Friday, March 13, 2009

Some People Blew My Mind When i was fourteen

There are some common images we see in avant garde film These are two of them The opening of scorpio rising and a uniquely Strange image from el topo A man without arms is Tied to a man without legs Together they Make one person--There are a lot of strange images in these films.... I remember I first heard of them in the book Midnight Movies that Bryan Truex Lent me When i was 13 years old... the first time i was to see them were on poorly done vhs transfers ... They Both Electrified me and charge me with the Grueling images and then i realized one in the Kenneth Anger Film that i was Homosexual, NOT Gay but Homosexual.... I realized in El Topo That i was a bit of a nihilist myself ... as much as jodorowsky is on a spiritual quest in that thing he's also on a death trip if any thing ... But i guess they are one in the same I can't understand someone not getting into them or them not being part of some one's Landscape mentally..... I Love both of those movies they both mean a lot to me I wouldnt have been the same person if it wasnt for them.. i still see them probably a few times a year .... I 've seen anger in person and even met Jodorowsky ... Seen most films bye them too --I guess i just wanted to write a piece about them ... since they are Always on mind What darlings?


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