Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why Am Obsessed With This Man's Life and art

I remember When i first bought the record six and six at pauls cds in bloomfield i didnt think I would like it But the clerks urged me to hear it ... I Didnt Like it or dislike i Just didnt get it... a few weeks passed I played it one night when i was feeling pretty down.. and i was Whisk away ... bye the pain in this music and the damn beauty... two songs in particular which are now regarded as classics point judith and i knew you would leave... Really Spoke to me --The artist Known As Jandek --became a lasting obsession for me as he has for some others as well... i quickly snatched up The available jandek records and waited for the back catalog to become in print - i have now heard every jandek cd release--Even Seen Him Live Which was shattering .. take the hardest LSD trip you've had multiply it Times 100 and you have the power of Jandek Live ..... --all of his records are great Blue Corpse ... Living End.. and Glad to get away.. i find myself wanting to play constantly.. i really like his voice CDS too ... Yes the ones without music which people often say are Like a car Crash... Whenever i feel Bad i think of Him and i automatically.. feel good There's already a lot out there about him .. See him though when he plays some where near you ... if possible


Blogger Che Elias said...

I hope so me other people find him enlightening i know they do but then i think
wouldnt it be a better world if we all did

6:28 PM  

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