Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Room Forever

I have no choice but to write about a west virginia native and great writer Breece D'j Pancake -he had a short troubled life and died younger than i am now --he was one of the all time greats To come out of my home state .... His Sole collection the stories of--should be on every bodys bookshelf but i am more so writing here ... about a bio i read of him A Room Forever ... IT was very in depth for a man so little is known about it sadly revealed a troubled soul .... He just stepped out back one day in his mom's house.... and took the hunting rifle and blew his head off.. it was dark and horrible and he was so great .... he really had so much going for him ... Although i felt there were some problems such as alcoholism and depression which i've dealt with myself that The Young man may have had to come to Terms With, All the while... here's to You Breece Can't nobody do it like you ... WV!!


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