Friday, March 13, 2009

Recent Nicolas Roeg films

I downloaded the nicolas roeg Film Puffball the other day his first in many years... the one i had seen before that was Two deaths ... why did roeg fade into obscurity .. i've wondered How does one do the great work like he did .... Like Eureka --walkabout-- Don't Look Now-- Bad Timing and the man who fell to earth .. just to name a few and be So unjustly overlooked ... he's the greatest Director ever to come out of The UK i think ... i mean it too ... when i say It there was some suspense wondering if there would still be ... any kind of vision ... any kind of angles that would grab us up and take us somewhere else ... well there were all those things in puffball ... i mean it 's technically about Sex Which is what most Roeg Films deal with they either are or they turn into Some Kind of Psycho Mind Trip of .... But this film was different it was modern .. and almost Bland in it's cinematography other than in a few shots .. but that Lent to it's overall affect it's an eerie movie about paganism i think ... i was glad i saw it --Roeg has still got .. it made me think about two deaths the one that i'd seen before.... That Long time ago.. I remembered Michael Gambon was in it and there was some kind of imagery of a dying dove and some Men talked a lot about sex Ate a lot of food and talked a lot more about sex....


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