus is that you?.. “Yes Bill Cleary!”
He Said
They Only Faint now Some of the men up on the porch that one Summer where Bill’s face was replaced by a Cottage And the Rim of his head was the same as it always was It was just that his Head was Then gone the rest of it and it was just that he’d push, Pull and linger forward and he was rocking on something and you Were Wondering what is he going to step over next what line is he going to Cross and the Whole Curfew now it was all lost and you’ve made a fool out of me you’ve thrown it all to the wind he says and what about your regrets now now Bill Bill wait wait I don’t have any he said…. You’ll leave them all there like the stupid stammering clock and the one roundabout and the Whole town is in a hold up because they’ll never be who you are—“Can We Put a Light In there?” Asked one of the Ferryites as they Held bill down on the examination Table “His Face is gone and a Cottage has replaced it.” Bill Cleary the man with a cottage for a face The One who was the villain the one who you love to abuse and the one Who you confide in You like to take things as if they were a grain of salt he said and they held me down on the table and examined me to some extent now I am not sure where my face is and what is in place of my face and you can only give me so much of what Is on my face and this is the greatest thing ever. “What happened to his face?” Someone Said.. another man came forth Holding a Flashlight and trying to shine it inside of the cottage I want to see what is in there He Said I want to see what is in there. The Light shined in his head Caused him to jerk a little bit and Go off .. and he moved up and fell onto the People who crowded him.. and he Even Then came again His Erection Reaching out as if it were a tentacle through his pants and I am having a blast Back at home no one was Laughing Senior Wasn’t Laughing, because he’s dead, Lynda wasn’t laughing because she’s also dead and baby Won’t you make love to me the state of the affair and the bribe and the bible and the time where you made us to be so cautious and the people who never responded and Expounded on their firm belief And the Ones who saw me and betrayed me he thought his face still Held down there With the Glow Coming out of it now When the man’s light struck him it had ignited something as well and you’ve seen us all flirt and the single and the double and the one man on top of the other and the only man was up there far they were in front of the Room they were in front of the room I heard you beat me with a smile and don’t come around here and don’t come around to the song I sing He says…. Moving out now From the examination Room onto the snow covered streets On this Christmas Eve In Wheeling and the men came on the land of god and the land of Hope too and the world he came too and he knew the order of the King the King robbed them too in Wheeling and we’re the only ones who know don’t we know they’ll rob us in wheeling if they do then what are we to do.
The rabbits were tied down there too they were wrapped in ribbons and there was no way of coming out of the ties and there was no way of making these ties into something different There was Mud now and the swamp had cleared and the time had run away too and you should have seen them and you should have become responsible for yourself and what you were doing and then he said good morning how Do you Do? How do I do .. he said and I have really turned my life around now he thought Bill was there as the grass bled into the cuts on his face and there is no way home now and he was free from side to side And the world Of the Alligator now they were all Underneath him and the blues were walking around him and the time and the castle they were all walking around his head.
And the time you spent with him man I cant hear a word he said and man are they Frightening and they are against me as people He said All of the Color Bleeding into his face and no one shine light into there now .. no one should shine light into there now and I will be doing alright til the morning comes he said and I can only wait til then and I can only wait til the daylight and the morning when it’s over and they tried to kill pride and hear a tooth Come through the one that fell into a basket the tooth that fell down he said there must have been a large tooth falling from the sky and I must have heard of the huge tooth and I must have given them a bail of Grass now and the bail where We Through Water in To the Grass and then Lynda and Senior too you know that they are all dead now and you know that they are the only friends who are free friends without him friends without Bill You and your friends bill Cleary Such sinister People and the World Again The tooth Fell down now it was in place of his face the tooth that was in place of his face was the only thing working for him and the only thing working for him and he set out again to face the night and he knew he would never have anything to set himself free with. He said that they had guaranteed a clean break and they had come from a clean break he remembered The way They were shooting the picture and the Way the color was breaking through and he just had us on the land we were landing now and there was a strip of light and we were just plain baked there he knew that he counted us down… There Were Dogs jumping out of the top window of the house and Lynda was down below them too Her Whole Face had become the yard and bill was tossing the dogs down and she was catching the dogs with her open mouth and don’t give me no tip she said don’t give me a tip don’t knock me off a few I don’t need a tip to know which way they move and in case of the handles she has on Me It’s just Lynda Cleary and we know in case I move on to there to move in. I guess they are all there in the light of the day that moves and the light of the day that moves these were all stupid maneuvers and They Only all forgave me he said I never forgave them all in the darkness and a Time where you can forgive people again don’t you want to Take one of them one Way and then Gallop The rest for Free. It was Bye Monday that they’d been down there in Wheeling Talking that they’d remembered who he was that they’d given him this problem as well when they remembered who he was that was when the problem began and no one could start it like that .. no one could start that problem in wheeling no one can start it like it is and Oh I Feel at home he said and they give one to you don’t they and they give one to you and I am sure you feel at home and you rush along real fast now in Wheeling and not to mention a lot of bill cleary per moment and the world the old castle perhome and I feel like I am at home and the roses Were there The roses were blooming and the roses feel as if they are At home and only then will they take me home and only then aren’t you guaranteed for it. They only completed one kind of test the one to test me and the one to test who I am and no one can ever test who I am and they use that as a way to meet people down along the ditch in wheeling you have a handshake some kind of secret one you have something to show us to prove you’re the person that came to be in Wheeling Now we’re playing bye bill’s rules and I will make you all pay and I will make you all pay he says… now as he shouts his face Transforms into something other than it was before before it was that infamous cottage that was in place of nose eyes and mouth and the bridge along his upper lip he knew there were things in place of that too. And there was no reason to make plans with things the bridge across his upper lip and that’s where they live now those fucking assholes It was Lynda and senior he referred to his parents as those fucking assholes he wasn’t sure how he should deal with them he thought they were fucking assholes though for sure if for anything for the way they had fucked him up as they caused him pain and you can take your body all the way over where it’s directly misrepresented and you wouldn’t want now would you there’s some kind of words chosen against him some kind of diversity and some kind of great challenge we’ll never prove who was better as a person He Thought not that you can prove that anyway. Once everyday now there was someone in the way and something else too some rocks he rode over as they bumped against his cottage face he wondered what he could have done and Some moments flashed before him as he saw and Ex Ray of his skull. Tonight I shall be your slave before I possess You said Senior. He said that to his son.. didn’t he.. you’ve had your chance son and you’ve taken your life and what have you done with it. The World in place of Bill’s face now the falling of great Castle The world where you say a prayer for his return and I will cause you pain and no pain at all til you will realize and I will realize too and you feel your love even though it is lonely… it’s the best kind of love Even though….. you have a Love that Seems To Drive Lynda Crazy and push senior over the edge if you need them they’re there if you need Just let them now… now up next to the series of amusements and darling you know how much Bill Cleary Means to you and what he says to you as a person and just let me be here you will know bill’s love and you will know how much he loves you.. and you can see when bill Moves a Mountain and you can say also that he isn’t doing too much for you and you’re not the one that he moves for. I knew the edges of the lines and the colors bill Drew and what he moved for and I knew some way he came my day and there was color too and there was a lot of color and he would really smile and it would happen today .. and how He came to make those Changes and how much they mattered to him in his life his little bit of pain that inch away from Senior and that Inch away from Lynda and they Said we were falling apart and you said you’d kiss my mouth Lynda and you said you’d Kiss me too He said he only wondered who you were and Then it really happens doesn’t it .. All of it Becomes so difficult and who’s blaming you for the fact that you love them.. and who’s The one who turns the reigns on Lynda I know It’s hard to change .. these things these bad days in Wheeling… but bill Seemed to have somekind of Map of everything of all the places where UFOs were supposedly Landing all of the spots in Wheeling and don’t you Know what each cloud contains.
Won’t you make sure you take Bill Cleary there with you as well and you take the room where he knocked all of the Candles over and where He had a smile on his face and the streets are lonely now .. and The time now paved in the hardest gold Bill Painted the most beautiful Like a Little Boy or Bunny Oh Wasn’t Bill our little rabbit. They were like taking a new breath Bill Took one Before he was out of breath Before that and he saw the sky seem hard and the time seemed As if he could do it all again he was some how telling Lynda and senior that he always Loved them and that he didn’t know what to do without them. Come with me now we’ll go forth and all I need Lynda is one Burning night and I need the love I have with you and I have to hold you tight and I know the way I used to be just like you…. Now those castles Which Jot up in Wheeling Oh Bill I Think they’re on to me .. I think they’re saying I ruined it all They’re saying I ruined their lives but Bill What am I to do … Only When they’re Painted into a corner do they come clean Bill Otherwise Bill what should I do … How should I fight my way out of here… with the people who don’t love me as much the people who don’t need me or believe in me How should I fight my way out and how should I unite everything so it all stays one way. All of our time together Will Stay one Way then there’s Like a Medicine Bottle That Bill Like Put his medicine in.. and he’s There and He Got his Pain put away and the sorrow we’ll be the first thing he has to pay and no one runs over there in the light and no One Lets anything shine down on them and no one lets anything shine down in And who are you to say that Bill Cleary made the wrong Decision I am not the one to say that he did and then things will be the same for once and for all but I am not the one to say that he did the wrong thing and I couldn’t take my eyes away from him and all I know was the pain that he put out there on me and I saw him put that pain on me and his mother and his lover Still she’ll roll and forget me and if Bill should come to read our story and you’ve only been waiting here For hours now haven’t you Bill you’ve been waiting here to see what was up and how the hell things happened how they were Going on you waited to See Who He’d bring the Crafts Landed They Came down and lowered Their Platforms and bill Saw men get out of them. They were Tall and Blue and they were Glowing it was at this point That he had the vision of Wolves as well the ones Which circled in and surrounded him where would he go and what would he do as the wolves Circled in and surrounded and he counted bits of Glass in the sand as he lay on a beach near wheeling and there was a solitary ball and he heard it bounce one last time and he’s like where would I find her
Where would I find Her and I am here With my Misery it’s me Bill Can’t you see that I am here alone with my misery don’t you want to be part of it. Then Moving back to the Tall Thin Blue Men Who approached them and could never be tired of him. Someone Slow down now Bill Never Thought that for a minute though As the men walked past and then he Thought it through for a moment why do they not engulf me They Will never engulf me I am immune to the pain they put on me Oh Honey now Where are You.. said bill And it seems Like every time he catches me and I saw her getting in a Taxi He said .. he saw Lynda Scramming from the scene Why did Lynda Scram and why did she want out of her situation and you should have seen how she felt and Who She was and I heard her move around and I hear Move from the time Between here and now with the blue men she let them all do her in .. and I Wanted to Say Lynda .. Cleary is that you.. and everytime I see you talking it’s just the pain you cause me at my disposal and the pain I am And the Over Shape of my pain as well and I am in pain now with these things and the Pain I feel that I am In The Only Bit of Cold of Wheeling now the blue men The Blue Beings Those Blue Beings and they will make sure that I am not alright won’t they said .. Bill they’re going to make sure of it .. I know that.. they’re going to cause me some kind of pain. And it’s growing down there in the country and it’s growing down there with the most amount of pain I figure you can do what you want to do said Bill to Lynda and you can go off and do all of that and never come back and tell me again because I am tired of this Pain I feel immediately with you. It was when they blamed Bill For Death for my death mainly that I couldn’t make it out of And You know that they never ever would do nothing and you know that they would never do me the Same as they Did Bill The blue Men and those transparent Beings The way that they Spring up and the Way that they take advantage of Bill and everyone says Bill watch out are you sure you know what you’re doing now.. are you sure what that you know… how can it be he said..
When he saw a picture of Lynda’s asshole and only to pictures of Sasquatches now was he able to masturbate only then spurting everywhere and Oh He said Do the thing you do make me believe in myself make me Believe in you too Make me believe in the thing you are said .. bill Take me all in.


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