Sunday, March 15, 2009

tonight Woke up With Eyes

What are these pieces of out lives that we construct out of memory one being a picture of andrea who i wonder if i really do know anymore... one being a picture... of A novel that i Took out of Print a Long time ago and i dont know if i ever will bring it back into print.... I Am not sure... one is that image from that bresson film.....
that film defines my life

To Andrea Musher

Dark Just comes right up
and steals you away from
I think it always
remember the one time
we drove back from the south hills you
the clash
another green world
and i bought captain beefheart
I Had
just ran into you in the lobby of the harris
and i was seeing twin falls idaho
and i told you to come inside but you said you had to
be in
i watched Cassavetes husbands that night
that was the only time i ever saw
but that was the beginning of our friendship
I guess
it came slowly
i guess
Not much of it is coming back now

These images
are amazing
got to do now is live and die as fast as i can


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