Wednesday, March 11, 2009

When Will it happen (alan clarke?)

Thanks to some friends I may Finally get to see some Extremely rare Alan Clarke films --which i have wanted to see for years, i am very excited-- Alan Never Got his Due respect, he Died before his time, if he could have lasted a bit longer i think he would have gotten this respect--two of his contemporaries who were equally great artists and equally indebted to him-Ken Loach and Mike Leigh--broke into the mainstream consciousness in the 1990s both making a string of successful films, alan had done outstanding tv work in the UK since the late sixties really coming into his own though in the 70s and 80s --Scum, Made In Britain, Christine, Road And the Firm are all Excellent of examples of the singular style composed of long takes and stedicam shots that he brought to a production definitely in his final works --The film Elephant -is one of the most daring movies ever made for any medium --The later works of Gus Van Sant --obviously are greatly indebted to alan --Van Sant did a kind of remake of Elephant at least in style and spirit I felt Last Days and Paranoid Park relied greatly on Clarke's spirit too.. I am just glad i am finally getting to see these films hopefully a lot of people will some day --i anticipate a time when the name Alan Clarke -is known as well as The likes of Michael Powell and Alfred Hitchcock.


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