Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We Go on Loveing each other

i wondered tonight how any of else can really go on--i mean moving ahead and never knowing what really does lie next.... i felt like taking chances.. at one point in my life and i still do now ... they just have to come to me in a different sense --i live in this world with a lot of people I do meet a lot of people who i dont like ... but i really love the people in my life at this point --They each define a part of me ... Bill Hughes is great Angele Ellis is great Andrew Sydlik is great Miles is great too and of course dana killmeyer and kristin Mamaula .... Havent really seen my parents much lately.. but i still love them too ....

lets talk to about who we dont love the bad memories that come back in where some else tried to break you imposed their pain ont o you i have a lot of moements lkke that i mean ... it --where i feel Broken

They forced
in said no one make a sound
into a small round room
and there was a room to the said with a light in it and a man sitting there
were on a dirt floor
the came bye and beat us and tried to get us up
and i was scared too
I wondered
someone touched part of me
my penis in the shower
I Think
they punched it
was in their
I Must have wept then
I Must have wept
Bleeding though now
so different i Weep though too
for Bill too

I am done weeping i think
wants to borrow my mind
and fuck it all up
I am in hell too
just imprisoned every day
and i rarely
find a moment like
I do now where i am at peace


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