Tuesday, March 24, 2009

as I write this I feel Driven

as if there's light coming in from all sides when you see William Hughes Face... he's fresh faced barely 22..... or he will be soon.. Why so fucking receptive you might ask to all things insane things, beautiful things... horrible things... thoughts feelings and words --HE Destroys the notions I held true about my life in the last two years leading up to meeting him .. i was a recoving alcoholic and a bitter one too .. i resented that i couldnt Go out any more or do much of anything and felt that I was burnt out... William Bill The Goblyn breathed new life back into me and too Pittsburgh Where i've lived for ten years He's doing a reading coming up in the next few weeks... his book Vagrancy is out now .. he has At least three others his Publshing this Year... he's one of those people who has your back in such entirety that it feels like he's all you've got sometimes At any rate Goblyn William You Define Me and make this City a better Place and this world a better World.


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i saw you eating curry, i drove four hours to get there, to watch you eat curry, then you said "did you see any movies?" dana said she was studying motion.
if i knew ahead, i would have watched some. does chris hughes date?

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