Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rare Films Again

I was thinking about it as i was running from friendship to shadyside to wash the couch cover, in preparation for two get-togethers we plan to have this weekend, i am so glad that Bill Hughes... Bought that michael powell boxset ..... which features Matter of life and death and age of consent We would have been waiting forever on netflix... surely powell has enough buzz that some people would want to see them--i had seen both films before a bootleg of age of consent and an official vhs copy of matter of life and death what struck me in both was powells sublime accuracy for portraying Love so simply --I kept thinking thats what all powell films are about either people who have to make a choice based on love IE The Red Shoes --People afraid of Love IE black narcissus and People Incapable of it As in Peeping Tom, there are still some rare Powell Films that i havent seen ... --I Hope too i did recently See Gone to Earth Which was great a Region Two Copy there is no Region one which is fucking ridiculous there Really should be .. why isnt Oh Rosalinda available? or the queens guards.... I havent seen those They're a Weird mob or the boy who turned Yellow They are All on my Long and Getting Longer List of films to see before i Die So some day hopefully.. i urge anyone who hasnt Seen a matter of life and death or age of consent to go and get this set ....


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