Saturday, March 14, 2009

Blast off

Her names Dana Killmeyer ..... We've Been domestic Partners for a long time.... I didnt write this to really talk about that... Perse ... Just to rave about her and What an inspirational person she is ... This world I've seen her create and how i am glad to be part of it ... Every Day... I Know there's no turning back in life So it's great To Tuirn Towards Something else .... She';s the Most amazing beautiful Soul i've come across... i hear her talk for hours about love sex food poetry film nature yoga medicine And What not ... She Never Never Bores me.... I Bore Her alot though and drive her up a wall When I sing .. her songs.. i have a terrible voice but i like to sing parodies about People we know... i dont have any kind of regular thing other than the press.. And Dana Works her ass off.. Every day i walk down to oakland to meet her and walk home with her Walking through PGH at night is fucking beautiful.... having her bye my side it's like i am walking in a dream.... She's sitting bye on the couch right now reading a book for a class but she doenst lke the book too much i feel like distractiing her but i know she has to get it done


Blogger Dana said...

That's sweet! Since when did you get so sentimental. I should read more shitty books like "The one thing about life is that one day you'll be dead" or whatever the fuck the name of this book it that I have to read for class more often if it gets you to talk all romantic like. Or are you just horny?

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