Sunday, March 22, 2009

Crest Fallen

Six and Six is the name of the second album by reclusive Houston musician Jandek, though it was the first to be released under that moniker (the previous, Ready for the House, was credited to "The Units" on its first pressing). It was released by Corwood Industries (#0740). There have been two CD reissues so far, each adding more silence between the tracks.

The album was released in 1981, three years after Jandek's debut Ready for the House, and is comprised mainly of slow songs, most of which dealt with topics like regret and hopelessness. The music is stark and slow, with a flattened-out dissonant blues sound. The cover image, reminiscent of the famous photo of Robert Johnson, is a photo of Jandek himself. It is one of the most well known images of him.

[edit] Track listing

1. "Feathered Drums" – 3:34
2. "Point Judith" – 4:16
3. "I Knew You Would Leave" – 10:14
4. "Can I See Your Clock" – 3:00
5. "Wild Strawberries" – 6:02
6. "Forgive Me" – 4:05
7. "Hilltop Serenade" – 5:31
8. "You're the Best One" – 3:06
9. "Delinquent Words" – 3:58

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