Monday, November 23, 2009

The Room Where i lost everything

I had no luck in changing anything

I think I heard the rain falling I wondered but I couldn’t open my eyes at least at that point—I think I heard bits of the sky crashing as well –Crashing and swooping the whole bit of the world Right as Thunder Coming in Clearly—He said Yes now wait a minute he said only the sound of you only like the day that has gone but what about me I said I only heard them wait now they are waiting down here—I think she hadn’t turned around in years I hadn’t seen her in years I didn’t want to see them anymore either They were the ones who were there When I turned around he said –only you he said You fucking monster I said Only wait Who the fuck was that that came thru the floor I only heard them the room now made the most of what we said I am the only person there and the only one there now too I said that and I said wait I can hear it can’t I get the part of who you are He said I only am the one who mad e the most of what I said I am the only one turning time now up and down and I thought I was very sorry for all of that he said and you were only making me come thru to wait here clearly I was making you come thru there too.
Hadn’t seen her in years then she was standing there I said It was after a long pause it had been a while he said –it’s just been a long time I said I am the only one waiting left to stand here next to you down there near where I came from in the end I came from there didn’t you come from here in the end didn’t you come from here I said yes I did come from here I was them they were me I think that’s at least how it all began I heard that one sound come back being the way it was before with just no one I was that one I said I was the only one left he said I can’t hold on much longer he said I am the only one going much longer I said I never heard of you again it was the longest time he said I only was the one now the one next to nothing Boards and Nails he said I am written here and that’s where I exist There’s nothing else nothing new and nothing perplexing.

(To Julie)

In The Light near the house

Where you were eaten up bye the darkness before

When you Thought of her

You Thought of them

As well

As the time You thought of me

Nothing though

No Joke now

I only feel Fear



I only feel you too

You in the hole and me down

There With You

Only Me as the one against you

I Only feel fear now

I only feel the loss of time

I Only feel The loss of hope and Regret too

Only the feeling of Fear and Doubt too

He only said I wait for them

But you stand Still For no one

Not me

No one At all

I only Hold On For You

She Said

I don’t wait for anyone Else

Who do you think

Will Be Killed Bye You


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