Thursday, March 12, 2009

Odile & Yvette at the Edge of the World

The Thought of this movies existence just popped into my head.. it was made close to 15 years ago I've seen it one or two times.. and i want to see it again... maybe i will tell Bill Hughes about it and he Will want to help me track it down --I Know it is out there, it's about two girls who run away from their father and kind of cross into an alternate dimension --The filmmaker Andre Burke Passed away a while back it's the sole Work i've seen bye him.. i think he was a jazz musician or something I don't really know too much about the Making of the movie it is a brilliant movie all i can really Compare it to is Heavenly Creatures... or Maybe.. Rabbits Moon... if i remember correctly there wasnt much dialog and the people were amazingly beautiful .. it struck my young mind at the time .. so i would like to see it now to see what it is about From a different perspective if any one has a copy and wants to trade or wants to trade any tapes in general You know where to find me .


Blogger Che Elias said...

if anyone knows of movies that bear a similarity to this

let me know leave me a comment

6:29 PM  
Blogger Deana Wade said...

I've been looking for this movie, I've heard it was filmed in part in the town I live in (luling, tx), not sure if that is true,

8:22 PM  

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