Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I need to think about my life now

As We Walk On –(To Amber Reed)

I remembered you from the old room

Where I can only scuttle in now

Once in a while

I remembered you

When I only had fear

And when I didn’t have hope

When I didn’t think I ever would

Not that I do now

Not that I only can recall the last bit of it

He took it and shot it

And he took it all

They said I let them take it

That I made them do it

Yes I can believe that

I said

I only made them like me more

He said

I only can

Feel like your that person

I am there now

Remember the old room

The one near the edge of the house bye the window

Where day lit up

And the world expanded

I don’t want to think that anything is over

Now do I

I want to know now I think

The future too

This was no joke then

Though and isn’t now

You go forth as do


But I wondered if we do together

How I got all of the fear out of me

He said

I only got that fear in me

Man I really got it

It really hit me hard

Harder than anyone every hit me

I’m that kind of person

I heard of you


We were in love

It was hard to lose you

It was all I knew I think

All of it tore me up

I think



Real bad

I am not feeling bad now

And I am not feeling fear

In fact now

I regret nothing

And I love you


Still I think

Remember the house I walk bye

Your face is destroyed like the face of everyone else

They all blur into one

When I done in the end


I am done now

I can’t wait to say that

And mean it

No Way Home –To Amber Reed

If I could hold you there now

I think






Back there

It was the first time I ever saw anything else around me

The field near me opened up

Very wide

And I felt the ground beneath me tremble

I felt the rope come down too

Right around my neck

Where it is now

Where I always liked it

Where I only felt like here is the hate of my life

And my disgust too

How in the hell

Are you that person

I can always say

I know you are too

Moving out now

When I think of you

I only hear


I hear them too

But they don’t know me

They think they can

Control me

They think they can break me

And they can take everything away

I think I am in here
Bye myself

I think that for a while

I am lonely now

I only turn ice around

I feel the marks on my face

I feel the end of my tongue

I feel

I need to feel
The blood

Run thru me

I feel the confusion though too

Of not knowing where to turn

And no one knows me here

And then

Something else

Opens up

Around me and

I don’t care if they don’t

Tell them

To Get Fucked

Fuck Them !

I heard myself say

They Won’t Know what it Them

But the sad part is either Will I

I won’t know either

I will live to regret it though

The only thing

Is I am just

Not sure

If they will

How will I know if they do

I won’t

I will

Just come around





Where I left them before


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