Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thinking about the past

All The Beds Sour Without Sheets (for Amber Reed)

I Only heard hope gets ahead of itself

I think life thinks about weighing down on us as well

I think fear makes me regret my life

And I can’t use any instance of it now

I can’t do much with it either

I can’t leave much of you he said

I can’t leave much of you if you are free

I can’t leave much of you now

Like no ribbons and no regret

And no friends nailed to the floor

No friends nailed to the ground no way out

He said

I don’t have hope I do though

We walked up the Road

Where We crossed the bridge

Where no one Said much to us

And not one person laughed either

I don’t know how to laugh now

I only now how to lose

What it is I think I’ve got

He said in the car on the road

That most people are just afraid of losing what they have

But I Knew that he wasn’t

That was what I liked about him

From the very beginning

He didn’t make anything out to be what it wasn’t

The room said You Will Speak

I wanted to speak to you

Like from a Long time ago

I remembered you as beautiful

I hadn’t Seen you

But when I heard your voice I knew you still were

I was just glad you were still speaking

Still breathing thru the dark as well

A thousand nights

A thousand notes too

All of these days were broken without you

But there was really nothing

They thought they’d seen you but they hadn’t

They thought you Loved Them

But I knew you didn’t

I Knew I prepared to pay the dues I had to myself

And the fear I owed my self

And it was just cowardice on my part

I was sorry I scared you off

All the light is like a blur and a smear now

I only know you now

Cause I loved you for so long

I never forgot I don’t think

I knew that life though was impossible

You were moving from one place to another

Across the states

Across the rooms

Under tables

Over the room

Over the water

And we know what hurt us

It lives in the same


In the same




Same Man

It was before

Except the difference now

Is when you speak

It’s not about what you’ve lost

I just wonder


What I’ve got Left?


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