Saturday, March 14, 2009

We Run Like Rabbits in a maze

Not HERe... though
or where was it
got into Chicago in the morning
came in the cold
we waited for the bus To take us to the Rental Car
were going to have a good time .... Then staying the whole night
that time i t really floored
we saw that Semi Conductor Show At the gene Siskel film center
we did it on No Sleep
and then saw From London to Brighton i dosed in one and dana
dosed in the other
I really
the next day though being in Madison
What a great fucking town
I Ever wanted to move out of pgh it would be to madison
I Mean that
were Moved
We couldnt say or Describe it

Some of things We saw Were amazing i think
and the Love we shared too
and the rage

Oh Madison You must be the one for us


Blogger Dana said...

What abuse!!!! Why must you post the unbecoming pictures of me? Good poems though...

1:38 AM  
Blogger William Keckler said...

I like this pic. You look like a young Lyn Hejinian.

Lyn Hejinian is swank and dignified like Akhmatova.

So are you.

Except when you're being Amy Sedaris or Sid Caesar for the camera with the mugging.

And I like those too.

1:20 PM  

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