Saturday, March 14, 2009

HE is among the greatest living poets in the world

but you may have never heard of him.. i never had until he reviewed my book juliet remember in his now legendary magazine the burning bush.... He's great he's unstopple Seriously...Micheal Begnal is one of the most solid People i know i mean regardless of how i spell his name or if i am having a bad day or if he's having one ... He's written three great books.... That you should check out .... We have a publisher in common and also a lot of other things, The first night we ever met we taped into each others pain he once told me that / I changed his life because i proved to him that you could break thru pain and abuse and do whatever you wanted to do in life / I told him he changed mine When he said that because i didnt feel like such a fool anymore... he's one of my best friends and my favorite living poet .... The Guy's like Rimbaud .... Alan Clarke and Thompson all doing Acid together i mean it --The word defines Does not do him justice i am very excited to see him in a few weeks .


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