Friday, August 11, 2006

Lynda Be Mine

A mysterious creature known as "Little Doug" has been generating a lot if interest in the Hull maritime museum. Nobody has yet been able to identify what the creature is, and theories range from a cross breed between a dog and a frog, to mermaids, to some sort of mutant seahorse. A recent article in the local paper has also helped to increase interest in the mystery. Corona Smith: "Well, the Hull Daily Mail article that was so explicit in its revelation of 'Little Doug' has done wonders for attendance to the museum. Literally hundreds have been pouring through the doors, with more than a little help from the rain too, I might add. I observed one family who were brought to the museum by that very article as they painstakingly studied little Doug. Dad didn't have a clue what it was, kids settled on Dragon or Sprite, and mum suggested it was the 'strangest thing she'd ever seen in her life!' High praise indeed! And a fitting tribute to Arthur's little secret.

When I asked another lady who had read the article what it was, she eyed me mysteriously as she uttered 'no one knows'.The comments book is almost full with what must be over a thousand suggestions of little Doug's identity."


Blogger Mike Begnal said...

a kitty now named Walter today came in to say hello, and he went upstairs to lounge on a bed. He's a good big boy. someone's a kitty, and it's not me....

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