Sunday, March 15, 2009


Laying Low A world
and a woman
thinking about Amber Reed Today... again.. wondering what she would make of all of this --i mean how come she never leaves comments is it because she never Reads blogs ... or doesn't Know what Goal Beyond.. means.. it's likely it could be one or the other maybe Both Dana Says.... At any rate we watched this great dvd Called the pacific Mood tapes last night it was essentially shots of the ocean with water lasping against the rocks... it was very intense i thought it calmed me down a lot too --Before that We saw that Film Two Lovers By James Gray(SP) we walked from Point Breeze To squirrel Hill and then The whole block was really hopping we stopped in ten thousand villages and john allen Called us up to make plans with us for Next week...
The movie was great
it really
held you Good performances all around

then i had a dream that my PO Box was like a card catalog and the po pulled the rug out from underneath me as far as my box went it was strange .... Damn Waiting on dana now Going to go out and ride my bike later


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