Saturday, March 14, 2009

Peter Kubelka

Dana Gave me a dvd of his films... a long time ago when we first got together.. i really loved our trip to africa she told me first she went down a long list of her favorite avant garde movies.... but then ... she wanted to find the disc of all of his films... our friend Chris Hughes Helped us out as well.... We finally did see it all us and andrea musher as well ... Andrea said something negative ... but i felt changed..bye it His Films Were Mosaics from a lost time ... a time .... When People put a lot in to what they were doing as artists ... he's a great outsider artist i mean it ..... A true one .. He's a professional chef Who didn't make a movie for almost 25 years but the andy warhol museum screened that movie During a screening of 35mm prints of avant garde movies ..... it was an amazing night I remember me Dana Kristin April and Her Husband Jym all went.... Wow .. those were the days getting your Car being whisk away to the warhol to see a 35mm print a New film by Peter Kubelka / hopefully he'll make another one in my life time


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