Saturday, July 29, 2006

A Prakash Kona Book

Pearls Of An Unstrung Necklace
by Prakash Kona
160 pages
Fugue State Press
ISBN 1-879193-14-0

As I was anticipating Prakash Kona's Book Pearls Of An Unstrung Necklace I somehow envisioned a collection of straightforward short stories about India, not that the other book i'd read by him Streets Smell of Dying Roses was anywhere near straightforward I foolishly thought that Book would be a straightforward novel, contrary to what i had believed ... due to the little i knew of his work and what i had read... Both of His Collections which Fugue State Press has published are decidely unique -abstractly vibrant pieces of fiction, This Book Pearls Of An Unstrung Necklace is a number of prose poems dealing with loss and love and Always transformation, one finds his writing always transforming The Narrator(Kona?) becoming something else -- his sexuality and philosophy transforming --Though it's rather obvious what the book is about -- I think Kona's uniqueness lies in his approach -there are few Modern Prose Poems Written So Directly to The Point yet still remaining rather flowery To Say the least -One of the difficulties of the book is that in some of the poems he exactly describes scenes from films by Akira Kurosawa and Kenji Mizuguchi when he does this it's never fortunately to drop names or attempt to impress us with his knowledge of their work it is cleary to Communicate That at the point of his penstroke he feels the revelance in how the work of said filmmakers relates to his Own Life Plight and writing, Kona's writing is highly film inspired in fact many scenes of the book i recognized from certain films - i've seen ones by Sayijit Ray and filmmakers already named But it would be a copout i feel just to say That Kona's work is similar to Sayijit Ray's Of course what other Indian Avant Garde artist Can one immediately think of But if Kona's work holds a place some where ... He's More So remains entirely off the map of Author Bruno Schultz(street of the crocodlies) in his depiction of memory and fantasy combined -that said Pearls Of An Unstrung Necklace is a strong poetic work somewhere in between despairity and romanticism.. aren't i saying they mean the samething then?


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