Thursday, March 12, 2009

What Me and BH SAW the other day

Every Tuesday... typically... i meet Bill Hughes In oakland ... near 5th avenue ... sometimes in between his classes or sometimes on his breaks from school, and it's one of my stops on my long treks into nothing ness.... but mainly the sights and sounds we see are amazing and we share so much love between... us... i have coined an affectionate name for him The Goblyn... He (the Goblyn) referrs to as DAD.... every time we meet in oakland We have an amazing adventures In Life Politics Friendship poetry and Bob Dylan lyrics sometimes things Like Kenneth Anger Bill Cleary and Kristin Mamula Even Come up, Or Say Dr. John Angele Ellis and The beatles --This week anyhow he was on springbreak and he went home to akron and then athens to see his WOMAN and then To Miami OH --But I had goblyn rejection one night he even Dropped his cell phone in a toilet he wrote to tell me that Cause usually we talk late at night i started to have a melt down and think that he was just saying that because he was done talking to me --but he called and explained the next day... i think we talked a few more times, i had a nother melt down.. and then i called him cause i needed his reassurance i find myself needing that constantly The Goblyn Fearnot never Lets me down... REad His books.. ask him out on a date ... and Buy him a drink ... Or Two DATE HIM DATE HIM OH GOBISH BOY


Blogger Mike Begnal said...

Did you and BH see a thylacine?

6:47 PM  

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