Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Great Discovery:Zoe Goehring

....I became excited about Visual art again for the first time in years.... nothing since Henry Darger has impressed like this work.... It's a funny story but good too i kept seeing the striking young woman .... around pgh for about a year and a half and i just kept wondering who she was ... she had a face that reminded me of one of the leads of the Bresson's final two black and white films "au hasard balthazar" and "mouchette" and a Asian Like eyes .... and fiery redish hair --i wanted to talk to her but i felt weird approaching a stranger anyhow one day i was standing in a coffee shop and turned around and she was sitting there .... So i decided what did i have to lose I mean you meet people every day .... so any how i starting talking to her and We ended up hanging out shortly afterwards one on one ... She turned out to be a very radical .... visual artist and quite singular Poet .... Zoe's Art reminds me of outsider art ... kind of but not quite ... kind of like conceptual art too.... i told her it brought to mind ..... Manoel De Olivieria and Alan Clarke as well.... there were pauses in her work that recalled those two Film Artists to me .... Her poems need to be read i can't really do them justice... Kind of Like Anne Sexton or Rimbaud ... but i feel they really are singular ...... --I wanted to feature some of her pieces and say what a great artist she is ..... and good friend ... too Her stuff is really amazing... She does have a webpage so go there but i wanted to post some of the images here Anyhow go and check out her stuff she's one to watch in future and now!


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